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24 minutes ago, Fruity Scotty said:

That's not nice. I haven't seen these messages.

Well with attitude and the patience of a newborn going for a milk begging for a response 10mins after posting whilst 1/3 of the team is live streaming is it any wonder you are banned from chat and maybe need banning from here too with profanities accusing tones like that 

That's Not Nice.

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16 minutes ago, Fruity Scotty said:

He has been banned. Well out of order that

Agreed and to remind all, language usage has always been relaxed as long theres no negativity and used as above above towards any  person on this forum, other than that this place wants to foster a welcoming environment with discussions on many topics from all subjects.  Otherwise the almighty SuperMods will be quick to assess the situation and lay down the judges decision.

Also If anyone does feel like they are being singled out and picked on by any forum member do report it to Josh, Jamie or Scotty who will decide any actions required.

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Just to add you can also share any concerns with any other Youtube chat Moderators which are indicated in live chat logs by having a purple name and spanner icon next to their names.

I hope you all enjoy your experiences here and have fun watching the exciting content whilst participating in the many contests/giveaways.

Thank you

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