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Ever dreamed of participating in a live TV game show but then gave up after multiple attempts without succeeding? You’re in luck. Stylish online casino is offering an exclusive chance to engage in live casino game competitions every night.

There are no fitness qualifications like they do in sports shows. No need for quizzes or touching personal stories. The 2017-launched casino just needs you to tune in to Channel 5 or log into your 21. casino account at the right time.

What Games do Competitors Play?

Live roulette is the most played game at the casino’s game shows. As a result, the operator recently introduced 11 more live roulette tables to elevate things to the next level.

These elegant, branded tables come from the fast-growing Authentic Gaming software provider.

One of the games, Blaze Live Roulette, is particularly famous and we’ll tell you why shortly. First, here are more games you can also play during the casino’s live game shows:

  • Monopoly Live
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Live Mega Ball
  • Live Dragon Tiger
  • Crazy Time 
  • Live Dream Catcher

Blazing Live Roulette: Why it’s the In-thing at 21.

Blazing Live Roulette blows standard roulette games out of the water with its design and the level of presentation Authentic Gaming offers. Let’s start with the audio-visual feeds the provider broadcasts from their Malta Arena Studio

It’s clean, high-resolution and flows smoothly from the time you launch the game on your computer or smartphone to the end. Inside the arena, multiple camera angles give you a virtual tour of a studio that resembles a VIP lounge in Las Vegas. 

The roulette wheel is placed at the centre of the studio room and illuminated with LED light. The rest of the room is dimmed with light, but you can see and interact with the croupier that oversee each game. 

Behind the croupier stands a digital wallboard—the roulette game’s table. When the roulette ball stands on a specific number, it flashes LED light for everyone to see.

Introducing the Hosts

Because Blazing Live Roulette is the biggest game at 21., it warrants celebrity hosts. The first presenter is Kelly Aaron, a former dancer and singer from Manchester. 

Next up is filmmaker, writer and explorer Akil Wingate. You probably listened to his musical collaborations with the late Avicii, David Guetta or Mojado. If you haven’t, catch up with him at the casino’s game shows. 

Speaking of catching up, the game shows at 21. take place between 1 am and 4 am at the casino’s live dealer section. Alternatively, turn on to Channel 5 at the same time.

When Where
1-4 AM Channel 5

Betting and Winning at the Game Shows

The new game shows at are nothing like traditional TV competitions. With this Top UK casino, you get an interactive interface that you use to place bets. You can place as many bets as a table allows. You can tap it with fingers if you’re are a mobile device user or click it with your PC’s mouse. 

However, keep in mind the game is called Blazing roulette for a reason. It’s all about speed. Betting rounds take roughly 60 seconds. So, think and decide your bets quickly.

Once everyone places their bets, Akil or Kelly will take over the session. They will spin the game’s wheels as you watch. When the wheel stops spinning, a small piece of software in the game notes where the ball lands and displays tat number of the large LED screen.

If you’re a winner, money is credited to your account shortly afterwards. You can then choose to play another game or hit the X button to exit the game show. Not convinced? Read more about them in our casino review!


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