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Sharing roulette ideas


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In my experience to benefit from roulette your best bet is to hit and run. Profit and STOP!
Setting yourself little targets definitely works for me and has done for a number of years.

There's a ton of systems, strategies and game plays out there on the internet of which all will work for a period of time until they stop working.

Remember nobody wins all the time.

Understanding your game play, know your stopping points when in profit and when losing and your money will last longer and you may even return a few units at the end of your term of play.

I enjoy developing short term game ideas for roulette, I'd like to share this one with the forum.

Five  REDS  or five  BLACKS  in a row
I will bet =  Zero  and four numbers either side (That's through to  12 ).
If I don't hit on the first spin I'll place a second bet then stop win or lose.
(You can give it a third spin and if that hits and gain profit, sometimes I give it a third spin but not always).


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Good old roulette, always wanted to get into it read loads of strategies online as you suggested and when it comes to putting the bet on the numbers my brain says nope not that one and then I spend the remainder of the time left to place it deciding which other number to pick.  

Other than following Scotty's and yours awesome method having a pre-set numbers list any advice for changing a number and not loosing the plot afterwards lol

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@MonkstandinglastChanging the number and not losing the plot is a tough one.

Knowing your own triggers is a game changer. If you keep doing the same thing when you get triggered and end up losing the balance then a change is needed, look into what you think can help you. It could be as simple as withdrawing the remaining balance and setting your deposit limits.

If you place a bet on a set of numbers for a certain amount of spins then change to a different set and your previous numbers hit, if that is the sort of thing that triggers you then stop do not continue do not pass go etc. take a break re-group until you have a plan for when that happens again because it will happen again.
Don't be in a rush to recoup losses.
Set small targets.
If you set a small target and achieve it, ask yourself how difficult was it, if it was a ball-ache to get then stop and be happy with the profit.

If you can stick to a plan and expect those losses, missing your numbers by one position is a common factor, don't expect to win every spin or even every time you play.

Knowing what to expect in terms of returns for your game play when you hit a number.
Knowing how many hits it takes to gain a few units of profit.
Knowing your stopping points so you don't blow the whole balance.

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That seems like a solid plan to carry out but I do think I could have explained it better Its the changing a number say 17 to.... while the wheel spin counter is ticking down whilst the other numbers are chosen is when I start flustering over the choice but makeing no bet and then decide the change up in numbers rather than following that riduculous 15odd seconds before the wheel spin makes so much more sense and practical.

Funny how when the obvious answer is pointed out from someone else things become clearer and logical.

Your advice GROUNDisKEY is hugely appreciated I'll let you know how I get on deffinitely a good plan of action to follow 

Thank you

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