Money Train 4 Q&A
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In our latest Q&A, we’re delving deep into a series that has consistently shaken the iGaming industry. Today, we’re catching up Ante Forsgren, Senior Gaming Mathematician at Relax Gaming to talk about the acclaimed series and discuss their latest and last instalment, Money Train 4.

Money Train’s imaginative gameplay, immersive graphics, and intriguing themes have made it a standout in a competitive landscape, thus setting a new gold standard for slot games. The series has not only captured the fascination of players around the globe but has also left an indelible mark on the industry as a whole.

Money Train 4 Base Game

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Could you tell us more about Money Train 4, what players can expect, and what differentiates it from previous instalments? 


Money Train 4 is the final and most explosive gameplay experience of the series. This time the train takes the crew to the ends of the earth for a battle worth 150,000x bet. With brand new features and edgy additions, this game can pay out big!


The Money Train series has undergone a dramatic transformation since its inception. From a classic Western, it’s evolved into a futuristic thrill ride, making it nearly unrecognisable from the original. What drove this dramatic change in design? 


The change was more of an evolution, the narrative of the sequel is an integral element of the game experience, and the team took good care to ensure that each game felt like a development from the last and not a total departure; progressing from the wild west, to a biopunk universe that gets increasingly futuristic, dark and dystopian. Every element of the game was designed to keep players at the edge of their seats.


Was the original plan to stop the Money Train series at Money Train 3, or was 4 always on the cards? 


The hype leading up to Money Train 3 was like nothing we had ever experienced, and seeing the reception of it made us consider a fourth. It’s clear that our players can’t get enough of the series so we decided to give it our all one last time.

Money Train 4 Respins Feature

How has the feedback from players of previous Money Train games influenced the development of Money Train 4?


Feedback has always been our inspiration when it comes to follow-up titles. Although the innovation baseline is always our own, we often recognise the same areas of improvement as our players – a clear sign of being totally intune with our audience.


In Money Train 4, a lot of their input went into the revamp of the base game, which now sees more reels, respins and frequent features. It’s great to know we’re on the right track during development stages and this feedback loop does the trick.


Money Train games have a dedicated player base. How do you plan to engage and attract new players with Money Train 4?


With every Money Train edition bringing more and more fans to the franchise, we aim to live up to our name and continue delivering engaging content rooted in innovation. The new character ‘The Arms Dealer’ is sure to entice our players, turning regular bonus symbols into special symbols, while the rest of the gang is upgraded with more persistent elements and combinations that score players some epic wins.


Did you ever envision such success from the Money Train series? Or has it grown more popular than you ever imagined? 


Although we always knew that we were onto something special with Money Train, I don’t think any of us could have ever imagined this level of success. It’s been an incredible ride for all of us behind the scenes.

Money Train 4 Money Cart Bonus

Could you tell players what the maximum win of Money Train 4 is? It’s gotten progressively bigger with each instalment. 


We’ve cranked up the heat with a whopping 150,000x max. win this time. We know our players love a good chase and we’ve always had to cap wins due to the unlimited nature of  these fantastic features. This insane win potential is going to make Money Train 4 an even more exciting one to watch.


What sort of challenges did you face during the development of Money Train 4? And how did you overcome them? 


A game as feature-rich as this one can present quite a few challenges in the maths department. The more features you have, the more complex it becomes to balance the math model. But we have put in the work to ensure that feature frequencies and values are at the right level so the game feels feature-loaded, fast-paced and high-paying.


Will Relax be sad to put Money Train to bed in this dramatic final instalment? Or do you feel like it’s a fitting end for the series? 


It’s a bittersweet ending for all of us of course as we’ve poured our hearts into each sequel and spin off, however, this is not the end of innovation, and it certainly isn’t the end of record-breaking titles. It’s time to focus on the next big thing and we’re excited for what’s ahead.


Finally, what’s your favourite feature in the newest Money Train? 


My personal favourite has to be the Persistent Arms Dealer, as it makes every spin so exciting. Adding random features to different symbols brings an element of surprise and adrenaline that keeps the game fresh. I’ve played a few rounds where all my symbols were turned into feature symbols, which feels amazing, and I can’t wait to see what it brings to our players!


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