Scotty The Hooch Supporter

Hey my name is Scotty, welcome to my bio!

Unsure of where to begin as writing has never been my strong point. So I shall start by explaining how I got into gambling. 

When I was around 16 I used to go into the local pub after playing football and all the lads were a lot older than me. It didn’t take long before they were all gathered around the fruit machine.

Back then they were £25 pound Jackpots. Didn’t make much sense to me as they were putting in 100s to win such a small amount but after a while, I saw the fun in it. When a little older I started playing myself. By then the jackpots had increased to £35. I and the lads used to go quids in every Sunday and it was a rite laugh.

The buzz of dropping the Jackpot was always amazing. Even now.

Every Saturday we used to go down the bookies to put our footie bets on and it didn’t take long before we soon discovered the FOBT’s. Safe to say we did our balls in most weeks, but we knew our limits.

Discovered Online Gambling at 21

When I was around 21 I discovered online slots and gambling. For me, it was all about backing and laying. I soon discovered online poker and table games. My favourite game back then was jacks or better. I won a fortune and then proceeded to lose a fortune so I soon learnt I needed to set limits.

I was mainly playing crap slots like Rainbow Riches because I didn’t know of any better slots out there. Anyway one day I was watching YouTube and just happened to come across Stop and Step. It didn’t take me long before I then discovered chipmonkz, rolla, slotspinner etc. This is when my love of online gambling on the slots really took off.

I discovered a whole new line of games with huge potential. I’ve watched casino streamers for years now but didn’t get involved in chat too much, that’s until the Fruity Slots Boys started streaming.

For me, they were a whole different level than the rest. The number of mistakes and f**K ups they were making during streaming, the humour, banter and level of interaction was right down my street and I became a mod for them on there very 1st live stream.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Less than a year later I find my self streaming on there channel along with the others and can call the fruity boys very good friends of mine. Crazy eh? 

Footy & Darts

I’m a busy individual who loves a game of football and adores the darts. Head over to the forum for my weekly dart tips. I can admit that I do very well when it comes to betting on the darts, its probably the one form of gambling that is actually profitable for me!

I’m a family man with 2 children and everything I do I do for them. I’m crazy, energetic and a little bit mental at times. Pop onto my stream to see for yourself and I will do my best to play any game requests (except starburst!).

Peace and remember to check out our Youtube channel!