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SlotV casino complaint - hear my story before playing there!


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Hello folks! :classic_smile:

I have an important story for you what happened to me when I played SlotV casino. I hope you have 2 minutes to read it.

Here we go.

So, I registered at SlotV Casino on December 10, 2021. I have never played at this casino earlier. After registration I made one EUR 150 deposit and I was glad I got 100% welcome bonus. I played Winterberries and Jungle Spirit slots for a stake of EUR 5. Both of those games were allowed to play in bonus money at that time. I was lucky and won a lot, and after wagering the bonus my balance was EUR 7002,8. After that they asked me to send a digital photo of my ID and proof of address which I did sent them. I also did 6x1000, 500 and 502,8 withdrawal requests, as the maximum withdrawal amount was EUR 1000.

After that I asked several times their live chat why it takes so long to pay money. They said "Your account is under random security checking". I read their bonus rules and I knew I did not break any of their rules. Anyway, after that, on December 20 they paid me EUR 1000 and on December 21 they paid me another EUR 1000. Here is all they have paid to me.

December 28 they sent me an e-mail that they have closed my account. They sent me also another email where they said: "The welcome offer can only be received once per person, household, IP address (including shared networks), device and/or credit/debit card number or any other deposit method used. We reserve the right to close your account and confiscate any existing funds if evidence of bonus abuse/fraud is found."

I am sure I have not broken those rules. My apartment is a big block of flat where I have lived many years, and I know for sure no one has played at SlotV in this apartment before. I played on my own computer and used my own internet connection (I share it from my mobile phone). No one has played using those either. And as I said before, I have never played at SlotV before December 10, 2021. I think they've come up with accusations so they don't have to pay me the rest of the money. So basically they are trying to steal EUR 5002,8 of my winnings.

On January 2, I sent them an email and required to clarification of closing my account and asked them to show me any evidence of accusations they made me. They didn’t send me anything.

Seriously, everybody knows that if I had really broken the bonus terms, they wouldn’t have paid me any of my winnings but they paid me EUR 2000. 

You can see screenshots from email they sent and screenshots from withdrawal requests only EUR 2000 paid.

Honestly, please make yourself a favour and never ever play at SlotV casino. You can never be sure getting your money if you win a big win.







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SlotV asked me to do a video verification and I did it 13.1.2022. I passed it and they opened my account again. I can now make a withdrawals again. I have to make one 1k withdawal at a time otherwise I should pay 2% fee. I think this issue is solved now. I no longer have any bad thing to say about SlotV. I will delete this thread once all money has been paid (is it possible?).

I think this whole thing was because I shared an internet connection on my mobile phone and the IP address changed during gaming as I restarted my mobile phone. So they thought two different people were playing.

Thank you everyone who helped me!

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They have now paid me almost all my winnings. I'm waiting to get the last 1000 eur withdrawal tomorrow. I hope this thread will be deleted by moderator, as this case is solved and I have not bad things to say about SlotV anymore.

thank you.

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