Bonus Hunt – In Depth Guide

Improve your bonus hunt tracker skills and discover new treasures while you spin the reels on your favourite slot. Join expert streamers and get the best bonus hunt slots to try your luck. You can also join a top-notch bonus hunting forum to learn more about this aspect of slot gaming. You can always enjoy your time online once you understand how bonus hunting works and can find the best slots for bonus hunting. Keep reading this guide to learn more and start your next journey with the best bonus hunt casino and bonus hunt providers.

What is a Bonus Hunt?

A bonus hunt is a two-part process. First, you find a UK casino bonus or free spins. Then, you use your balance to play a specific slot machine until you trigger a bonus round.

In the YouTube community, fans are encouraged to exit the game after activating bonuses. That way, they can play the bonus round together with their favourite casino streamer. 

In many cases, though, it’s streamers who chase bonus hunts during live sessions. For example, they can ask their fans to vote for a game they should play. Then, they play the slot until they trigger the bonus round.

Of course, many slots deliver the best rewards during the bonus round. So, activating it is like discovering new treasures or skins when playing video games.

what is a bonus hunt

How Does the Bonus Hunting Work?

If you want to learn how to do a bonus hunt, the good thing is that it is straightforward and a way some expert players use to maximise profit. In simple terms, a bonus hunt is when you play a slot game until a bonus round is triggered. Then, you’ll need to close the slot and play another one until you trigger the bonus round.

You’ll need to repeat the steps until your budget is exhausted. Once this process is done, you will return to each slot and trigger bonus rounds to collect your winnings. One can only hope to gather enough money since playing slots have no guarantees.

Having a good online casino bonus hunting strategy will go a long way to improving your chances of winning big. You can start with a bonus hunt list, try each game on the list for free and test the outcome before proceeding to play for real money.

You can also use another casino bonus strategy that has helped you in the past. Following casino streamers and the best bonus hunters will help a great deal and make it easier to understand how it works and what you need to do.

Bonus Hunt – Things You Must Consider

Before you start bonus hunting slots, you need to consider a few factors that can help make your experience better and increase your chances. So, before you begin, ensure you take these factors into consideration and use them as a guide to pick the right slots for your list. Check them out for your next slot bonus hunt and improve your casino bonus hunter skills.

Your Budget and Bankroll

The first thing you need to consider is your bankroll. You need to know the amount you can spare for the bonus hunt and ensure it is enough to cover a large search. The bigger your bankroll, the higher your chances of hitting it big. So, you might want to check if you can cover a large bonus hunt and set your budget. Once you have your list, your budget should be uniform for each slot. That way, you don’t go overboard for each game. You can also add other things to your consideration so you can maintain a solid bankroll throughout the hunt.

Bet Size per Spin

Once you have your budget, the next thing is to select a particular bet size. You must ensure that the bet size is reasonable. Do this so you don’t end up with a disappointing number of collected bonuses. You want to be able to cover as many slots as possible and ensure that you trigger the bonus round in as many as possible. So, take the time to have a solid plan and ensure you’re disciplined enough to follow through with your budget. Once you have that, you should check other factors before proceeding with the bonus hunts and risking your real money.

Slots Volatility

You also need to pay attention to the slot’s volatility. Spinning the reels on highly volatile slots can be discouraging, especially if you have a low budget, because you’ll need a lot of spins before you can trigger the bonus round. So, you must put priority on slots with low to medium volatility. These ones offer players a better option and chance to hit the bonus round without breaking the bank. Pay more attention to the slots with low volatility and high hit frequency so you don’t need too many spins before you can activate the slot’s bonus round and move on to the next one.

Game Providers

It is also important to pay attention to the providers because some don’t allow you to save your progress and return to the last checkpoint. So, if you pause the game and return, you won’t get the bonus round and will need to start again. A good example is Red Tiger. This provider doesn’t save progress. Once you leave, your winnings will automatically be added to your balance and the bonus round will be lost. Therefore, slots from this provider won’t work. Some top-notch providers that you can consider include Netent, Big Time Gaming, Quickspin, Push Gaming, Light & Wonder, NoLimit City, etc.

Bonus Hunting Strategies

Having bonus hunting casino knowledge is one thing. You need a proper strategy if you want to get the best out of bonus hunts. Aside from the factors you need to consider, there are other things you might want to put into consideration to ensure you complete the process without hassle.

We’ve broken down a few expert tips you can follow so you can create a suitable strategy to help you bonus hunting journey. Check them out to get started with your next bonus hunt and improve your chances of gathering enough bonuses for a chance to win big.

Check Casino Websites Regularly

Choosing the right casino is an important step in bonus hunting. Without the right access to games, you won’t be able to play for real money and perform bonus hunts. So, you should take the time to check the casino you want to join. That way, you’ll have access to the best experience and can get started with your next gambling journey without stress. It helps when you take this step seriously. You also need to check casino websites regularly so you don’t miss any updates that can improve your winning chances. If you have multiple websites, you should ensure that you log into your account regularly. This will help you get the information you need and it will make your journey smoother. Do this to improve your bonus hunt chances and help you gather many bonuses.

Compare Bonuses

Bonuses are essential to online gambling. Once you find a casino to join, you should always check the bonus page to know what types of offers you’ll enjoy as a newbie and active player. It also helps to pay attention to bonuses that will be perfect for slots. Casinos that let you claim deposit bonuses and free spins are perfect for your adventure because, with that, you can try more spins. You should also compare bonuses if you’re torn between multiple casino options. Doing this will help you choose the right casino to join. It helps to consider multiple options and pick the ones with the best bonuses. You can always compare as many bonuses as possible. That way, you won’t miss out on the best bonus offer and can get the best experience once you start playing.

Choose High RTP Slots

The goal of bonus hunting is to win something while playing slots. So, choose slots that give you a fair chance at winning. Also, ensure they have plenty of in-game features like free spins and multipliers. You want to win as much as you can. Don’t simply choose the slot based on the design and animation. These things won’t give you much in terms of return. Focus on potential money makers. You can always test these features by playing the demo version of slots for free. When you do this, you can pick the best high RTP slots and add them to your list. When you start your bonus hunts, it becomes easier to get a substantial return. The slots you choose for your bonus hunts can make or break your potential wins and affect the returns you’ll enjoy once you get started with your play.

Playing With Bonus Funds

When playing with bonus funds, it’s very important to note the max stake that you can play at whilst in wagering. Normal bonuses can come with anything ranging from a 25 – 40x wagering requirement, which means you need to turn over your bonus amount by the multiple stated in the bonus terms before being able to convert that money into withdrawable funds. It helps to pay attention. Players should always play at a level they are comfortable with and can afford. The only time this may be different is when a player is wagering through a bonus and may increase the stake to the maximum level allowed under the bonus terms in order to try and beat the wagering requirements to convert the bonus into their real money balance. It might be tricky, but it is possible with the right strategy.

Change Games Regularly

If you play one game for 30 minutes without triggering the bonus round, count your losses and try another slot. Some slots are just tight. Switching games helps you discover better games. And in doing so, you increase your chances of winning. When you switch games, you’re not stuck with the same option that might make you blow your budget without giving any tangible or substantial return. You might want to check for exciting slots and try them even if they are not on your list. Playing as many games as possible will make your bonus hunt payout potentially massive. That way, you can get the best outcome that will improve your wins and give you a much more exciting return. But if you’re struggling with triggering the bonus rounds on any slot, you might want to take some time off and try later.

Subscribing to Casino Newsletters and Alerts

You should also consider subscribing to the casino’s newsletters so you don’t miss out on any new updates. That way, you can stay up-to-date with the bonuses and games. You will know if there is a new slot game to try and if it is worthwhile. You can always consider taking advantage of joining the casino’s mailing list. You’ll get the news once it happens and be sure to consistently check your email.

If you have a mobile app, you can turn on your alerts and never miss an update. You won’t have to refresh your email every time you want an update. In this case, you’ll get a notification through the casino app, allowing you to never miss anything. You are one of the first players to have access to exciting bonuses and participate in treasure hunts and promotions that can help your journey.

Final Take on Fruity Slots Bonus Hunts

Everyone who’s playing slots knows the feeling of getting to that bonus round. There’s simply nothing better and more exciting about the slots than the bonus rounds. Hitting the spin button and seeing the new screen pop-up or the regular interface change and knowing you’re about to win is incomparable as a slot player.

fruity slots bonus hunting

Now, imagine if you have more of these. Bonus rounds open in multiple tabs and a chance to win a massive payout. That’s what you’ll get with bonus hunts. In this case, you’re combining the excitement of bonus rounds and taking advantage of the assured win that comes with them and multiplying it for a more massive payout.

The Fruity Slots team is always doing all we can to serve our viewers and readers with action in real time. We’re trying dozens of slots and wagering plenty of money in order to trigger the bonuses. So, you can see first-hand how bonus hunts work and the potential they hold. If you’re not too patient to follow our live streams and require action on the spot, you might want to see some of our highlights.

Simply go to our Youtube Channel for the best bonus hunting content on the internet. Learn our strategies and apply them for yourself for a chance to hit big wins!

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What is a Bonus Bunt?

A bonus hunt is when you try to trigger bonus rounds on as many slots as possible and then activate them one by one to enjoy maximum cashout.

What Do I Need to Start Bonus Hunting?

To start bonus hunting, you need to have basic knowledge of slots and how to spin the reels. Once you can do that, you shouldn’t have issues with bonus hunting.

Who Can Become a Bonus Hunter?

To become a hunter, you need to have knowledge about slots, online casinos, providers, and bonus rounds. You also need a budget and set your bet size per game.

What Are the Processes Involved in Bonus Hunting?

The process for bonus hunts is straightforward: you need to join a casino, have a slots list, fund your account, play the slots until you trigger the bonus rounds, and finally, return to claim the payout.

Do I Need special Tools for Bonus Hunting?

No, you don’t need any special tool for bonus hunting. All you need is to understand how slots work.