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Book of Midas is Realistic Games’ second ‘Book of’ slot after their hugely successful 2022 release, Book of Charms.  Will this latest historical legend-themed slot fare as well? We spoke to Jaana Repo, Senior Account Manager at Realistic Games to find out how it can turn your next play session into gold.

Your upcoming title is Book of Midas, can you tell us more about what players should expect from this release?

Inspired by Greek mythology, King Midas turned everything he touched into gold and this slot can similarly hold an array of riches for players through the multiple mechanics we have integrated into it. Played across 5×3 reels and 10 paylines, this may at first glance appear as a traditional book title, however, we have added some Realistic innovation to the popular genre to offer players something new in a ‘Book of’ game.

Fountains, roses and apples make up just some of the symbols which are joined by a wild and a wild book scatter, making it easier for players to create wins. A King Midas bonus can be triggered at the end of any spin and expands a symbol across an entire reel before being paid across all 10 paylines, boosting win potential.

Book of Midas

How does the free spins round work in Book of Midas and how do players enter the bonus?

At least three scatters gain entry to the free spins round however extra scatters can be landed and will grant up to 25 free spins! At the end of each spin, the symbol with the most iterations on the gameboard will be chosen to be collected. Three or more of these symbols are required to trigger an expansion across a reel – if multiple symbols appear in the same number, the highest-value symbol will always be chosen to become expanded, guaranteeing that the highest possible win is paid. Retriggers are also available and can again award an extra 25 spins providing even more opportunities to land wins.


You recently launched Destination Atlantis can you tell us more about this title?

With Destination Atlantis we really wanted to empower players to enjoy the title in their own way and introduced two ante bets to the gameplay which can grant more multiplier wild reels or a higher chance of landing the bonus. The title sees players landing multiplier wild reels in the free spins round and all reels that previously held one of these wilds will become activated. A final big win spin is granted where all wild reels are again triggered potentially giving the player four wild multiplier reels that keep the excitement high throughout the bonus.

Destination Atlantis

Realistic Games has transformed in the past few years, from the type of games you have created to the general perception of the studio. How have you found these changes?

As a company, we currently have more momentum than ever before with our recent titles being the most critically and commercially successful that we have launched in our 20+ year history. Our new focus on graphical fidelity and mechanical ingenuity has transformed every aspect of our business and even the demographic of players who enjoy our titles.

We used to align our slots with experiences commonly associated with land-based AWP machines however we now make our slots with a focus on entertainment and excitement as well as innovating on what players have come to expect when playing a slot. This has piqued player interest along with affiliates and slot streamers who now regularly write about and play our slots. It’s as thrilling to see as our games are to play and we’re proud of the transformation we have undergone.


With 2023 drawing to a conclusion what lies on the horizon for Realistic Games?

Following our recent market entry in Romania, we’ll continue launching into new markets with the Netherlands being the next country to begin to receive our portfolio of hit games. We will also be expanding where we can be found in existing markets so more players than ever before can begin to enjoy our titles. On top of that, we are also working on more slots including a medieval adventure that is currently in the works and a seasonal slot title that’s ready to bring some festive fun for players.



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