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Stallion Strike


Playtech bring us a new volatile slot called Stallion Strike with and Animal themed game. A huge 6×6 grid gives you the player 15,625 ways to win which brings in massive volatility. Here they introduce a new mechanic from Playtech called Power Zones.

Theme of Slot

From the first loading screen the graphics are vibrant and colourful with an obvious lightning/thunder theme. The premium symbols are all animals, however the bird symbols can look confusing similar which can be tilting. When a glowing orb lands it creates a lightning square (which is the Power Zone feature), accompanied by mainly lightning and thunder sound effect comes a clear and crisp slot.

Features of Slot

The main feature -Power Zone- is Playtechs way of coming up with a volatile element. Some symbol will have a lightning orb around them, if these land on a non-lightning square it turns it into a lightning square. Over time more orbs will continue to land, if they don’t land on a lightning square more of them are created and can link up. When a Lightning orb lands on a lightning square the symbol inside it will be created in all the connecting lightning squares – this will also reset those squares to normal. This can land huge combinations if your lucky enough to generate enough squares.

The other interesting part is the free spins which when you land 3 Bonus Houseshoes which will give you 12 free spins (4 gives 18, 5 gives 25 and 6 gives 50). During these free spins you can also retrigger with a minimum of 2 Horseshoes for 3 extra spins (more are the same). During these games the lightning square do not get reset. At the end of your last free game you get the Mega Spin which creates a symbol in all the Power Zones.

What to look for

The game rotates all around the Power Zone which from personal experience can be excited but also highly disappointing. In base game it is possible to get a good hit if the orbs keep missing lightning squares, yet all join to together but in most cases before this happens it lands in a zone to remove it. Free Spins is basically a huge rollercoaster as you normally get a lot of retrigger and the orbs will add up slowly with very little hits unless you get a great setup. This means you normally are looking for the last spin to pay and it can miss hard sometimes. However you can get a good setup and a 100x , 500x or 1000x is not impossible.

Final Thoughts

A straightforward slot with an a interesting and very tilting mechanic can make you feel the best and worst of slots all in one. Potential is here and the opportunity to kick you hard with a bad symbol. If your willing to play on this rollercoaster slot and like the possibility of potential, then this is right up your street. As mentioned, before I did not enjoy some of the birds looking very similar as the graphic flash quite quick and you might think you have landed more than you think which is extremely tilting. So I have given this a solid rating and a health warning to those who dare to play this!!



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