Teofimo Lopez Interview
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In our latest electrifying exclusive, we’re thrilled to share our interesting conversation with Teofimo Lopex, the lightning-fast powerhouse whose name has become synonymous with boxing excellence. He’s known for his explosive power and dynamic skillset, and today we’re diving into his journey, ambitions and fierce determination.

Teofimo Lopez: Conor McGregor is a ‘profound’ fighter and Joshua vs Ngannou is not boxing, it’s entertainment


Speaking exclusively to fruityslots.com, a leading affiliate for the best online casinos in the UK, world champion Teofimo Lopez says MMA superstar Conor McGregor has inspired him.

But the American doesn’t believe Francis Ngannou’s forthcoming fight with Anthony Joshua is “boxing”, but is simply “entertainment” instead.


Conor McGregor is expected to make a return. What do you think about that?

TL: “Conor McGregor has my utmost respect, first and foremost he’s a smart businessman and look at the amount of revenue he’s gained from it. He is in the UFC. He is MMA, whether they like it or not. 

“I’d like to recreate that in the sport of boxing. I look up to guys like that – not with greed or envy – but wanting to learn from guys like that. He’s much older than me and I’m always a student of the game. 

“Conor and I have had a back and forth on the X app and Instagram, we follow each other, and it’s great to have a profound athlete like him, an icon and half of famer. So consider me as someone he’s open to talk to, I’m honoured. I’m a kid in a candy store, it’s the best feeling in the world. 

“I’ll definitely seek his advice in business when we finally get together one on one. I’d definitely want to speak to him and pick his brain and he can pick mine too because I have some great ideas too.” 


What are your thoughts on Anthony Joshua’s decision to fight Francis Ngannou next?

TL: “Overall I don’t believe AJ versus Ngannou is boxing, I believe it’s entertainment. It’s great entertainment. Ngannou wants to prove he’s a true boxer and wants to take it to the next level. 

“He showed great fundamentals and awkwardness against the great Tyson Fury. It is all entertainment, however is it great from boxing? I’ll let the fans decide.” 


Are you interested in fighting Haney and Crawford?

“There are lots of people mentioning my name, but it’s all strategic moves. I’ve had this before with George Kambosos, but now I have the experience. That’s why it’s great to have those L’s on my record, it’s great because it’s not a loss, it’s a learned lesson, because now I know why focus is important from a mentality point of view.

“My focus has only been on Ortiz, just last night I was studying film of him. The talk about the other names is just nonsense for me right now. I’m blocking the noise. Do I want to face Haney and Crawford? Absolutely, but my first task is Ortiz. Crawford says he’s just travelling this year and I wish him the best, but may we meet eventually. 

“I don’t want to name the names of who I want to fight because honestly, I’m bigger than all of them and they know it. But I’m going to avenge that loss to Kambosos, I’m telling you that. If that presents itself in the ring. That man better have bodyguards.” 


What are your plans beyond that?

TL: “I’ve closed a chapter on my life, and we’re onto a new chapter. The new version of myself comes down to character. When I first started out I had smiles and was just having fun with boxing. There was nothing wrong with the old version of myself, but I had to go through some experiences to learn lessons and one of the greatest lessons I learned was how to conduct myself as a human being and a man when I present myself to the media. 

“The reason that this has snapped into me more than ever is because I have a beautiful son and he’s just turned two years old. I need to show not only my son but all the kids out there that I’m the role model they need. I worked so hard to be at this pinnacle of the sport, now it’s time to show them we don’t need to be thuggish, instead we can have charisma and smiles on camera.

“If you’re so aggressive like I was with the Kambosos situation, look where it got me. It got me a loss. I am a role model and it’s my job to conduct myself as a respectful human and that’s how you become the greatest of all time. 

“With great powers comes great responsibility and that’s more important to me than anything. I could retire and be in the hall of fame eventually but we’re not there yet.” 


What did you learn from the Josh Taylor fight?

TL: “Josh Taylor is a great fighter and he’s beat all of the top guys at 140, he’s a really good champion and I wish him nothing but the best in the future. 

“My experience of fighting him was that he was strong, smart, he fought dirty a little bit but he knew how to get away with it. He’s intelligent and I could see why became the undisputed champion at the time. I learned a lot from Josh Taylor.”


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