Pirots 3 Slot Review 2024

Join our favourite feathered amigos on another epic adventure into the Wild West, in ELK Studios‘ third instalment of the series, Pirots 3!

Following the massive success of the first two instalments, Pirots 3 is set to continue the trend with its innovative gameplay and loveable characters. The Pirots series has garnered a dedicated following thanks to its unique mechanics that set it apart from other games.

Each of the Pirots games thus far has brought something new to the table, yet the 2nd game kept the essence of what made the debut release so popular.

Pirots 3 and ELK Studios will look to build on the winning formula, adding fresh twists with some beloved familiar features. The series’ distinctive blend of inventive features has in some ways redefined the conventional idea of a slot.

These bold moves don’t always pay off as traditionalists swear by the status quo of 5 reels and conventional features, but in this case, it seems to have worked well for ELK Studios. Will Pirots 3 carry a torch ignited by its predecessors?

Pirots 3 - Base Game

Pirots 3 – Base Game

Base Game & Features

Pirots 3 is a 6-8 reel Video Slot with a Cluster Pays mechanic. Game rounds can be played from as little as £.€0.20 per spin, up to a maximum bet size of £.€100 per spin. Pirots 3 has a theoretical RTP of 94.00%, a High Volatility rating, and a max win cap of 10,000x your bet. 

Pirots 3 features 4 coloured Gem symbols and 4 matching Bird symbols. Each Bird can move Horizontally and Vertically across the grid, pairing with gem symbols of the same colour.

Bird symbols will collect their matching Gem symbols, including any Feature symbols within the winning cluster. Gem symbols can also be upgraded to higher payout levels, up to a maximum of level 7 or 30x your bet. Bird symbols will continue to collect until they can no longer, and may move several times before a symbol refill.

If there are no more winning clusters in view, but a win can be created, 2 Bird symbols adjacent to each other can enact a ‘Switcheroo‘. This causes the 2 Bird symbols to trade places so that additional symbols can be collected.

Game Provider Elk Studios
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 25/06/2024
RTP 94%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 6-8
Minimum Bet 0.20

Collection Meter

Above the main game grid sits a special Collection Meter. This meter keeps track of all Gem and Wild symbols collected during a game round (excluding those collected by the Bandit).  The collection meter is automatically disabled during the Bandit Escape feature.

When the Collection Meter is full, 1 pending symbol release is added, up to a maximum of 3. Each stacked symbol release is awarded simultaneously.

Feature symbols are released before any Dynamite symbols explode, as a part of the first drop during Free Spins, or when Bird symbols cannot collect any more symbols. A symbol release will transform a number of Gem symbols into random Feature symbols.

Feature Symbols

During gameplay, up to 8 special Feature symbols can be awarded:

  • Wild – Substitute for all Gem symbols at their current level. The black bandit wild represents the current highest-paying Gem symbol.
  • Coin – Collected Coin symbols pay their values times your current bet size. The Max Win coin automatically awards the remaining amount required for the max win (10,000x your bet).
  • Upgrade – Upgrades the payout level of Gems matching the Bird symbol that collected the Upgrade symbol.  The Gem level increases by 1-3 steps, up to a maximum of level 7.
  • Transform – Transforms a cluster of Gems next to a Bird symbol into the same colour. It may also convert a random number of Gems into Feature symbols.
  • Peanut – Positions a Peanut in empty grid spaces when it is collected by a Bird symbol. Birds are then able to cross empty positions to reach additional symbols.
  • Key – Triggers the Bandit Escape Feature.
  • Dynamite – Triggers an explosion when collected by a Bird symbol. The Dynamite removes all Bird and Gem symbols (except Feature symbols), resulting in a Redrop to fill empty positions. Dynamite symbols also expand the grid size up to a maximum of 8×7. Dynamite symbols come in 2 sizes; one that explodes an area in close proximity, and the other that explodes the entire grid.
  • Bonus – Awards a Bonus Scatter.

Bandit Escape Feature

Locked in a tiny cage in the top-left corner is a special Bandit. When a Bird symbol collects a Key symbol, it triggers the Bandit’s escape Feature after all Birds are unable to move any further. When released, the Bandit collects all Gem and Feature symbols it lands next to on the grid.

If the Bandit comes face-to-face with another Bird symbol, it will challenge that bird to a Duel. If the Bandit wins, the bird symbol is removed from the grid, leaving the Bandit to continue collecting Gem and Feature symbols.

If the challenged Bird wins, the Bandit Escape Feature ends. If the Bandit defeats all 4 Bird symbols, the Bandit will collect all remaining symbols in view, triggering the Coin Game feature.

Coin Game

When the entire grid is cleared by Birds or the Bandit, the Coin Game is triggered. At the start of the round, Coin Bags and Scorpions drop onto random grid positions, causing the Train to arrive. Either the Bandit or Bird symbols will come off the train.

During this time, the Collection Meter is disabled and replaced by a Coin Game Win Counter. Either the Birds or the Bandit will throw lassos at Coin Bags, trying to collect them. The value of captured Coin Bags is added to the Win Counter.

A Bird or Bandit that captures a Scorpion symbol is out of the round. The round ends when all Bird/Bandit symbols are out of the round. The total value of the Win Counter is awarded times your current bet.

Pirots 3 - Coin Game

Pirots 3 – Coin Game

Showdown Feature

Two adjacent Bird symbols have a random chance to trigger the Showdown Feature. However, when 3 adjacent Bird symbols are together, the Showdown Feature is guaranteed to trigger.

During the Showdown feature, all Bird symbols move away from each other, removing symbols along the way. Bird symbols will shoot in a number of Horizontal, Diagonal, and Vertical directions at random. Symbols in the firing line will be affected in different ways.

  • Gem Symbols – are removed.
  • Bonus, Super Bonus, Key, and Coin Symbols – are collected.
  • Dynamite Symbols – are ignited.
  • Other Feature symbols – remain unaffected.

Once the Duel is over, all Bird symbols are repositioned and empty grid positions are filled.

Train Heist

During each game round, 2 or 4 symbol positions to the left and right sides of the grid are marked with a Train Backdrop. Triggering the Train Heist feature requires a Bird symbol to collect one of the symbols atop a marked position, as well as any other symbols covering marked positions on the other side of the grid.

When the Train Heist feature is active, the Bird symbol will finish collecting its current cluster of symbols. A train will then arrive and the Bird symbol gets on it. The train will travel around the grid, awarding between 1 and 3 Feature symbols. The train stops on the opposite side of the grid, while the Bird symbol gets off and continues to collect symbols.


  • Bonus Hunt – Awards 1 Drop with quadruple the chance of triggering the Bonus (3x your bet).
  • Bandit Jailbreak – Awards 1 Drop with the Bandit Escape Feature active (25x your bet).
  • Coin Game – Guarantees entry into the Coin Game (50x your bet).
  • Bonus – (100x your bet).
  • Super Bonus – Guarantees entry into the Super Bonus. All Free Spins are played on the max grid size, and all Upgrade symbols upgrade all Gem symbols (500x your bet).

Free Spins

Collecting 3 Bonus Scatters in the base game triggers the Free Spins round, awarding 5 Free Spins. Collecting a Bonus Scatter during this time awards an additional +1 Free Spin.

The regular Free Spins round begins on the current grid size, while the Super Bonus unlocks the max grid size of 8×7. Progress made on the Collection Meter and the payout level of Gems are persistent during this time. All pending Feature symbols are released at the start of the first free spin.

Piorts 3 - Super Bonus

Piorts 3 – Super Bonus

Pros and Cons of Pirots 3


  • 5 Bonus Buy options.
  • Chance to trigger the Super Bonus in the base game.
  • Multiple base game features and modifiers.
  • Creative animations and high-quality graphics.


  • Overused Wild West theme.
  • RTP of 94%.
  • Limited betting options.
  • No increase in max win compared to previous instalments.

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ELK Studios are quite proficient at making a series of slots, perhaps more so than other providers. The Gold and Nitrpolis series is proof of follow-ups done well, each featuring a distinct and unique approach. Think about some of the sequels elsewhere…Reactoonz 2 was worse than the original. Jammin’ Jars 2 was arguably worse than the first game to many, but ELK rarely miss when they cook up a sequel. That being said, is Pirots 3 actually leaps and bounds better than the first two games? We’re not convinced.

We’ll admit the novelty of Pirots 3 has been somewhat dulled since the series’ debut release, but that’s not to say that ELK hasn’t made a significant effort. Pirots comes with lots to experience and it retains the exciting build-up of momentum that can occur when the gems, birds and bombs align, but also the frustrating feeling that it feels a little ‘rigged’ at times. The placement of reshuffled birds into positions where absolutely none of them connect to their relative gems raises the blood pressure and the desire to flip the nearest table significantly, making it a game that both excites and tests your patience. We suppose no slot comes without moments of frustration, and Pirots 3 is quite engaging and very capable.

It’s give and take, and we think Pirots 3 has done enough feature-wise to differentiate itself from the previous releases, though maybe not quite enough in the mathematical department considering the win potential is identical at 10,000x 

Overall, Pirots 3 was a mix of emotions for us. It has many merits to speak of with unique features, but the mental attrition that comes with that ‘rigged’ feeling can make you feel disillusioned with a once new and exciting game series.