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Relax Gaming are thrilled to announce the release of a progressive Jackpot function called Dream Drop to transform the Jackpot Landscape with a GLOBALLY linked offering!
Relax Gaming are rightfully very excited to launch this new product,  and you should be too. Relax Gaming are innovators and leaders in the slot world, and the integration of Dream Drop into their existing library of slots makes their great games even better.

Dream Drop Relax Gaming Release 2022

Relax Gaming and Dream Drop promises more achievable big ticket jackpots, and high frequency, high value and high action gameplay.

After the intricate details? Let’s have a deeper look into Relax Gaming’s exciting dream drop and examine what makes it stand out from your traditional Jackpot slot.

How Does Dream Drop Work?

Dream Drop is a Jackpot system with 5 tiers, which Relax Gaming say has an exciting and achievable range of prizes.

  • Rapid
  • Midi
  • Maxi
  • Major
  • Mega

All Jackpot tiers are guaranteed to lead to a hit, and Relax aim to release a steady stream of games to the Dream Drop platform to ‘keep things fresh’.

Relax Gaming also aims to integrate some of Relax Gaming’s classic games and sequels into the Dream Drop system, so you’ll be seeing some old favourites with a revitalised and exciting Jackpot system very soon.

When Will Dream Drop Jackpots Launch?

Dream Drop Jackpots will launch on the 4th of May, and the first to feature it will be a sequel to Temple Tumble, Temple Tumble 2.

Temple Tumble 2 will be underpinned with an incredible €1,000,000 launch campaign when it launches.

Relax expect to include their Dream Drop Jackpots function into a wide range of leading titles from Relax Gaming’s catalogue by the end of 2023.

How Big are the Wins in Dream Drop?

Relax Gaming has said that they’ll level up the Dream Drop every two wins, increasing the overall maximum prize by €500,000. This cycle will continue until the top prize, the Mega Jackpot reaches an incredible maximum of €10,000,000

Relax Gaming are looking to make their Dream Drop function feel achievable compared to your conventional Jackpot Slots with a “hot-mode feeling” and “near win” indicators

Is Dream Drop Available Everywhere?

The Dream Drop product is not available in Germany, Italy, Spain, Ontario (Canada) and Romania.

Whether or not this changes in the future is unknown. There certainly may be a possibility, but no word from Relax Gaming on this as of yet.

What Has Relax Gaming Said?

As mentioned, Relax Gaming are rightfully quite excited about the release of their new product.

Here’s what they had to say.

Simon Hammon, Relax Gaming CPO

“This is without a doubt one of the biggest product launches that Relax Gaming has ever announced. We’re incredibly proud to enter the jackpot space with a highly unique product, underpinned by our strong technology and commitment to drive differentiation.”

Daniel Eskola, Relax Gaming Deputy CEO

“Early on in the creative process, we decided that a classic legacy type jackpot was off the table, as the market is already saturated with multiple jackpots like this.

“With Dream Drop Jackpots, players will experience the most heart-racing jackpot on the market thanks to the multimillion must win element. Operators with Dream Drop will have an extremely powerful tool for acquisition and retention.

“The reception and feedback we’ve received from operators so far has been phenomenal and we have high hopes that this launch could be the future of jackpots”


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