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Pop Games Gamble Feature! Win a Bonus Buy For Feedback!


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On 7/19/2021 at 3:44 PM, FruitySlots said:

We have recently done a Sunday Slot Battle featuring Avatar Ux's Pop games. There games have become firm favourites of ours, ever since they released Pop Rocks, followed by further releases which included there bonus buy and free spins gamble feature like Cherry Pop.

The free spins gambles can be very brutal, especially for UK players who are not able to buy the feature! Triggering the bonus game naturally and then ending up with no bonus from losing a gamble feature can be particularly tough to take (I have been there many times!). 


As such Avatar UX asked us for feedback or whether we had any ideas of things they could introduce that catered for the UK market more. It could be things like:

  1. Pre-bonus games that may enhance your Bonus round win chances but without losing the Bonus round
  2. Gamble your wins AFTER the bonus round.
  3. Play with higher Bet, like a Golden Bet/ Double Chance bet that increases your chances to trigger a bonus? 


We thought it would be good to open this up to our audience to see if they had any good ideas that could be introduced!

The best idea in this thread will win a Bonus Buy ( €2 stake, 7 free spins minimum) on your chosen Pop game.

A representative from Avatur UX will decide on the winner. 

To enter this free giveaway simply reply in this thread with your idea of what Avatar UX could introduce for UK players who cant bonus buy or what they could do with the gamble feature for UK players. Also add your favourite Pop game and if you win we will do a bonus buy on your chosen game!

Have an option to pay 50% more per spin but when it triggers it triggers on higher starting spins (8) and you can gamble it, if it wins you get top spins (12) if it loses you get 5 spins.

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Morning guys, fantastic banter and streams as always 👌🏻 

With the idea of bonuses for the UK market I agree the gamble on these when it can take a while to bonus any these games anyway to risk the lot is tough. My idea is a little different UK version, when you get the bonus you hit 4 spins bonus, you then on your first gamble get the option of 1, 3 or 5 spins boost with a no lose option. You then have the choice of collecting or spinning again which then becomes x2 or 0

By doing this you are always giving the player a chance of winning a few extra spins with no risk and guarantee a bonus unless you go for Gary’s and then you take on the risk of no bonus on your second spin at your own peril! No doubt Jamie still gambles to the top 😂

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I think Uk players should take initial bonus and at the say 4 spin mark regardless of win an option pops up asking if willing to gamble for extra 4 spins (eg)

or lose all spins(keeps existing win) 

or continue with original spin example below 

                 eg win is 8 spins at 4 spins in option pops up 

                   gamble to  win extra 4 spins /or lose  remaining 4 spins 

                or remain in current 8 spin rejecting gamble 

win on first 4 spins remain as winnings  

so not a total kick in the teeth 

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Either Guarantee the Bonus within 250 Spins ( same stake ) 


or take some base game winnings and exchange it for bonus feature gamble respins 


say you win £3 !
£1.50, £1.00, £0.50 of that win goes to a side pot that builds up bonus respins for when you trigger the bonus so at least you get a few goes at it ! 

say £25 saved from base game wins = 1 Gamble Respin when the feature is triggered 








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After a lot of deliberation, and looking at how games work.

My suggestion would be, that on the gamble wheel you cant lose.

So either extra spins, and instead of a dead bonus.

Maybe swap the cross for a max megaways spin.

So you either get extra spins or a guaranteed max megaways spin.

At least you know you stand a chance of winning something.

Ideally you stand a chance to go straight back into a feature if you lsoe, die to max megaways.

The other altenative, is to give extra spins or cash values, dependant in stake.

So say betting £1, you get +3 or +5 or £10, £20, £100.

I for one would be so more tempted to play the games, they are incredible designs and have huge potential.

But the loss of a bonus after 2/3 hudred spins is a horrible feeling.

As long as we keep it fruity, so Avatar UX, WHEN IS FRUITY POP.

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Be nice to get a bonus buy to be fair I been watching you for years but rarely get involved, love the banter you have online and the content is mint ! 

i think all we want is gameplay and excitement for the money we spend 

wether it be a side game ! Or side pot to build up 


maybe if you trigger the bonus you get to pick one ! And behind that one is a number of respins you get on the bonus game 


add or remove Win / Lose Segments as it goes ! 

everybody wants a free gamble ! So maybe set it as spilt 6 spins or take the gamble for -2 or +4 

people just want a chance and to feel excited 

I would happily pay a % from each winning spin that builds up a side pot and each £20 / £25 in th side pot gives you an extra gamble ! 

so you gamble and lose £20 comes out the side pot but you get another spin till the side pot has gone 


or guarantee the bonus within 100-250 spins ( same stake or accumulative stake ) at least then if you gamble you know your getting back in within that set of spins 

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They already sorted it with hippo pop, when bonus is spun in and not bought you spin the wheel and either get more spins or keep the amount you went in with. Not much more to be done really if they keep that framework. I like the idea of suggesting improvements for the UK based players though and plenty of other slots to look at. Keep up the good work boys 👍👍👍

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I like bounty pop, but the concepts are decent. 

I think you should be able to buy a second chance if you lose the gamble, but to adhere to responsible gambling I think you should only be able to purchase one more chance. if yo limit it to one rebuy chance you eliminate the chase.


looking forward to seeing the rest of the ideas


fruity love 



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The fact they have a no lose chance on hippo pop is a start. Maybe introduce something like that for the others. But a better idea I think would be a 2nd chance respin buy. So maybe, when you lose the gamble and your spins, you get a choice to pay something like 50x to enter it again without a gamble. So the idea would be... You lose the gamble - you pay 50x for 2nd chance - bonus symbols hold with a respin chance to gain extra bonus symbols for extra spins instead of the wheel gamble. 

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Love the videos, and for the UK players that can't buy bonus on pop games , they should do a random spin wheel , so that when you do get the bonus you get the bonus you can either take the 5 free spins , gamble the 5 free spins to get max( for all the Jamie's out there 🤣) or spin the  random  wheel once and get random amount of spins up to 16, but with a guaranteed min of 3 spins(so at least you still get a bonus) 

Keep up the awesome videos , Fruity love🫐🍏🫐🍏🫐🍎

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Maybe start with the free 6 spins then gamble where there's a win or lose but if you lose you are still guaranteed at least 2 free spins. The 1st gamble could be for 8 if you win or 2 if you lose, the 2nd gamble 10 if you win 4 if you lose so you are still guaranteed a bonus spin. The lose feature of the gamble where you could end up with no bonus will put many people off gambling as they will want some spins for the time and money put into getting the bonus. Similar to who wants to be a millionaires ladder. 

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I’ve been sitting pondering this and I actually think I’m a genius ! And I fully expect all casinos to pay me huge sums of money with the balls on this 


right you select your stake at start ! Say it’s £2 ! Then you select your gamble pot % 10/20/30/40/100% this takes the percentage away from your winnings each spin 


so you win £60 and you selected 10% £6 goes into the side gamble pot 

the pot builds up and when you trigger the bonus you can use your gamble pot that you have accumulated to buy extra bonus spins if you lose the first bonus thus not breaking the £2 a spin barrier they want to bring in !! 

I’d be all over that me ! 

select Stake 

select  % of each winning spin to go into bonus gamble pot 

how can they stop you using money to technically have bonus buys at the bonus wheel 

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I think having a golden bet feature where you can pay extra each spin (with the same pay out you would have without the golden bet feature on) but the bonus you get has more spins and the chance of landing the bonus stays the same. For example, if you were playing on a £1 stake you could activate the golden bet feature for £1.50 which kept the pays the same but when the bonus landed you were guaranteed the same amount of spins you would get after the first gamble - ie paying to skip the gamble. 

You could have different golden bet amounts for each gamble you 'skip' with the one that gives you max spins being the most expensive. This way you would have the opportunity of achieving the games maximum potential without having to gamble and grind bonuses. 

I personally would not mind paying extra for each spin knowing that I will be getting a better bonus. 

My favourite pop game has to be bounty pop - I love the multiplier wheel. 

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I think it would good if they had one where you start with 6 free spins and if you choose to gamble there could be no way to lose but possible to lose spins, keep the same amount or gain extra, for example

once the bonus lands and you choose to gamble you could have 12 places on the wheel

4 of them is keep the same amount of spins 

4 of them you lose half your spins 

and the other 4 could be +1,2,3,4 spins and you can use this gamble upto 2/3 times.

just like millionaire/cops and robbers/extra chilli once you get to a certain point you can’t lose the bonus but can lose spins. Back when bonus buys was possible here I have actually had bigger wins from 8 spins rather than the 20+ spins and always believe if the slot is about to go off it will do no matter how many spins you enter the bonus with.

the risk to gamble a bonus for uk players is just to much now especially as bonuses are hard to come by as it is. So if you could have that gamble where you could lose but not lose the bonus I think would be a massive hit. And who’s to say losing half your spins wouldn’t pay if you got a decent 1st or 2nd spin and got the ways and multi up these games have the potential to pay massive. Think we have already seen how much it can pay in just one spin

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Ill vote for the "Golden Bet" possibelity where it cost 2x  insteat of 1x to spin and maybe add a picking like in the Megaways games. Or go whit 3 options behind picking it says +1 Spin +2 Spin and "start" on the third option and go on untill the "start" or 15 spins is reached

And my favorite is Cherry pop 

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Maybe they could do it similar to Vikings Unleashed where you have Spins one Side and Multiplier the other that way you can either gamble for one or the other or chose to collect ? 

or Maybe have like a Gold , Silver and Bronze scatter so you need 2/3 normal bonus symbols and then the last symbol you need will deternine how good a bonus you get. 

Bronze = Standard

Silver = Higher Level/Spins

Gold = Best Start 

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On 7/26/2021 at 8:50 PM, Rocker rich said:

I love hippo pop and the gamble they have done is my favourite, there is nothing worse then losing the bonus, how bout if you bonus you get 8 spins on a standard game if you gamble and loose you go down to 5 Spins on a lower volatility game or gamble for a higher volatility game with a different starting expansion, then the final gamble could be for maximum expansion and a guaranteed bronze spin on a wheel that will multiple your final winning by either 3 6 9  upgrade,silver wheel spin, which would be 12 15 18 upgrade gold wheel spin 20 40 80 that way your getting a mix of all the pop games in one

Dear members, 

We eagerly read all your feedback and suggestions and we would like to thank you all for taking the time to comment and help us improve. We took a little something from all the comments to think about and build on, so it was really hard to decide on only 1 winner here. However, the comment from Rocker rich above really gave a valuable inspiration to our games team. This concept will be seriously considered and some of our upcoming games are likely to have similar features. Stay tuned for that 🙂 Congrats and thank you Rocker rich! 

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