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In our latest Q&A, we spoke to Timur Todua from GameBeat, an ambitious studio that started in 2021 when a couple of enthusiastic gamblers came together to create eye-catching games for millions of players. 


GameBeat was founded in 2021 by a group of enthusiastic gamblers. Can you share more about the initial vision and how it has evolved since the company’s inception?
In 2021, we released eight games. At that time, it was the minimum number of games in the portfolio with which we could start operating. Now, we already have 28 games (apart from exclusives). We adhere to the initial vision of ours – GameBeat strives to create games with top-notch graphics, pleasing sound effects, and engaging storytelling. As for the changes, you’ll see several tempting experimental games from us in 2024. Now that our portfolio is solid, we are ready to amuse 🚀  

We move along with the trends and sometimes even outpace them. You can compare our old games to the ones we release now, and you will immediately understand how much we have grown in terms of quality 💪


Your commitment to perfectionism in graphics, sound effects, gameplay mechanics, and features is notable. How do you balance innovation with maintaining high standards in these areas?

It won’t work the other way around. We operate in a competitive market, so for us, quality is the key to success. Everything we do, we do in-house, from the idea of the game to the implementation and selling. And our success wouldn’t be possible without our team of professionals.


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Being players yourselves, how do you integrate your personal experiences and insights into the development of new games? Can you give an example of a feature that was directly inspired by your own gaming experiences?

In general, many members of our team are players themselves. During meetings for new games, we share ideas based on our experiences, and most of these ideas are implemented in our games — for example, the Wheel of Fortune with multipliers in the game FruitFellas. The further, the more – you will see many examples of our gambling fantasies in the upcoming releases.


You emphasise the strength and unity of your team. How does this collaborative environment contribute to the creative process, and how do you foster this culture within GameBeat?

We believe that a solid and united team is the cornerstone of our success. When team members feel supported and encouraged to share their ideas, it leads to diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.

We foster this culture through regular team meetings and a collaborative workspace where everyone’s input is valued. This not only boosts morale but also results in games that resonate with a broader audience. Our emphasis on unity and cooperation ensures that each team member plays a vital role in shaping the unique identity of GameBeat.


What is GameBeat’s philosophy when it comes to game design, particularly in creating games that are visually stunning, engaging, and easy to play?

All of this comes from our main philosophy.

GameBeat believes in the power of three: Product, Player, and Team.

PRODUCT: We are perfectionists, from graphics and sound effects to gameplay and advanced gaming features. That’s precisely why our players keep coming back to our games.

PLAYER: GameBeat is an expansive universe, the core of which is the player. We understand what they like because we enjoy playing slots, too. Our passion makes our products unique.

TEAM: Our strength is in our unity. We listen and value each other, share knowledge, and evolve to create something extraordinary. 

It is our formula for success.


What strategies do you employ to ensure that your games continue to attract and retain players, especially in such a competitive market?

We are trying to release games that cater to the interests of a diverse target audience. 

It involves well-established games with popular mechanics enhanced with stunning graphics, incredible sound effects, and much more. Additionally, we experiment a bit and release games with new mechanics for us, exploring different types, such as crash and instant games (coming soon 😉).


How does GameBeat stay ahead of industry trends, and what do you think are the upcoming trends in slot gaming that you’re excited about?

Staying on trend is crucial in today’s world. Therefore, we frequently analyze the market, observe the latest game releases, and identify what is currently in demand among players. We attend conferences to engage with our partners and make new connections

A robust upcoming trend is new formats. It’s easy to say, but if a provider wants to go down in the history of iGaming, it needs to come up with new mechanics and fresh settings. And you can surely expect it from GameBeat in 2024 💪


Your mission is to provide a thrilling gaming experience worldwide. Looking forward, what are GameBeat’s long-term goals, and how do you plan to innovate and grow in the future?

In short, the main goal is to be present in all possible markets. Therefore, we plan to acquire new licenses and certifications to allow us to operate in various countries


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