Casino & Slots Streaming

Casino streamers are the newest form of entertainment in the gaming world. You probably remember the old days when the only way to play video games with friends was through LAN networks. Usually, one of your friends had to own a console, and you had to visit him to play games together.

Those days are gone and for the best. These days, there’s isn’t a single game you can’t play remotely with friends, including slots and card games. In fact, casino streamers are among the most trending topics on Twitch.

Slot Streamers – all the fun none of the risk

Punters want to watch videos of thrilling slots games. They want to witness the moment when an extremely lucky player hits the jackpot. Similarly, videos of streaming losing £5000 in blackjack hands have been going viral occasionally.

Watch slot streamers win big – £50,000+

And sure enough, who wouldn’t want to witness the exact moment someone’s life gets changed by a £50,000 win? Or wouldn’t you want to watch crazy tricks people sometimes use to win roulette and Texas Hold’em?

casino streamers
watch Jamie, Josh & Scotty on Fruity Slots Youtube Stream

Casino Live stream vs. Slots Streaming?

If you’ve visited Twitch before, you know it allows people to stream a vast range of content. Some people broadcast FIFA20.

Others spend their time streaming PUBG and Fortnite. In the casino scene, streamers are categorized into two:

  • Casino Streamers
  • Slots Streamers

Casino streamers play games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. In other words, these are the games popularly listed as table or slot games. And yes, they are the same titles you’ll find in the live casino/live dealer sections.

On the flip side, slot streaming involves, you guessed it – broadcasting the best online slots. More than half of Twitch casinos stream online slots. Overall, nearly 400,000 people follow Twitch slots, and 16,000 people watch these channels daily.

That’s exactly that Fruityslots is all about, Casino streaming!

How to Start a Casino Stream? 

A Twitch channel is an investment. You can use it to grow your brand as a casino player or comparison website. This is where you show your visitors that you actually know what you’re talking about.

It can become your source of income or help you forge a community of fans. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to be a successful casino streamer. But it all begins somewhere.

 If you are ready to start your Twitch casino, follow this process.

  1. Create a Twitch Account
    Similar to YouTube, only registered members can publish content. Luckily, this is the easiest part of the entire process. Visit and click “Sign Up.” Provide your name, email address, and date of birth. Then set up a password and submit. You can also connect to Twitch using Facebook. Either way, the process is simple and free of charge.
  2. Download Twitch Streaming Software
    Twitch works a little bit like a podcast. You can’t click “live stream” and automatically begin to play slots. You need special software designed to capture and publish video content in real-time. Then you must link it to your Twitch account using a “Stream Key” provided by Twitch. In case you’re wondering, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is pretty popular with casino streamers. It’s free and excellent for beginners. Of course, you can switch to a premium program later on after your stream casino grows famous.
  3. Configure your Channel
    Many of the casino streamers software comes with configuration features to help you personalize your channel. That means you can adjust the colour scheme, switch on chatting features, or disable them at will. Use the configuration process to practice streaming. You might not have fans, but you want to get comfortable in front of a camera. Again, set up an image to be displayed when you’re offline or messages to appear when people click on your channel.

Video Requirements for Casino Streamers

There are video streaming standards you must follow if you want to succeed on Twitch. You don’t need a dedicated gaming computer with ultra-fast speeds. However, a machine with the following specs might be necessary.

  • A Multi-Core processor like Core I7
  • A minimum of 8GB RAM
  • An Internet connection with 5Mbps or better
  • A WebCam and Streaming software that supports 720p or 1080p

The OBS software we mentioned above supports HD streaming and can be configured to suit your PC’s screen resolution. You can also use it to configure sound quality – 44.1KHZ is recommended. For frame rate, set it to 60FPS if you have a powerful PC or 30FPS for a less sub-par machine.

The Importance of Responsible Gambling

After setting up a casino streamer account, most people begin to broadcast games immediately. They need a following and know the best way to get it is to play slots and card games as frequently as possible.

In reality, it’s not necessary to broadcast all your casino sessions. In fact, you don’t need to gamble constantly. A better approach is to develop a schedule and a budget. In turn, you gain control over your gambling hobby.

You can watch casino games online as much as you want. But when it comes to playing them, you must do it responsibly. Not only will you have free time to do something else, but you’ll also benefit in these ways:

  1. Control over your Bankroll
  2. Control over casino games
  3. The ability to handle losses
  4. You can develop a schedule
  5. A productive life
  6. You can protect your Loved Ones

Casino Streamers Do’s and Don’ts


  • Stream Regularly and let your fans know about it: you’re more likely to grow your Twitch casino if you have a loyal audience than if you don’t. The way to build loyalty is to stream casino games at regular times.
  • Engage with your Fans: Whether it’s a YouTube casino or Twitch channel, engage with your community. Reply to their questions. Engage in chat threads and challenge them to keep the conversation going on social media.
  • Offer Something Unique: don’t just play Twitch slots or poker. Offer something your fans won’t find anywhere else. If you’re a comic, make your fans laugh through your commentaries. If you have unique gaming tricks, share them with your fans.
  • Have your Ways of Measuring Success: the casino watch online community is relatively small compared to video games on Twitch. As such, don’t get disappointed if you can’t attract 1000 viewers. Instead, define your goals and achieve them even if they look insignificant compared to someone else’s.


  • Don’t be a Toxic Person: some casino streamers get away with it but never for long. Fans get tired of narcissistic, insulting, or arrogant broadcasters. And sooner or later, they ditch them for more classy people.
  • Handle Negative Comments Professionally: negative comments hurt, but don’t let them discourage you. Again, don’t engage with haters by insulting them. It can affect your image negatively.
  • Don’t Break Twitch or YouTube’s Rules: both Twitch and YouTube will kick you out of their platforms if you flout their rules. That means don’t broadcast illegal connect or use language Twitch deems unacceptable.

Fruity Slots – Top Casino Streamers Online

So, you want to know the best casino streamers online? Look no further. Our stream team comprises of 3 lads from the UK – Josh, Scotty, and Jamie who stream most days on Twitch and YouTube.

We have growing communities on both platforms. So, when you join us, you’ll find thousands of people to chat with. As it stands, Fruity Slots have close to 9,000 followers on Twitch and 30,000 fans on YouTube.

We are grateful for our fans, and we would be glad if you become part of our community. In turn, you get to watch as have fun winning and losing at slot machines. You can ask us questions or simply spend your free time with us.

What’s more, we shall award you in extraordinary ways…

Competitions and Giveaways

Fruity Slots is like an ever-growing orchard. It’s open to everyone who cherishes online casino games.

Occasionally, we let you pluck off your favourite fruits cost-free. Sometimes we ask you for a favour in exchange for your fruity slots. That said, here’s what’s in store for you presently.

  • Subscribe to our newsletters for free spins
  • Participate in our giveaways competitions to win up to £500
  • Visit our bonus section to claim all sorts of casino offers
  • Read our casino guides and reviews
  • Follow our streaming team on Twitch and YouTube for more rewards

Needless to say, you can be guaranteed of a basket full of freebies whenever you visit our Fruity Slots orchard.

Why We Stream When We Play Slots

Ever heard of the people who stream for months to no one? That would definitely not be us. We stream to share our casino experiences with others. So, if no one watched our broadcasts, we would have no business doing it.

Oh, wait…

We probably would stream occasionally for the fun of it. But the primary reason why we show up on YouTube and Twitch almost daily is that we know people are waiting for us. Some of them make requests for what they want to see us streaming. Others get a little bit angry when we arrive late on our schedule.

All in all, the fact that there are people who enjoy sharing our gaming experience means a lot to us. And for that reason, you can be guaranteed you’ll always find us on Twitch.

Why We Care about Twitch

Second, to this website, Twitch is our favourite hangout place. We spend more time on that website than any other platform. We could be live streaming. We could be working on our channel to make it more friendly to our fans. Or we could be watching other people’s broadcasts.

More importantly, we believe Twitch is an excellent escape place when you want to wind off after work.  It’s not like YouTube where you can get distracted by garbage content. Instead, there’s always something fun going on the Amazon-owned platform.

Are Casino Games Rigged for Streamers to Win?

We’ve all heard this one. The reason why Twitch casino streamers tend to win frequently is that they play rigged games. Is it true?

Let’s get this straight. Most online casinos don’t create the games they provide. That means they can’t interfere with their outcome. Instead, it’s the software providers. Names like NetEntMicrogaming, and Play’n GO, who own the secret codes their games.

But due to regulations by the UKGC and to maintain their reputations, renowned software providers won’t rig games. As a result, most casino streamers, including us, play slots like regular guys. We play to wins but lose as much as the next gambler.

Benefits of Following Casino Streamers

Both Twitch and YouTube lets you watch casino streamers without having to subscribe to their channels. But as you probably admit, there are channels you’ve already subscribed to. Perhaps you like the broadcasters. Or maybe you love the content. Regardless, you have reasons for playing favourites.

These are the same reasons people follow casino streamers. You want to feel part of the Fruity Slots streaming channel. You want to become part of the community and get the bonuses others receive.

Let us take the gamble

Another big reason to follow casino or slot streamers is to get your gambling fix without actually gambling.

We have been told numerous times how much help we have been providing the entertainment that in tandem has stopped others from gambling their own money.

We are 100% behind responsible gambling and are here to help or advice anyone who feels online gambling is getting too much.

Do Streamers Play with Real Money?

You had asked whether casinos rig games for streamers, and we said no. But here’s something we can admit. We have an edge due to the casinos giving us better bonuses than regular customers. This helps us create longer lasting content to provide the entertainment on our channel.

The streamers play slots or card games on their websites using real funds with enhanced bonuses. In turn, they become the marketing ambassadors for these companies. That way, it becomes a two-way relationship.

Crucially, not every streamer has such partnerships with top UK casinos. Most guys play with real money. A case in point was Chance “Sodappopin” Morris when he lost a $5000 blackjack hand in a live streaming session back in 2015.

We always use real money to bet on our YouTube and Twitch broadcasts as well. That’s why you can’t always see the emotions flow in every game we play. That’s why we are always jumping up and down our studio or sitting nervously moments before the spins of a popular slot come to a halt.

See you on Twitch or YouTube (or both) when you come to cheer or share the fun with us.