Money Train 3 Slot Massive Win!!

Money Train 3 Slot Review 2022

Buckle up for the ride of your life in the highly anticipated and unbelievably capable Money Train 3.

Money Train 3 hasn’t even been released, yet there are echos of voices from players everywhere excited about its imminent arrival.

We’re not sure any game has gained as much hype as Money train 3 has, and perhaps only a Money Train 4 could top it.

Truly, all of us are stood at the platform waiting for the Money Train to arrive, and when it does we’ll be on board to bigwinsville in style with Money Train 3’s new futuristic mien.

Our first impressions of Money Train 3 confirmed what we already knew about Relax Gaming’s dedication to the series. Its new opening animation serves as a teaser for the carnage yet to come, while also showcasing just how much Money Train 3 surpasses its predecessors in terms of graphics.

So far, Money Train 3 seems bigger and better in every way, but will it win the hearts of die-hard Money Train fans everywhere?

Hop aboard to find out.

Money Train 3 Base Game

Money Train 3 Base Game

Money Train 3 – The Base Game and Features

Money Train 3 borrows a lot from prhigher-paying

For instance, some of our favourite characters are back once again as higher paying symbols in the game. The Necromancer, Collector, Payer and Sniper are back with their suave futuristic new gear, and there’s some other similarities elsewhere too.

Money Train 3 works on a pay line system much like previous games did, and there’s 40 pay lines in total.

To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right along any of these pay lines. Rewards for getting full lines of symbols are fairly decent, but if you’ve played a Money Train slot before then you’ll know that its strengths far exceed the need for mere full line connections.

Betting options for players here are diverse, with options that start from £/€0.10 per spin. The highest bet amount could change depending on the casino you’re playing with, but the maximum looks to be £/€50 per spin.

So far things seem fairly similar to how they were in previous slots, but as you progress through the Money Train you’ll notice a lot of new additions.

Money Train 3 Respin Feature

The Money Train 3 respin feature may be awarded at the end of any spin that does not result on a win.

The game will randomly pick a symbol that is already present on the reels, before making it sticky. Money Train 3 then awards a respin where symbols of the same type can land.

If another symbol of the same type lands, then it too will become sticky before awarding another re-spin.

During Re-spins, multiplier symbols of 1x, 2x and 3x are possible. This won’t stick, but they’ll award an additional re-spin. Multipliers will accumulate as a sum total before being applied to the final win amount.

The Respin Feature concludes when no new symbols land.

Money Train 3 – Money Cart Bonus Round

The Money Cart Bonus Round is triggered when you land 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels.

Alternatively, a persistent symbol can substitute for a bonus symbol. Did we say persistent? Why yes we did. Money Train fans and the word ‘persistent’ is enough to get blood flowing, and there’s plenty of persistent symbols in Money Train 3.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, lets have a look at some of the other symbols and features of the Money Cart Bonus Round.

When the round begins, the triggering symbols will transform into a value displayed as a multiplication of bet, and 3 Free Spins are awarded.

Much like in previous games, you can open up new columns if you get a full column of symbols, and this can happen a maximum of two times. The round continues until no new symbol lands, before paying out the total of values so far.

If new symbols land, then the spin count is reset to 3.

Here is a breakdown of the possible symbols:

  • Standard Value Symbol – Reveals a value between 1x and 10x the bet
  • Collector – Collects all visible values on the reels and adds them to its own value
  • Sniper – Doubles the values of 3 to 8 other bonus symbols. It may act on the same symbol several times
  • Collector Payer – Selects from 3 to 5 symbols as targets, before adding their values to its own and then pays out its updated value to each target
  • Necromancer – Brings between 2-7 already used non-persistent symbols to life again
  • Absorber – Absorbs all Normal Bonus Symbols and removes them from the reels. Special Symbols cannot be absorbed.
  • Tommy Gun Sniper – Targets one randomly picked symbol, doubling its value from 2 – 6 times
  • Tommy Gun Payer – Reveals a value from 5x – 100x and targets one randomly picked symbol, adding the revealed value from 3 – 10 times

Money Train 3 Slot Free Spins

Money Train 3 – Money Cart Bonus Round

Persistent Symbols

Money Train 3, like other Money Trains before it, gets the bulk of its potential from its ability to award persistent symbols.

Persistent symbols can change the game in an instant, and if you land one then you’re certainly in for a wild ride.

  • Persistent Collector – Collects all visible values on the reels and adds them to its own value at the end of that spin, and every spin that follows
  • Persistent Sniper – Doubles the values of 3 – 8 other bonus symbols at the end of that spin and every spin that follows.
  • Persistent Collector Payer – Selects from 3 – 5 symbols as targets at the end of each spin, adds their values to its own and then pays out its updated value to each of those targets.
  • Persistent Necromancer – Brings between 1-7 already used non-persistent special bonus symbols to life again.
  • Persistent Shapershifter – 0 Turns into a different special symbol after every spin. This symbol can turn into a collector, collector-payer, sniper, Tommy Gun Sniper or Tommy Gun Payer.

We’ve noticed that the standalone Payer Symbol has been removed, if you don’t count the Tommy Gun Payer, that is, and we think it’s a good move. This symbol used to impart its own value onto other symbols, but it could be a bit lacking if is own value was low, and there wasn’t lots of symbols already in play.

Despite its absence as a standalone special symbol, it still works tremendously well with the collector symbol.

Money Train 3 – Bonus Buy

Relax Gaming has gone to great lengths in enhancing their bonus buy feature for Money Train 3.

In this game, there’s more than one option to choose from.

  • 1 Spin Feature – Guarantees a bonus game is triggered with 1 starting spin. Every new symbol that lands in the bonus will reset the spin count to 1. Costs 20x the bet
  • 2 Spins Feature – Guarantees a bonus game is triggered with 2 starting spins. Every new symbol that lands in the bonus will reset the spin count to 2. Costs 50x the bet
  • Original Feature – Guarantees the bonus game is triggered and every new symbol that lands will reset the spin count to 3. Costs 100x the bet
  • Persistent Feature – Guarantees the bonus game is triggered with 1 persistent symbol. Each new symbol that lands will reset the spin count to 3. Costs 500x the bet

Money Train 3 Bonus Buy

Money Train 3 Bonus Buy

Money Train 3 – Our Verdict

Money Train 3 is nothing short of phenomenal.

Money Train 2 build upon the learnings of the original to fine-tune it into something more refined, and Money Train 3 does the same.

Relax Gaming has taken everything that was brilliant about the first two games and built upon them, and it’s removed everything that was bad, leaving only dependable, exciting and highly anticipated features.

It’s weird to look back at the original game, before looking to where we are now. The progression is so clear that its almost unbelievable. It’s almost as if the first two games were made to build the foundations for this very moment.

Truly, Money Train 3 outshines the previous slots in every conceivable way, potential included. In Money Train 3, the potential has been amplified to double to what Money Train 2 was capable of, with a maximum win cap of 100,000x. 

We’re firm believers that it will hit its cap, too. All too often, providers display maximum win figures as lucrative and compelling selling points of their games, but few rarely performs as well as advertised.

There’s proven footage of Money Train 2 hitting its maximum win cap on many a video on YouTube, so we’re confident that Money Train 3 can do it too.

Overall, Money Train 3 is a masterpiece from Relax Gaming. If it doesn’t win Game of the Year across multiple awards, then we’d be very surprised.