Immortal Romance 2 Sequel
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4th March 2024 – In an exciting announcement that has the online gaming community buzzing, Games Global’s Stormcraft Studios is set to launch Immortal Romance™ II, the much-anticipated sequel to the legendary slot game that has been a fixture in the hearts of players worldwide. Twelve years after the original Immortal Romance™ took the gaming industry by storm, its successor promises to elevate the experience to new heights, blending nostalgia with cutting-edge innovation.

The original Immortal Romance™ title was a hit with players from first bite and still continues to perform well across all markets, maintaining its reputation as one of the most popular slots of all time. The iconic game redefined the space and delivered a fresh experience to players, with an intriguing and deep storyline paired with incredible gameplay.

Immortal Romance™ II offers an even more immersive experience with the beautiful, hand-crafted game supported by incredible cinematic win animations, as well as a powerful new original soundtrack.

The game’s four main characters Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah return, each with their own growing jackpot, unique free spin mechanic, supporting soundtrack, and background story as well as cinematic big wins.

While some fan-favourite features such as Wild Desire™ and four different Free Spins remain, Immortal Romance™ II also introduces new thrilling elements such as Bloodline which rewards players that reach certain milestones with additional music and visual themes to customise their gaming experience.

After listening to player feedback, Stormcraft Studios has also enhanced mechanics and features, further encapsulating the content that the studio has become synonymous for as it continues to forge unforgettable online gaming experiences.

Stormcraft Studios is driven by the core values of innovation, craftsmanship, and entertainment and is guided by decades of experience with an impressive portfolio of titles that have gone on to be industry blockbusters.

Terence Igesund, Executive Producer at Stormcraft Studios, said: “I always knew we would make a sequel to Immortal Romance™ which is why I ended Sarah’s narrative on such a cliffhanger. However, I honestly never expected the original to become such a blockbuster classic, which added tremendous pressure to the task of creating a follow up game.

“I knew for the longest time where I wanted to take the narrative and the song lyrics, so the most challenging part of this project was definitely deciding on the game mechanics. The rate of change and trend evolution in our industry continues to accelerate, which resulted in us pivoting several times on the feature set. I am very pleased with where we landed in the end and the early feedback to Immortal Romance II has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, added: Immortal Romance™ is legendary, having captivated audiences around the world for more than a decade and we are thrilled that the sequel will be rolled out in a few months’ time, exclusively with Games Global.

“Games as big as this are rare in our industry and we know that players have long been awaiting the next chapter of the Immortal Romance™ franchise and we look forward to it becoming another hit in our diverse portfolio.”


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