How much do you love casino giveaways? If you’re like many players, you cherish any offer that gives you a fair chance to win real money. The keyword is fair, meaning not only do you want free spins, but you want bonuses whose winnings you can withdraw.

Luckily for you, helping you score great casino deals is our core business. Whether you want no deposit, first deposit or loyalty programs, you can trust us to match you with the best casino offers.

In this article, however, we’ll show you how you can win free money on our website monthly. The requirements are straightforward. The process is simple, and it barely takes five minutes of your time.

Who Can Participate in Casino Giveaways?

fruityslotsIf you are over 18 years of age and love to play online casino games, get onboard. That’s all we need to give you a chance at our casino giveaways. However, there might be several more requirements to keep in mind:

The offer applies to first-time casino members
Some of the casinos only accept UK players or will have country restrictions
You’ll still need to read the casinos’ reviews
You must read each casino giveaways individual entry requirements as some giveaways may have deposit requirements at the specific casino
The offers have a validity period
The beauty of our giveaways is that we keep adding more casinos. So, if you don’t like any of the operators we’ve listed, you can come back each month. Crucially, you can submit entries in multiple casinos.

Let’s say you find entries for Casino Euro, Fun Casino and Casino Planet. And then discover all three casinos have enticing bonuses. There’s no harm in submitting entries for all websites.

It will increase your chances of winning our giveaways. But at the same time, you’ll also receive rewards from each of the casinos. In other words, it’s a win-win situation.

To decide the winners of the casino giveaways draw, we use to randomize the results. That way, everyone has a fair chance to win as long as did the minimum required to get an entry. That said, there are normally at least five winners for every casino giveaway promotion we run and often and more depending on the giveaway we are running.

Why Should I Participate?

It’s okay to be curious about casino giveaways, especially when they don’t come from casinos. We are passionate casino players who occasionally stream our experience on YouTube and Twitch. You can click the streaming section of this website to find out more about our streaming trio: Josh, Jamie and Scotty.

The guys stream up to five times weekly. But that’s beside the point. What we are getting into is that we are a group of friends out to build a community of casino gamers. We love our fans, and that’s why we are continuously looking for the best bonuses for them.

We often run completely free to enter casino giveaways which doesn’t require ANY sign up to any casino. Every month we tend to run bonus hunts on our forum or various other promotions with cash prizes and vouchers up for grabs, literally for FREE!

Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to get you interested.

  • Transparent participation process
  • Simple qualification requirement
  • The results are 100% randomized thanks to
  • We have given away over £75,000 with the largest winner getting over £800 for free!
  • No verification, no BS: We Payout
  • Hundreds of Testimonials

What’s the Catch?

You’re a casino player and know that every bonus comes with a catch. So, what’s in for us? Where’s the money coming from?

Lots of our giveaways are based on entrants creating an account in one of the casinos we are promoting using our links. You may also need to deposit a minimum amount of usually around £20. That’s your setback and the catch in our promotion.

If you follow these simple instructions, you’ll get a place in our draws. And if you win, we shall fulfil our promise by depositing money through your preferred banking option instantly. There will be no wagering requirements or quizzes to answer.

We know – there’s one question we haven’t answered. Where’s the money coming from? Usually, we make deals with casinos to get commissions when you become a customer through our links.

Our commissions come at no extra cost to you. More importantly, they don’t affect how we review or rank casinos. Instead, we use some of the money to reward our fans who are continuously looking for better gaming websites.

Unfortunately, we don’t have casino giveaways for everyone. But you can increase your chance of winning by participating in our promotions regularly.

Why Fruity Slots Organizes Casino Giveaway

The primary reason why we organize these giveaways boils down to the fact that we also play casino games regularly. That means we enjoy bonuses as much as the next gambler. But as you probably know, great casino deals are challenging to come by.

To offer a solution, we found a way to help our users score free cash without having to deal with casinos’ terms and conditions. That solution is our giveaways. Our subscribers and viewers register accounts at our listed UK online casinos and they get a chance at our free cash.

Not everyone is lucky to win money. But for the people who win from every casino promotion, we make the payout process ridiculously simple. We don’t ask questions or frustrate the process for them.

We believe casinos should have a similar approach to bonuses. They can have terms and conditions to fend off bonus abusers. However, giveaways shouldn’t be so frustrating to withdraw.