Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Slot Review 2022

Gear up and get ready for the biggest battle yet as we take on the most volatile Dream Drop addition to Relax Gaming’s portfolio, in Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop!

Get ready to take to the seas with the Nordics’ fiercest warriors for the biggest spoils of war yet. We must battle our way through ice and fire in this 6×5 battlefield and push through waves of Multiplier Reveal symbols, Winning Cascades, Treasure Chests and the odd Jackpot or two. Not for the faint of heart, this journey will be volatile and the spoils abundant, but these fearless Vikings will wait for no one.

Volatile Vikings 2 is the 3rd new release to receive Relax Gaming’s much-awaited industry headliner Dream Drop Jackpots, and we’re pretty certain that it won’t be the last. Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop Jackpots first made thier appearance in Temple Tumble 2 and has since gone on to appear in an old favourite, Snake Arena. If you’ve not managed to hit the Jackpot yet, it may just be a case of third times the charm!

We’ve reviewed many sequels in our time and the one thing we tend to look for first is changes in design and it’s apparent that Volatile Vikings 2 has had a bit of a makeover, but not so much that you wouldn’t recognise it as a sequel. The background puts us inside a Viking Tavern of some kind which is a much warmer destination than the original Volatile Vikings.

There has also been some minor changes to both the High and Low paying symbols, including colour scheme.

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Base Game

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Base Game and Features

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop is a 6×5 Video Slot with a Scatter Pays mechanic. In order to form a winning combination, you will need to land 8 or more of the same symbol types in any non-adjacent position on the grid. The minimum bet available here is £/€0.20 per spin and the maximum bet available is £/€30 per spin, with plenty of other betting options in between the two.

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop features Cascading Reels. Each time a winning combination is formed, all winning symbols will be destroyed and new symbols will fall down via a Cascade, filling all empty positions on the grid. Once a Cascade occurs, there is a chance of creating even more winning combinations.

In terms of symbols, all High-paying symbols fall to a collection of Wood Carvings. The Red Wood Carving has the highest pay value, followed by the Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue Carvings. Low-paying symbols fall to 4 smaller Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue Carvings. There is no Wild symbol present in Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop.

Like the original, Volatile Vikings 2 makes use of the Multiplier Reveal feature along with Relax Gaming’s new Dream Drop Jackpots. More on these below!

Multiplier Reveal

Similar to the original Volatile Vikings, each spin starts off with 2 Multiplier Reveal symbols, one present on Reel 3 and another on Reel 4.

Each Multiplier Reveal symbol has a counter and Multiplier attached to it. The counter will drop by 1 for each winning Cascade during the same spin. Once the counter reaches 0, the current Multiplier will activate and destroy all symbols surrounding it up to a maximum of 8, clearing space for new symbols to drop down.

Once a Multiplier has been activated, a new Multiplier Reveal symbol will fall down during a Cascade to replace the other. At the end of the  spin, the total of all collected Multipliers will be applied to the total win for that spin.

Dream Drop Bonus

Before any random spin in the base game, the Dream Drop Jackpot round can be awarded.

Once active, you will be met with 5 reels that all vary in height, with all 5 reels having 1 of 5 Jackpot Prizes above each one. During the Dream Drop Bonus, only Crate and DD symbols can land in view but only the DD symbols will remain in their position.

The Dream Drop Jackpots round will continue until 1 of the 5 reels are entirely filled with Dream Drop symbols, which awards the corresponding Jackpot Prize. The Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major and Mega Jackpots are all progressive which means their amounts will increase as you play. The Major and Mega Jackpots must be paid out before they reach a certain amount.

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop - Dream Drop Jackpot

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Free Spins

Landing 3 or more Scatters in any position on the grid triggers the Free Spins round, awarding 6 Free Spins. Every additional Scatter symbol after the 3rd awards +1 Free Spin.

During the Free Spins round, the Multiplier Reveal feature works in a similar fashion to that in the base game, but it’s Persistent for the remainder of Free Spins and is applied at the end of each spin.

Landing a Scatter symbol during the Free Spins round awards an additional +1 Free Spin.

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Free Spins

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop: Our Verdict

Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop Mechanic is establishing itself nicely since it’s debut in Temple Tumble 2.

Volatile Vikings 2 seems like the perfect choice for Relax’s new Jackpot feature, and it’s safe to say that we’re excited to see both Jackpot and Slot in action together for some big wins.

However, when we’re strictly speaking about Volatile Vikings 2 and not the Dream Drop feature, then it actually looks slightly less appealing than it’s predecessor. For one, there doesn’t seem to be a bonus buy feature anymore, and in other areas the statistics are lower than that of the original Volatile Vikings.

In this game you’re look at an RTP of 94.80% to make the Jackpot contribution possible, and the max win is half than that of the original at 10,000x. 

To us, this isn’t too much of a bad thing. If you think about it, then Relax Gaming had to make some of these changes to include their Jackpot feature. Volatile Vikings 2 may be less potent than the original, but when you include the Dream Drop Jackpot into the equation then the opposite is true.

It really depends on what the player is looking for. If you’re looking for high win potential but you’ve no interest in Jackpot Slots, then the original will suit you fine. However, if you’re looking for a potent slot with a lot of promise and a Jackpot Feature to go with it then Volatile Vikings 2 is as good a choice as any.

Overall, we think Relax Gaming has done a fine job with Volatile Vikings 2. On paper it may seem less appealing, but putting your faith in the Dream Drop aspect of it wouldn’t be a bad move.