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So it’s finally happened on stream. The countless times we have been asked, and also we have asked, ‘have you ever won a jackpot online?’
Our answer? No, we have not, but we have had lots of wild lines, that’s for sure!!!! Well, that has now OFFICIALLY changed!

Ever since we started playing Fruit Machines in the pubs and arcades, it’s always been about the slot jackpot. Whether it was a £15 jackpot back in the day on a Bar crest, Vivid slot machine or whether it’s the new FOBT £500 jackpots, this is what all us gamblers crave to win! We’ll tell you all about it, and you’ll find the video at the end of the article!

Hitting The Jackpot is Not Easy…

But to win an online slot jackpot is not as easy. There are many stories about the huge wins that people have won online and before we continue, we didn’t win the retirement fund Mega Moolah slot jackpot.

However, yesterday live on stream, Josh and Jamie won the Rapid Jackpot on the Red Tiger game Piggy Riches Megaways.

What a thrill and buzz it was. Yes, it wasn’t our biggest win online, but the fact that it came out of nowhere and paid £4,500+ just shows it is possible for the regular punter to win!

Jackpot Wheel red tiger

And we hit it in one of our favourite casinos!

We played Piggy Riches Megaways slot at Unibet Casino, which is without doubt one of the best online casinos out there, with an amazing selection of games and a withdrawal speed that even Sonic the Hedgehog would be proud of!

Red Tiger Jackpot – The One We Triggered

The Red Tiger slot games offer 3 types of jackpot on the Jackpot Wheel. There is the hourly jackpot win which was around the £500 mark and then there is the Rapid Jackpot and Daily Jackpot. As mentioned above we won the Rapid Jackpot but if we would have hit the daily jackpot it would have paid just under £10,000!

  • Hourly Jackpot
  • Rapid Jackpot
  • Daily Jackpot

This is a great offer from Red Tiger as not only can you win big in the base and bonus games, but you have the added advantage of potentially hitting a jackpot.

What is even more exciting is that it pops up out of nowhere and it is totally unexpected. We experienced this together for the first time yesterday as we haven’t been able to find a YouTube video showing a red tiger jackpot win.

Don’t worry though we will be releasing a video to the Youtube world in the very near future!

Rapid jackpot win Fruity slotsScenes – First Jackpot on Stream

The scenes on stream yesterday just show how exciting it can be and we hope we can hit many more in the future. We won’t hold our breaths, as we were told from many viewers, that they have been watching live casino and slot streams for over 6 years and never seen another stream win this before!

This is why we will enjoy and revel in this for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately we won the jackpot early on the stream so we wanted to continue playing and didn’t have the best run on slots. Still we got a nice cashout so we can’t complain! Keep it fruity!

Watch The Jackpot Win!


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