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Serial Slot Review 2024

Serial Slot from Nolimit City introduces us to the gritty world of Bodycam Butcher, a twisted psychopath with an insatiable thirst for blood.

Our first insight into the mind of this heinous murderer sets the scene for a game that only Nolimit City can deliver. Nolimt City has said that he has no fear, because he IS fear, and they’ve said that mercy is not in his vocabulary.

Has anybody survived the world of Serial and Bodycam Butcher? and will you?

Jump into the world of Serial if you dare, but you may wish you didn’t.

Serial looks to be one of Nolimit City’s biggest games this year, and the introduction of the new xBizzare feature shows that their innovative mindset is alive and well…unlike the victims of Bodycam Butcher.

Serial Slot Base

Serial Slot – The Base Game and Features

Serial is a 5 reel slot with 243+ ways to win. The defaul reel configuration is 3-3-3-3-3, but it can increase to 5-7-7-7-5 later on.

To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel. The minimum stake is £/€0.20 (£/€0.24 with xBet), and the maximum stake is £/€100 (£/€120 with xBet).

There are a lot of features to wrap your head around in Serial. Nolimit City never make a straightforward slot, and their innovative mindset shines once again in Serial.

Serial Slot Max Win

Game Provider Nolimit City
Maximum Bet 100 (120 with xBet)
Maximum Win 74,000x.
Paylines 243+
Release Date 08/11/2022
RTP 96.07%
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.20 (0.24 with xBet)


At the cost of an extra 20%, the player is guaranteed a Scatter symbol on the second reel.

The payout for each symbol is not affected, but the chance of getting the bonus is higher.

Nolimit City have one of the best ‘ante bet’ features around. Many providers double your stake for an increased chance to win the bonus.


All winning symbols will stick on the reels before respinning. Any symbols that improve the original win also stick. This feature concludes when no further winning symbols add to the win.

For each respin, the top and bottom Enhancer Cells open up from left to right one at a time

Enhancer Cells

2 Enhancer cells open up per respin, and they will reveal one of the following symbols.


  • Reveals 2-4 Symbols of the same kind
  • Reveals any paying symbol
  • If more than on xWays symbol lands, then all xWays symbols will reveal the same symbol

xNudge Wild

The xNudge Wild is one of Nolimit City’s oldest yet most beloved features. The Stacked Wild symbol will always nudge to be fully visible, and each nudge increases its multiplier by +1


A regular Wild Symbol

Character Symbol

Any of the higher paying symbols may land in the Enhancer Cells

xWays and Infectious xWays

The xWays feature may only appear within the Enhancer Cells or be transformed into one from a Scatter Symbol

xWays will transform into a normal paying symbol revealing 2-4 symbols of the same kind as mentioned above, but the Infectious xWays symbol works differently

The infectious xWays will infect all of the other normal sized symbols on the 3-3-3-3-3 area to expand to the same size.

xSplit Wild

The xSplit wild is a 2x Wild which can only land on the last reel.

This symbol will split every symbol to the left of it on the same reel into two symbols. It will also split Scatter symbols, which doubles the number of bonus spins that the Scatter symbol holds.

xSplit may also split xNudge and xWays symbols. This doubles the multiplier of the xNudge symbol and doubles the size of the xWays symbol.

Serial Slot – Free Spins

Serial has 2 different Free Spins mode; The Search, and The Kill.

Landing 3 Scatter Symbols will trigger The Search, and Landing 3 Scatters and 1 xSplit Symbol will trigger The Kill.

The Spin count of The Search Free Spins is determined by the sum of the numbers carried by the Scatters

In this mode, Extra Enhancer cells on 2, 3 and 4 open up, making the reel area 3-5-5-5-3.

Landing an xSplit symbol actives The Kill and awards +2 Free Spins

Serial Slot The Search

The Kill

This mode is very similar to the Search, but with the added extra of a persistent xSplit Symbol to exponentially increase the potential.

The xSplit symbol remains a jumping wild on reel 5 during The Kill

Serial Slot The Kill

Serial Slot – Bonus Buy

If you’re outside of the UK then you can use a Bonus Buy feature to jump straight into the action

  • The Search – 78x the bet & 96.27% RTP
  • The Kill – 480x the bet & 96.38% RTP
  • Lucky Draw – 279x the bet & 96.38% RTP
    • 70% Chance of The Search
    • 30% Chance of The Kill


The xBizarre Feature is an interesting addition, and it carries no risk to the player serving only as a feature to enhance the win.

The maximum payout of Serial is 74,800x the bet, but you’ll have to hack and slash at some innocent victims to reach it.

When you reach the max win in the main game of 18,700x the bet or higher, then you’ll be given a chance to win 74,800x in the xBizarre Feature.

Each choice is 50/50, and making the right choice increases your win by another 18,700x

  • Stage 1: +18,700x or +0x
  • Stage 2: +18,700x or +0x
  • Stage 3: +18,700x or +0x

Get all levels correct and win 74,000x.

Making the wrong decision does not void previous winnings. This is not a gamble feature.

Serial Slot xBizarre

Serial Slot – Our Verdict

Serial is everything we’d hoped it would be and more. It’s sick, it’s twisted, it’s psychotic and above all else, it’s extremely capable.

Nolimit City has brought many of their ‘x’ features together here, making for an explosive and exciting experience.  When you think about the features individually, you ponder upon Nolimit City’s creative genius. When you think about them all working together then you wonder just how on earth they manage it.

Their abilities in creating a diverse slot is leaps and bounds beyond many, and it’s because of this that they’re so renowned. Each slot is a completely different experience, and in this case it’s a horrifying and grotesque experience that brings out the morbid curiosity in all of us.

Is it bad that we’re rooting for Bodycam Butcher? Probably, but let the heads roll, we say.

The Search and The Kill puts you on the edge of your seat, but the xBizarre Feature is what really caught our attention.

Few will see it because of the requirement to hit a massive 18,700x first, but the prospect of increasing your win up to an absolutely huge 74,000x with no risk to previous winnings really makes Serial shine.

We tested it ourselves, and we got to level 3 before Beefy Dick made his cameo to spark out Bodycam Butcher, robbing us of 18,700x. We laughed out loud.

A special mention needs to be given to the sounds of Serial too. It’s often overlooked, but the music and sounds can make a game in our opinion, and in this case its a masterpiece.

Overall, Serial is one of Nolimit City’s best, and it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.