Snake Arena Dream Drop Slot Review 2022

Get Ready for Snake Arena Dream Drop Slot, a reimagining of the orignal game with features reminiscent of a classic mobile game and the newest to benefit from Relax Gaming’s new Dream Drop Jackpots. Cowardly Knights and Fearless Snakes go head to head in battle with Relax Gaming’s medieval release, and only one may prevail.

Relax Gaming first released the Dream Drop Jackpots feature with Temple Tumble 2, but now Relax Gaming are working on integrating the Jackpot feature into some old favourites, as well as their new games.

How exactly will Snake Arena Dream Drop deviate from the original?

It won’t really. Snake Arena Dream Drop is just how you remember it, but with the added excitement of the Dream Drop Feature.

The RTP will change slightly with a 94% value, which includes a 12% Jackpot Contribution. This is lower than the original Snake Arena, which sat at 96.25%, and the hit frequency looks to have been lowered from 22.92% to 19.53% as well.

This sounds bad, but when you think about what the Dream Drop Jackpot is actually offering, then you can’t really argue about the lower statistics. If you’re not really a Jackpot chaser, then there’s no real reason to be choosing Snake Arena Dream drop over the original

Snake Arena Dream Drop Base Snake Arena…but if you are, then there’s everything to play for!

Snake Arena Dream Drop Theme

It’s unsurprising to see that Snake Arena looks exactly as it did before with its medieval knight theme. We were always quite fond of this cartoon rendition of the middle-aged theme, but Relax Gaming hasn’t really done something that similar to it since.

In terms of betting options, the stake options for Snake Area will start from £/€0.10per spin for those who like to play it safer, but it goes up to £/€100 per spin for high rollers.

There are 10 symbols in total and each vary in value. At the top we have the Crown, Snake Eeye, Meat and Pint, and Low symbols are simply coins.

The two other symbols are the Snake himself and the Knight, both of which act as Wild symbols.

Game Provider Relax Gaming
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 2758x (Jackpot Not Inc)
Paylines 30
Release Date 08/06/2022
RTP 94%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility high
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Snake Arena Slot Paytable

Snake Arena Dream Drop – The Base Game

The base game is quite simple, you’ll win if 3 or more matching symbols occur on any of the 30 set pay lines, and wins will be evaluated consecutively on a pay line starting from the left most reel.

As mentioned, The Snake and the Knight will act as Wild symbols and will substitute for any other symbol. The Snake Wild will cover 3 spaces vertically if it appears fully in view.

Snake Arena Dream Drop Base Win

Snake Arena Dream Drop Wild Chase

The Wild Chase feature can randomly appear during any spin. The Snake will peek out above one of the reels, while the Knight peeks out the bottom of another. If both happen to appear on the same reel, then the snake will dart across the reel in pursuit of the Knight making the reel a Wild Stack.

If the Snake peeks out above a different reel to the knight, both will disappear and appear again above and below a different reel. The Snake will get 3 tries to successfully appear on the same reel as the Knight, if unsuccessful, the round will conclude and all possible wins are awarded.

The process is repeatable however, so if the snake lands on the same reel as a knight, then you’ll get 3 more tries to find another before the round will conclude. The Wild Chase feature awards 1-5 wild reels.

A nice in game feature, and it has the potential to really land you some nice wins if the snake successfully turns a few of the reels Wild.

Snake Arena Dream Drop Free Spins

Free spins in Snake Arena Dream Drop will be triggered when the Snake Wild appears on reel 1, with a Knight landing anywhere on any other reel. The Knight hilariously cries out in fear as he realises his impending demise, and the free rounds will begin.

The Snake will start off covering 3 spaces, and will slither over to the Knight, devouring him and in the process, adding one extra space to its length. On each spin, wins are calculated and paid before the Snake pursues the Knight, so the extra Wild you get when the Snake consumes a Knight will come into play on the subsequent spin.

The Knight himself is Wild though, so if connected to a win line you’ll benefit from him before he meets his grisly end.

The Snake will always take the shortest possible path to reach the Knight using at most one turn. If more than one path would reach the Knight, then the Snake will randomly choose one of them. Free spins will conclude if the snake crashes into itself.

If the Snake fills up all positions on reels 2-5 then the feature will end and an additional prize of 1000x your current stake will be awarded.

Snake Arena Dream Drop Big Win

Snake Arena Dream Drop Jackpot

Relax and their exciting Dream Drop Jackpots feature makes its glorious return in Snake Arena, but how does it work?

It seemingly works a little different to how we saw it in Temple Tumble 2 with a wheel instead of stacked symbols to determine your jackpot prize.

When triggered, a Jackpot spin is played with no symbols except Dream Drop symbols. The Dream Drop Jackpot is triggered when a Dream Drop Jackpot symbol occupies every reel.

There are 5 jackpots that can be won: RAPID,
In the Dream Drop Bonus you get one spin of
the wheel. When the wheel stops it will mark
which jackpot has been won.

Snake Arena Dream Jackpot Our Verdict

It’s good to see Snake Arena back once again. There’s something heartwarming about a slot revival and in this case it’s bigger and better than ever before.

Well, almost. It depends on what metrics you’re measuring here, because as mentioned, some of the stats like Hit Rate and RTP are lower than that of the original, but that’s to be expected given the life-changing potential of Dream Drop Jackpots.

Snake Arena Dream Drop is still capable of up to 2758x even without the Dream Drop Jackpot feature, which is unchanged from the original. This seems rather low than the slots of today, yet Snake Arena only released in 2020. Snake Arena is evidence if it was ever needed of an evolving world of slots. Players are leaning more and more towards higher volatile play, and now Snake Arena somehow seems like a lower volatility slot.

Should you play Snake Arena Dream Jackpot? We’re a big fan of the slot ourselves, but picking between them depends on what you expect from each game. If you’re happy with a nice little win and a tidy little cash-out, then the original might be the better option. If you want to shoot for the stars however, then you’ll want the Dream Drop version and its incredible potential each and every time.