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Paid Market Research Participants Wanted! Gambling Focused Group


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Hi All,

We have been asked by a game studio who wish to remain anonymous for the time being to help them collate a group of individuals who would be willing to take part in a gambling/slots focused market research group.

There will be 2 groups:

Group 1

  • Age 18-25

Group 2

  • Age 35-45



  1. Market Research Platform: Zoom via URL 
  2. Time/Date: TBC - 16/17/20th September at 2pm/4pm and or 6pm 
  3. Duration: 45/ 60 mins 
  4. Incentive: 50 euros Amazon Voucher  PP 


Question example/sample:

1.       What are your favourite slot games? 

2.       On average how often do you play slots?

3.       Do you come across jackpots often during your gaming experience? 

4.       Do you think jackpots add value to your gaming experience?


If you are interested in taking part and can participate during the dates and time listed above, then please comment in this thread with your age and gender!

We will then contact individuals and pass over your contact details with your permission to the group who will then take over communication with you to organise everything.


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