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Casino Guides by Fruity Slots

Learn all about Different Gambling Games

The average online casino has at least 300 games. Over half of these games tend to be online slots. The rest comprises of poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, bingo, keno, Backgammon and instant win games.

Some games are too popular not to know about.

  • Video slots: these are gambling games you play on a screen-like interface. They have reels that display various symbols and betting features. You win by triggering specific symbols on 3-5 reels.
  • Blackjack: it’s a game of card played against a dealer. The objective is to produce cards whose total value is closest to or equal to 21. Your hand must be better than that of the dealer for you to win.
  • Poker: there are several variations of poker. Most of the games are played between two and nine players. The winner is whoever produces the strongest hand.
  • Roulette: it comprises of a wheel labelled numbers 0-36 and coloured black and red. You win by predicting where a small ball settles once the wheel is spun.

Many of these games have variants, and that’s why it’s essential to read casino guides. With blackjack, for example, you have a choice to play any of these variants: Blackjack Switch, Pontoon, Vegas Strip and European Blackjack to name a few.

Know your Casino

Joining a new casino is like working at a new place. You’re enthusiastic for the first few weeks even when everyone else seems to hate the place. But then your boss shows you his real character or you go a couple of months without pay, you suddenly regret joining the place.

Lucky for you, casino guides can help you learn about various gambling websites before you become their customers. You can discover which operator offers the highest number of games. Again, you can determine which company has the best bonuses.

What’s more, you discover information about multiple casinos. That means you can keep tabs of the best three companies. And should you want to switch your loyalty, you can find a better alternative conveniently.

Table Games or Slots?

Almost every online casino provides the best online slots the UK has to offer as well as top of the range online table games. Which is better? Which games have the best odds?

The best way to learn about different casino games is to read plenty of online casino guides. Crucially, it’s not just about knowing the difference between a video slot and video poker. You also need to know these features:

  • Return to Player (RTP) rates
  • House Edge
  • Payout rates for table games
  • Strategies
  • Bonuses for slots and table games
  • Progressive jackpots

Once you have the right information, it’s simple to determine whether you prefer slots or table games. In case you are wondering, slots are the most popular games at nearly every online casino.

They come in several varieties: Classic, video, Megaways, progressive jackpots and 3D slots. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a casino millionaire, check out progressive jackpots. Some of them have grand prizes worth up to £15 million.

Reward Structures

When you visit many gambling websites, there’s a chance the first thing you notice is a welcome bonus. That’s because people love casino offers.

Everyone wants to get free spins to play their favourite slots or money to play a few hands of blackjack. Truth be told, bonuses are incredible. But to maximize the value they give you, select offers carefully:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • First deposit offers
  • Second, third and fourth deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Cashback offers
  • Exclusive offers

If you’re like many people, you want bonuses you can use to win real money. That’s everyone’s goal. Unfortunately, many casinos have hurdles that limit how you use their offers. And depending on how cunning the operator is, some bonuses could be a bait to make you spend a lot of money with no value given back.

Casino Guides and Winning Strategies

Most casino games are based on pure chance. However, experienced players can admit there are ways to tilt the odds in your favour. If you play slots, for example, these tips can help increase your odds of winning.

  • Play high RTP Games
  • Maximize your wagers on betting lines
  • Know a game’s volatility
  • Play slots from renowned software providers

On the flip sides, there are strategies to play nearly every table game. With blackjack, there’s the basic strategy. It’s so respected that most people say it’s the only strategy you need to win. There various strategies for playing poker, roulette and baccarat.

Crucially, reading casino guides can also help you discover myths and misconceptions about slots and table games. For example, do roulette software programs works? Is there’s such thing as hot slots?

Our Expertise – Always the Best Tips

Want to experience a delightful rush of exciting, engaging and high paying casino games? Read our guides. Not only do we sift through hundreds of casinos by testing their games and services. But we also show you how we do it.

That way, you don’t always have to trust anyone’s opinion about slots, poker or blackjack games. Instead, you can analyze these games or online casinos and decide what’s best for you.

That said, you can always rely on us for the best online casino guides. Whether you want to learn about banking options, slots or live dealers, you can trust us.

Why Trust Us?

We could tell you about all the guides you need in life as a casino player. But if you don’t trust the information, you probably won’t take it seriously. That’s why it’s crucial to remind you that we are not just people who claim to be experts. We are casino players.

In fact, a few of our team members have been playing slots and card games since they were teenagers. That means they’ve come across tons of online casinos and games. They have experienced countless challenges on poorly managed casinos. But more importantly, they’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

In turn, they use this website to guide players like you through their gambling journeys. You need such a team to avoid mistakes and to identify the best games, bonuses and casino efficiently. Read more about our casino streamers if you’re still not convinced.

Casino Guide to the Best Options

As mentioned, your chances of winning casino games consistently lie in your ability to follow proven guides. In light of that information, below is a guide to help you discover the best casino for you.

  • Find a Licensed Casino
  • Check out security details
  • Choose a casino with games from renowned providers
  • Pick bonuses that give you great value
  • Play on a site with high paying games
  • Ensure the casino is reputable

When you play games on a properly managed, top-rated casino, it’s easy to succeed as a player. That’s because you have access to the best slots and table games. If you follow proper strategies and tips, you’ll increase your chances of winning. And isn’t that what we all want?