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Game selection, staking structure and damage limitation (Stop loss).


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I enjoy watching your streams.
I'm not having a go here (don't take this to heart), only sharing constructive criticism.

After watching last night's stream it seemed like there was very little in the way of staking structure and the streamer tried all sorts to re-build the balance which resulted in a 4k loss in 2.5hrs.

Your experience of streaming, playing on a regular basis should give you the clues you need in order to see what's happening on each game you play and from this information you can then take action accordingly.

I'm not sure what the end goal of your stream is, weather you're simply demonstrating games on each online casino your promoting,
or you're looking to turn a profit every time you stream. Or you have to live stream for a minimum amount of time. I don't know if you have any restrictions etc.

Game selection, staking structure and damage limitation (Stop loss) are paramount here.

If it's a raw balance no bonuses attached:

- Take note of the starting balance each game you play.
- Volatility dependent spend no more than the return of an average bonus for that game.
- Radically reduce the stake to less than 1 euro.
(Sure if you start winning you'll not get as much back on that stake compared to the 5 euro but it will be proportional and I think most of your viewers would relate better).
- Table games could be an option to boost the balance.
- Or you could set a stop loss value. Maybe cut the stream short if need be.

Sharing with your viewers how to be a responsible gambler.


Best regards

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Constructive criticism is all well and good but you talk like there's some sort of infallible way to beat the slots.

There are no clues in slots, just RNG and a bit of luck.

Of course, different slot choices can be made but you'll never know if it was a good choice or a bad one until you win or lose. 

Plus, sharing with viewers on how to be a responsible gambler and suggesting table games in the next breath seems contradictory to me. Unless we're talking Blackjack then table games can drain a balance faster than any slot can. 

At the end of the day it's all luck. We've all sat there trying to make an informed choice on what to play before it blows up in our face. The nature of the game. 


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Any loss is relative to what the individual can afford though. To a professional footballer, £20k loss in a few hours isn’t going to break the bank, but to someone on minimum wage, £20 loss could mean they can’t eat that day.  As long as you only play with what you can afford to lose, play whatever stakes you like. 

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You have to bear in mind though how the funds are built, merch store sales etc, maybe there is a large group of behind the scenes contributing towards to live streams funds thus making any loss more negotiable/manageable/less concerning/tolerable (even though we all know its a gut wrenching feeling having a loosing session deep down) who knows, so what we the viewers see as a 2.5k loss between just Josh, Scotty and Jamie could actually be anything from 1p-£50-£100(I think you know where that's going lol) loss per person if there is a larger group of investors in the stream involved also as we know the lads keep track of their win loss quite well for a monthly/yearly round up of how the win/loss ratio's are which gives them better control of when to do higher stakes or play average stakes and when they can maximise best use of buying features or trying other methods of play.

Sometimes I think the lads especially Scotty with the amount of streams he's covering at the moment having some unplanned/planned reckless play with an attitude of I can because I can (even though as I said above is gut wrenching when loss happens) gives him/them a better foothold towards the reality of gambling possibly improving his/theirs mental health to keep the live streams going which lets face it we all need to blow off some steam every once in a while before things start to take negative effects to the point you don't want to carry on doing that anymore as with slots yes it's great to win all the time or more than once in a row lol and loose only occasionally but if you do as much playing slots as Scotty is I do feel that sometimes maybe that type of stream is just what's needed to blow off steam and relax without feeling pressured to keep going for that win constantly.

All this being though we will never know the full inner workings of the fruity channel, everything I've just rambled on (it's 02:20am here now been a long day lol) is pure speculation and one hell of some reaching guess work on the lads frames of minds from me and personally I would not ask such a question from the lads and nor do I want to know as I feel the structure in which the streams are very well managed for 98% of the time structured towards funds and other variables even though the outcome of the streams vary from winning and loosing again the lads keep track of their win loss ratios very well and the other 2% occasionally Scotty throws us viewers a curveball and lets us purely play bonus buys/ viewers battles etc. 

Ramble over everyone your can eyes can now heel from the bleeding in trying to make sense of the above unchecked ramblings of a very tired person.

keep it Fruity everyone 

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