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Why Care about New UK Slots 2024?

New online slots are like virgin lands. They are fresh, newly discovered but not yet exploited. Not many people know about them. But the beauty of these games is that it’s simple to find the good from the bad ones.

The majority of new slots in the UK can be identified from their stunning graphics, mobile responsiveness and unique features. They almost always have high Return to Player (RTP) rates, bonus rounds and multipliers that sound too good to be true.

For example, ever heard of new slots that pay out 50,000x your stake? If you wagered £5 and hit the grand prize, you would walk away with £250,000. For clarity, that’s not a jackpot but a multiplier for activating certain symbols on all reels.

With that in mind, below is a list of five reasons to care about new slots UK.

  • Exceptional graphics and soundtracks
  • Intriguing gameplay and engaging narratives
  • Frequently appearing bonus features
  • High RTP slots
  • Jackpots

Perhaps the most critical reason to find new UK slots is to discover games that hit often. You know it’s a problem with many old machines. They look great and can be entertaining. But they have unbelievably long dry spells.

How Often Are New Slots Released?

Casino software providers are in a constant race to produce the next best slot. They want to own the next Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Megaways, Thunderstruck 2, Game of Thrones and Mega Moolah.

The best way to produce a game that becomes a cult classic is to launch new slots weekly, monthly and annually. Indeed, almost every competitive software provider releases a handful of slots each month.

Many of these slots seldom attract players’ attention. But that’s alright because a few of them succeed and these are the games you probably want to play.

Can you Win More with New Slots?

Yes and no. Yes, you can win more with high-paying slots, and no you can’t earn more with games with average or low RTP rates. That means you want to choose new online slots carefully.

Don’t rush to bet your money on the first dazzling new UK slot machine you find at a casino. Instead, evaluate it as you would assess a classic game. What is its RTP percentage? What is its variance? Does it have bonus features? How much do they offer? If you’re unfamiliar with all these terms, here is a great beginners slot guide.

When you get answers to these questions, then decide whether you want to play it. Some games pay well, but they look dull, have repetitive soundtracks and storylines that are difficult to follow. In that case, you want to find alternative slots.

How We Rank New Online Slots

  • Payout Ratenew uk slots rankings

When we first learn of a new slot, the first question we ask is what its payout rate is? If it’s 95% or above, we add it to our list
of best online slots that payout. Then we can review other features, knowing it qualifies for the most critical factor.

In case you’re wondering, a slot’s payout percentage is important because it shows how frequently it lets players win. Of course, we all love slots that hit regularly.

  • Software Provider

This factor doesn’t carry a lot of weight, but it’s essential. That’s because software providers have reputations, and that means some of them has a history of creating better games than others. They also hold licenses that determine where their games can be played.

We review new online slots UK. Naturally, that means we prioritize games designed by software providers licensed to supply games in Great Britain. They include NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and Play’n GO.

  • Game Design

How many reels does a slot have? What about pay lines? How impressive are its graphics? We know you love attractive slots; you want decent paylines, adjustable bet sizes and straightforward gameplay.

What’s more, we care about sound play as much as you do. As such, we play games to listen to their sound effects and background music to ensure they befit the games we review. On the flip side, a good slot must operate on mobile devices seamlessly – both iOS and Android devices.

Back to betting features, we rank new slots UK with low limits and high maximums. They must allow players to adjust bets. In fact, great machines now have over ten pay lines, and you can change your wagers automatically.

  • Gameplay

Gameplay refers to how you interact with a slot. When you press bonus symbols, does it reveal sticky reels? When you place a bet, it should respond. In other words, it’s about a game being responsive and engaging.

Logically, everyone wants to play new slots online and have a delightful experience. That is only possible if it has excellent gameplay.

  • Bonus Features

These days, a slot is not good enough unless it comes with bonus features, scatters and wilds. These factors spice up the gameplay, extend your gaming time and increase your payout. As such, the best new online slots are jam-packed with free bonuses and multipliers to magnify your profits.

Of course, a new game can feature a bonus round but choose to be mean with free spins and multipliers. That’s where we come into play. We evaluate new slots to determine what each symbol pays out and how frequently they appear in a game. Then we rate slots with generous, regularly appearing bonus features.

  • Themes and Narratives

A slot’s theme and narrative are crucial because they add to the entertainment factor of a game. Some people, for example, consider fruit-themed slots, dated. However, they would be willing to play a game inspired by Iron Man, Game of Thrones or the football world cup.

Importantly, a great software provider knows how to create an intriguing storyline. So, in addition to having a Game of Thrones theme, you also want a slot that takes you through the kingdoms, battles, triumphs and everything else in between.

  • Jackpots

Similar to scatters and symbols, jackpots have become crucial parts of new online slots. They could be random or progressive. But their presence draws plenty of attention. That’s because everyone dreams of winning a grand prize amount of money. And so, they want to play games with jackpots.

Watch us Stream New Slots

At Fruity Slots, we do more than find new slots online. Sure, you know our website for its fantastic guides and reviews. But here’s something you probably don’t know about us. We love playing casino games so much that we are now part of the streaming community.

We have channels on both YouTube and Twitch. For the uninitiated, Twitch is an Amazon-owned platform through which people play video and casino games in real-time at independent UK Casinos. That means you can join our broadcasts to watch how we select slots, and how we play, win and lose.

Crucially, subscribe to our channels Fruity Slots on both Twitch and YouTube. Turn on your notifications, and you’ll receive alerts when you kick-start our weekly streams. We have a community of 27,000 subscribers on YouTube and nearly 8000 on Twitch, so you’ll find lots of people to interact with on our channels as well.

New Slot Sites UK

So, you want to play the best casino games at new slot websites? You’ve come to the right place. We scoured the Internet, assessed tons of websites and rounded up the following casinos for you. They are licensed, safe, have great bonuses and proven track records.

Best New Slot Sites

Here are some of our favourite new slot sites. Each of them hosts tonnes of big wins on slots, live casino games, Slingo and more!

  1. Play Sunny
  2. Kwiff Casino
  3. Bet Victor
  4. Mr Vegas
  5. Play Frank

Why Bother Trying out New Slot Sites?

If you have a casino you like, you probably don’t see the need to join a new website. After all, you have to deal with the same worries everyone has about new operators. Is it a safe company, or are they a scam? What bonuses do they have and what are their terms?

At Fruity Slots, our primary job is to find answers to the tough questions you have about new and old casinos. As such, you can be confident that our picks are safe and secure websites. The payout to winners and have properly maintained websites.

With that in mind, one of the reasons you might want to try new slot sites is to experience change. You’re used to the same casino that takes five days to process your money. You’ve gotten used to a website that crashes or receiving replies after a week from the customer support.

The best new casino sites in the UK promise you better everything. They have live chatbots that operate 24/7. They offer better bonuses, faster payments and of course, modern online slots.

Follow the Trends with New Slots

If there’s one thing new slots are known for, it’s their defiance for traditions. It’s almost as if software providers are using new slots as experiments for new themes, narratives, features and innovations.

In all fairness, embracing change is how the online casino world elevated into a global phenomenon. As such, become a part of the casino culture by having an open mind when it comes to playing slots.

Give new slots themed after all sorts of things a try. Follow the trends of slots featuring sticky wilds, 3D graphics and skill-based features. If possible, let casinos and developers know how you feel about new games. They will keep their innovative spirit ablaze and help usher us to the next generation of slot machines.

Who Creates the Best New Slots?

You know how we said some software providers developer better slots than others? These are the companies we meant to mention.

  • NetEnt

NetEnt is Sweden-based, established in 1996 and the developer behind the game-changing Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest slots. NetEnt is synonymous with trendsetting slots. It prioritizes quality to quantity, embraces trends and innovations fast and unsurprisingly supplies slots to hundreds of casinos.

  • Microgaming

Founded in 1994, Microgaming is the oldest provider in the world. It’s also the largest supplier of slots, and that’s only possible because it has a pioneering approach to developing games. Indeed, it created the first mobile slot, one of the first branded games and many jackpots.

  • Betsoft

Cyprus based Betsoft deserves mention for its role in popularizing 3D slots. They are beautiful, interactive, and keep you hooked for hours. Unsurprisingly, casinos are increasingly licensing games from this provider. In return, the Cyprus-based company is continuously creating new slots UK online.

  • Big Time Gaming (BTG)

Launched in 2011, BTG is a fast-growing company responsible for creating Megaways slots. These games are, in fact, what made it famous. And because they are some of the most in-demand slots, Big Time is a company to watch.

For the uninitiated, Megaways slots contain a modifier that changes the symbols appearing on reels after every spin. That leads to much higher paylines and up to 100,000x payouts.

  • Playtech

London-based Playtech has undergone ups and downs since its launch in 1999. But one thing that’s never in doubt is its ability to create high-quality slots. In fact, it’s arguably the best-known supplier of branded slots.

What’s more, Playtech has a long list of high-paying slots, some with 99% RTP percentages. That means besides creating beautiful, entertaining slots, it also gives players incredible chances of winning through its high paying games.

  • Play’n GO

Founded in 2005, Play’n GO has been around long enough to understand what people love and hate about slots. As a result, they have a comprehensive library of high-quality slots and jackpots. What’s more, they are a fast-rising company, meaning they must be doing something right. And who knows? They could become the biggest slots provider in the next decade.


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