There’s Treasure and riches to be had down in the mines, so dust off the old pickaxe and put your back into it with Hot Gems Xtreme Slot by Origins Playtech.
Hot Gems Xtreme Slot promises a dynamite adventure in the most mineral rich mine you’ve ever seen. There’s a multitude of different features, and all of them can set the game ablaze.

It’s tough but honest work chipping away at them rocks, but thankfully your friend the prospector is there right along side you.

Hot Gems Xtreme Slot is a follow on from an older game also by Playtech, which was simply named Hot Gems.

Hot Gems was a fierce example of Playtech’s high level of expertise, and showcased their commitment to making games with attractive statistics that resulted in big pay-outs.

The Prospector must’ve dug a little deeper into the mines, finding some untapped potential that warranted not only another game…but an Xtreme game.

Dig Deeper with Hot Gems Xtreme

It’s looking like a good days work already down in the mine shaft. The background of the game showcases a mine absolutely riddled with previously undiscovered riches now yours for the taking.

A bucket attached to a rope lifts the precious stones out of the mine in the background, and it looks like you’ll need a few more buckets given the number of gems down there.

Aesthetically it’s done pretty well at conveying that growingly popular mine theme, with all of the visuals illustrated to a good level. Audio wise, the game is pretty quiet until it gets going.

But when you spin the reels you’ll be greeted a with that new, yet familiar jingle that reminds you slightly of the music from Diamond Mine.

Hot Gems Xtreme Slot Gameplay

Betting and Symbols

Betting options cover a wide array giving everyone a chance to have a go at digging in Hot Gems Xtreme. The lowest stake available to choose from is £0.20, and the highest available option is £25.

There’s a lot of option in between too, so there’s definitely an ideal option for every type of player.

Our Senile yet lovable old Prospector serves as the top symbol in Hot Gems Xtreme Slot. Other top symbols are the Mine Cart, the Pickaxe and the Lantern. Low paying symbols come in the form of gems.

White, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple and Pink are all of these symbols in order of highest to lowest paying. Wild Symbols also exist, and these will substitute for all regular paying symbols.

The Base Game and Features

Hot Gems Xtreme Slot ditches the 25 paylines seen previously in the first game and instead opts for a ways to win mechanic.

The game will start off with 4,096 ways to win, and wins will pay from left to right when 3 matching symbols connect on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

Hot Gems Xtreme Slot doesn’t skimp up on the features, introducing a few things in order to keep the base game interesting, and the gems flowing.

Ways Boost

Hot Gems Xtreme Slot utilises once more Playtech’s Ways Boost feature seen previously in games like Buffalo Blitz II. This time round, the number of rows will increase by +1 for every explosion caused by a win.

There’s potential here to grow the reels high enough that 262,144 ways to win become possible, which can result in some big wins on its own.

Hot Gems Xtreme Slot Ways Boost


TNT symbols may land on the wheel, and will explode becoming a wild. It will explode all symbols adjacent to it, except for big symbols, Bonus symbols, other Wilds and Walking Mystery Symbols.

New symbols will fall in to replace those exploded, potentially creating new winning combinations.

Big Symbols

2×2, and 3×3 Symbols may land on the reel, removing all smaller symbols on the reels below it with the exception of Wild, Bonus, TNT or Walking Mystery Symbols.

Big Symbols, although technically one symbol, will count as however many individual spaces that the big symbol fills.

Walking Mystery Symbols

Walking Mystery Symbols are represented by the fire symbol. When landed, these will move and stop randomly while marking positions, turning them into Walking Mystery symbols as well.

All of these will then turn into the same random symbol. These can not turn into Wilds, TNT or Bonus symbols, nor can they mark TNT or Bonus Symbols eliminating them from the board.

Free Spins

3 or more Casino Bonus symbols that land anywhere in view will trigger the Free Spins.

  • 3 Scatters – 10 Spins
  • 4 Scatters – 12 Spins
  • 5 Scatters – 18 Spins
  • 6 or more – 25 Free Spins

During Free Spins, every new spin that results in a win or TNT explosion will cause a Safety level to grow by one, allowing for more ways.

The safety level guarantees that from the next spin, the addition rows will remain open. Additional rows will remain open for the duration of the Free Spins.

To re-trigger the game, you’ll need to land 3 bonus symbols which gives 3 more spins.

Free Spins is a culmination of all of the Base Game Features with the added prospect of starting a new spin with increased ways to win, and this is where things can really kick off.

So much so that it’s a wonder that the whole mine doesn’t cave in on top of you. If you manage to get this safety level high enough, you’ll be spinning away with 262,144 ways and a decent chance at landing some big ones.

Our Verdict

Playtech have implemented their impressive Ways Boost Feature beautifully into Hot Gems Xtreme Slot, and the potential to unlock extra rows up to a huge 262,144 is exciting to say the least.

TNT, Walking Mystery and Big Symbols add their own flavour to the game, and each contribute massively into making big hits possible before you’ve even reached the Bonus.

Once you do get to the bonus, you can expect more of the same excitement plus some more as you get to enjoy all of these features within a setting where the ways to win can be locked by a safety line, creating big ways to win from the offset of any new spin.

Overall. there’s not a lot of negative things to say about the game. It ticks all the right boxes in term of fun factor, features, playability and charm. Manual labour has never been so fun.

This New Slot will be exclusive to Party Casino and is available to play now!