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Pirots 2 Slot Review 2024

ELK Studios has returned with our beloved feathered friends in tow for another epic adventure that takes us back to a time when Dinosaurs walked the Earth, in Pirots 2!

Could it be that Dinosaurs have returned to life in what seems to be a John Hammond, Jurassic Park-type situation, or is Pirots 2 another slot that simply takes us back in time to when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth? More than likely these cheeky chaps have headed over to their local theme park for some fun and thrills.

It wasn’t long ago these 4 were traveling companions for Pirates that roamed the seven seas in the first Pirots slot. Things took a turn when they decided to ditch their fellow Pirates and become their own Captains instead, causing chaos and destruction on the grid as they went.

A quick change in scenery and the Pirots are back to their usual tricks, looking a little worse for wear we might add. Will Pirots 2 live up to expectations? Let’s play on and find out!

Pirots 2 Base Game

Pirots 2 Base Game and Features

Pirots 2 is a 6-8 reel Video Slot with a Cluster Pays mechanic. Winning combinations are formed when a Cluster of the same coloured symbols land adjacent to the matching coloured Bird Symbol on the grid.

The minimum bet available here is £.€0.20 per spin and the maximum bet available is £.€100 per spin, with plenty of other options in between the two. Pirots 2 has a theoretical RTP of 94.00% and a max win cap of 10,000x.

There are a total of 4 coloured symbols available, accompanied by 4 matching coloured Bird symbols. Each Bird symbol can move Up, Down, Left, and Right on the grid, collecting any Feature symbols that are part of a winning cluster.

If no more winning combinations are formed, but a winning cluster can be created, 2 Bird symbols next to each other can swap their positions if their colour matches the symbol colours next to the other Bird. Unlike the first Pirots, Bird symbols can also swap positions with another Bird symbol that is above or below it.

In addition to this, if at least 3 Bird symbols land on the same Horizontal or Vertical line, a fight will break out, removing regular symbols and collecting Bonus Scatters, Eggs, Coins, and Red Buttons, causing a Redrop to trigger.

During gameplay, all regular symbols begin at Level 1 and can be Upgraded to higher values, up to a maximum of Level 7. The Red symbol has the highest value, followed by the Purple, Green, and Blue symbols. Wilds substitute for all regular symbols, regardless of their current level.

Each winning combination that forms is removed from the grid, making room for new symbols to drop down from above via a Cascade feature. This continues until no new winning combinations form.

Game Provider Elk Studios
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 10,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 07/11/2023
RTP 94.00%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 6-8
Minimum Bet 0.20

Collection Meter

Above the grid is a special Collection Meter that stores all winning clusters including Wilds.

When the Meter is filled to the top, 1 pending Feature symbol is added. Up to 3 Feature symbol releases can be stacked and awarded at the same time. A feature symbol release will transform a number of regular symbols into random Feature symbols.

Feature Symbols

There are 8 unique Feature symbols available in Pirots 2, as follows.

  • Upgrade Symbols – Increases the Level of a regular symbol by 1-3 Levels, up to a maximum of Level 7.
  • Upgrade All Symbols – Increases the level of all regular symbols by 1-3 Levels, up to a maximum of Level 7.
  • Egg Symbols – Hatch a Dinosaur at the end of a spin, when Bird symbols are unable to collect any more symbols. Birds are scared away, forcing them to Redrop and land in new positions.
  • Mushroom Symbols – Transform a Cluster of regular symbols next to a Bird into the same colour. It can also convert a random number of regular symbols into Feature symbols.
  • Popcorn Symbols – Place popcorn in empty positions when it is collected by a Bird symbol. Birds are then able to cross these spaces one time each in order to reach other regular symbols.
  • Red Button Symbols – Trigger a Meteor Strike, removing all symbols except Feature symbols in close proximity to it, resulting in a Redrop that fills all empty positions. The Meteor Strike will also expand the grid size, up to a maximum of 8×8.
  • Coin Symbols – Award their current values per bet level. The Max Win coin will immediately pay the max win cap of 10,000x.

Pirots 2 Free Spins

Collecting 3 Scatters in the base game triggers the Free Spins round, awarding 5 Free Spins. The Free Spins round will begin on the current grid size and your progress made on the Collection Meter is continued.

If Feature symbols are pending release when the Free Spins round is triggered, they will be awarded as part of the first Free Spin. During Free Spins, the grid size, symbol progression, payout level of regular symbols, and the collection of additional Scatters are all persistent during this time.

Collecting 3 Scatters during this time will award additional Free Spins. This round will end when no Free Spins are left, or when the max win cap of 10,000x is reached.

Pirots 2 Free Spins

Pirots 2 X-iter

Those outside the UK will benefit from ELK Studios’ X-iter Feature. Players will have access to 5 Bonus Buy options as follows.

  • Bonus Hunt – Awards 1 Drop with Quadruple your chance of triggering the Free Spins round for 10x your bet.
  • Popcorn Fiesta – Awards 1 Drop with the Popcorn feature active for 10x your bet.
  • Maximum Grid Size – Awards 1 Drop that is played on the maximum grid size of 8×8 for 25x your bet.
  • Bonus – Triggers the Free Spins round for 100x your bet.
  • Super Bonus – Triggers the Super Free Spins round where all Free Spins are played with the maximum grid size and Upgrade All feature symbols for 500x your bet.

Pirots 2: Our Verdict

Pirotes stood out as perhaps one of Elk’s most eccentric slots, and Pirotes 2 is no different. It’s certainly innovative, which is a trait that ELK Studios exhibits again and again. Pirotes 2 retains the light-hearted and comical persona of the original, and we dare say it takes it to another level. It certainly is a strange setting, but it caught our eye, and if we happened upon it with no prior knowledge of the original then we’d stay for a few spins.

Pirotes 2 is the same as the original in many ways, but with subtle yet effective improvements. Extra features make it even more of a spectacle than it already was, and little improvements like the ability for birds to swap places vertically addresses an issue that was annoying in the original. Once again, Pirotes 2 can pick up momentum and carry on for a while, which is great if you’re looking for a game with extended playtime. If you’re more of a conservative player and you want your money to stretch, then Pirotes 2 would be a good choice.

In terms of potential, Pirotes 2 is equal to that of the original. We’d have liked to see that figure amplified, but it’s still a fine prospect.

Overall, Pirotes 2 does well to further the original. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but you can’t deny that it’s interesting even if you prefer something more traditional.