AvatarUX introduces their third New Slot, CherryPop Slot to use their PopWins mechanic, as well a shift in dynamic with a classic fruity theme.
PopRocks and Wild Pops were two successful games from the provider, so it’s exciting to see what a third in the series can introduce in terms of both features and potential. 

Avatar UX is a Hong-Kong based developer that specializes in highly engaging, and unique games for an ever-growing European Market.

They’re partners with the giant that is Yggdrasil gaming and are members of the YGS Masters program which helps smaller game development studios such as Avatar UX expand.

Will CherryPop Slot have the same innocent fun and massive potential that its predecessors had? Buckle up for a classic fruity experience as Avatar UX strays from their usual Eastern Theme.

Fruity Pops

CherryPop Slot takes inspiration from its theme from a more classic era of gaming. This is a lot different to their previous games, which had previously utilized a more Eastern Asian theme, but it’s sure to be a hit among players who absolutely adore this classic style.

There’s still a lot of demand for Slots to go back to their roots with this kind of theme, and CherryPop does just that. The visuals are simple, yet sharp with neon lit reels and classic fruity symbols.

Nothing else needed when it comes to a theme like this! The audio is a nice, melodic slow tune that is almost euphoric and will ramp up when the wins start coming in with an upbeat and catchy club like song.

Overall, CherryPop Slot is put together quite nicely, and there’s just something special about something a bit more retro.

Betting and Symbols for CherryPop Slot

Betting options are quite extensive. The lowest available bet that you’ll be able to play CherryPop Slot on is £0.20 per spin. The highest available option is £40. If you prefer something in the middle of the two, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

As far as Symbols go, Cherry Pop breaks it down from Super High, High and Low symbols. The only Super High symbol is the Chery, which can only win in Free Spins, and High symbols are Bell, Clover, Horseshoe, Orange, Watermelon and Raspberries.

Low symbols are represented by the classic A, K, Q, J, 10 & 9.

Game Provider AvatarUX
Maximum Bet 40
Maximum Win 56,386x
Paylines 243-59,049
Release Date 06/10/2020
RTP 96.16%
Mechanics PopWins
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

The Base Game and Features

CherryPop Slot utilizes the popular Ways to Win mechanic. On any given spin, Cherry Pop will start off with 486 Ways to win, and wins can occur both from left to right and right to left.

Connecting 3 or more matching symbols will be needed to form a win, and winning is where you will see the game make use of the PopWins feature that we’ve come to love from this series of games.

CherryPop Slot Game Play


With Pop Wins, each winning symbol will ‘pop’ where it will then be replaced by 2 more symbols which will increase the reel height.

This can be repeated as long as there are more wins, and the reels can be expanded up to 6 symbols tall in the base game and a huge 9 in the Free Spins. Naturally, with every reel expansion comes more potential as the ways to win increase, increasing the chance to land those bigger base hits.

Free Spins

To get Free Spins in CherryPop Slot, you’ll need to unlock all of the reels by landing consecutive wins, getting each reel to 6-high.

As mentioned, the ways to win can increase even further in Free Spins, with the potential to get up to 9-high, which means 59,049 potential ways to win. You’ll start off with 1552 ways as standard going into the bonus.

Free Spins will start off with a 2x Multiplier, which increases by 1 for every win obtained in the Bonus.

Fully unlocking the game in Free Spins will give an immediate +3 Multiplier and 3 extra spins for every winning pop going forward.

Progress can be lost towards fully unlocking the reels maximum height if no wins occur, however it will only reset down to the shortest reel.

A representative example of this would be that if no win is obtained on a spin where the reels are displaying a height of 7-7-8-9-7, then the reels will reset to the shortest reel which will make the next spin 7-7-7-7-7,

Lots and lots of potential to be had in the bonus with the increasing multiplier, and even more so if you manage to unlock the reels maximum height.

This is a Bonus Buy Slot, non-UK players will be able to buy your way into the bonus, this will cost 75x your stake. 

CherryPop Slot Free Spins

Free Spins Gamble

Before playing the Free Spins, you will have a chance to gamble for a chance to obtain more spins. The starting number of Free Spins is 5, and winning the first gamble will increase it to 8, then 12.

A special Golden field is also available on the wheel which will give an additional 4 spins. Be careful here, losing even one of the wheel spins will take you back to the base game rather than give you a reduced number of spins.

Our Verdict

Cherrypop Slot uses some of the same ingredients that made both PopRocks and Wildpops great games, yet is neither better or worse than the other two.

A feature that’s missing in this game is the one we saw in WildPops, which would randomly insert Wild symbols into the game.

Without this feature, CherryPop Slot can get a little bit tedious while you’re waiting to unlock those reels to get them Free Spins, maybe even tedious enough to put some off.

If you enjoyed WildPops and PopRocks, then you’ll no doubt thoroughly enjoy this game too. It was interesting to see Avatar UX take a different direction in terms of theme too, and it makes you wonder what the future of their games will hold.

Cherrypop Slot is available to play on selected Online Casinos now!