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EVERY Nolimit City Super Buy! 40,000 Sub Video Special!


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To celebrate us hitting 40,000 subscribers on Youtube we thought we would bring you a very special edition of Bonus Buy Wednesday!

Most of you know the general rules from Bonus Buy Wednesday and one of them is that Super Buys are not allowed, despite everyone asking for them and wanting to see them!

So we thought we would be nice and bring you ALL OF THEM in 1 special video!

We will mix up the stakes we play each one on depending on the overall cost of the buy as each one varies quite dramatically!

The list of 16 games feat super buys are:

  1. Punk Rocker 238x
  2. Deadwood 750x
  3. Buffalo Hunter 600x
  4. Warrior Graveyard 666x
  5. San Quentin 2000x
  6. East Coast vs West Coast 420x
  7. Fire in the hole 500x
  8. Bushido 700x
  9. El Paso 800x
  10. Infectious 5 Xways 555x
  11. X-ways Hoarder 777x
  12. Mental 1000x
  13. Das xBoot 350x
  14. Evil Goblins 666x
  15. Legion 1200x
  16. True Grit 669x


We have 5 merch prizes to giveaway to our users! All you need to do is post a picture of your biggest win on any Nolimit City game in this thread. We will then pick 5 winners at random from all the posts using random.org

All winners will need to be able to verify their posted win!

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