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Following the launch of many of the Lucksome’s biggest titles to date including Napolean 2 FatStacks and Big Bits Blazinator we spoke to Bryan Upton, the founder of Lucksome, about the future of the studio, its latest hit release FatStacks Miami Cash and the many exciting mechanics available to players within the slot.

With your next title FatStacks Miami Cash launching on 23rd January can you tell us more about what players should be expecting from the base game?

Played in front of a vibrant retro-inspired backdrop, FatStacks Miami Cash has 6×4 reels filled with classic slot machine-inspired symbols. These include a variety of sevens, bells and bars which must form a combination across the title’s 4096 paylines to award a win. Wilds that appear on the reels substitute for base game icons, making wins easier to achieve.

The FatStacks mechanic also makes a triumphant return in this release, following its integration into one of our most popular titles recently: FatStacks Napoleon 2. It sees any duplicated symbols on the same reel combine to grow the respective value whilst creating space on the reels for new symbols to land. Additionally, all the symbols contributing to a win are also removed from play allowing even more new icons to fall onto the matrix potentially granting extra wins whilst creating an escalation of excitement and win potential.  It’s the only Progressive Ways mechanic where the number of ways to win change within a single spin, taking players on a unique rollercoaster ride!

Slot enthusiasts who enjoy every spin being dynamic and mechanically rich will also be drawn to the Luxpots that are available in FatStacks Miami Cash’s base game and bonus. Three or more of these must land anywhere on the reels to unlock an instant cash prize with extra Luxpots progressing players up the incrementally increasing prize ladder, 10 Luxpot symbols will grant a huge 2,000x cash prize.

Players who don’t reach the peak of this prize ladder to claim the biggest wins shouldn’t despair however as gathering seven Luxpots will award entry into the title’s thrilling bonus round!

FatStacks Miami Cash Base Game

Luxpot prizes can be increased, changed and gathered by a variety of modifiers can you tell us more about these?

Whilst traditional ways wins are ever present in FatStacks Miami Cash, a lot of the win potential present is attributed to players climbing the prize ladder where we have added numerous modifiers that create more Luxpot symbols to accomplish this.

The shuffle modifier, for example, moves higher prizes to lower positions on the prize ladder, allowing them to win a higher amount from the mechanic. Upgrades increase the value of the whole ladder and Transform will convert a random number of symbols into additional Luxpot symbols, boosting the player’s position on the prize ladder.

Merge also takes the higher value on two rungs for a bigger chance to win a larger prize. These work in tandem with the more conventional way of climbing the prize ladder, by landing at least three Luxpot symbols, creating a lot of excitement in both the base game and free spins round.

Speaking of the free spins round in FatStacks Miami Cash, what excitement have you packed into this?

There are multiple variations of the free spins round available for players to enjoy. Upon gaining entry to the bonus, players are presented with 25 mystery options to choose revealing a number of bonus game spins and a chance to win up to 2 Platinum Upgrades that boost the ladder prizes significantly. Three matching spin values must be revealed to grant that number of spins, whilst the modifiers upgrade the value of the prizes on the progression ladder, with additional upgrades able to be landed in the bonus too. Prize ladder modifiers activated in the bonus remain throughout all subsequent spins won allowing players to claim bigger prizes than in the base game.

FatStacks Miami Cash Free Spins

After the launch of FatStacks Miami Cash, what is next for Lucksome?

Following the release of FatStacks Miami Cash we will be gearing up for our next launch, Mega Party Bucks, which continues with the mechanical ingenuity and graphical fidelity we are synonymous with. We will also be expanding where we can be found entering new regions and growing our presence in the markets we are already popular in. This means more players than ever before will have access to our unique take on slot development. It’s a thrilling time for Lucksome and if you haven’t tried one of our titles in the past there is no better time to give them a go!


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