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Evolution Gaming are set to change the game once more with the newest release to their ‘lightning’ series with a brand new Lightning Roulette.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette brings about an even more volatile experience for those looking to electrify their wins with multipliers of up to an astounding 2000x, which is a far cry from the capabilities of the original. Lightning Roulette was, and still is, revolutionary in itself, so how much better could it really get?

The XXXtreme version of Evolution’s award-winning Lightning roulette is set to take the suspense to another level with electric storms that offers more bet spots and SUPER-CHARGED multipliers per game round. The XXXtreme version of Lightning Roulette also offers Double strikes for even higher multipliers.

So how does it work? and how does XXXtreme Lightning Roulette vary from its predecessor?

How Does XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Work?

The objective of Lightning Roulette is no different to that of any standard variant, albeit a few twists.

Predict the number that the ball will land on by placing one or more bets that covers a particular number. Just like in any other Roulette variant, you may also bet on 1st, 2nd and 3rd 12, 1-18, Even, Red, Black, Odd or 19-36.

However, it’s worth noting that lightning numbers are only affected if you’ve put A Straight Up Bet on a number.xxxtreme_lightning_roulette_logo_2022_01

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Lightning Round

When the bet’s are expired, the ball is spin automatically within the Auto Roulette Wheel, and the game host pulls a level to initiate the Lightning Number picks.

One to give Lightning Numbers with random multipliers are generated and highlighted in yellow to show players which numbers are affected.

Possible Lightning Multipliers are 50,x 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x and 500x.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette-compressed

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning can strike in each game round, generating up to nine additional Chain Lightning Number Bet Spots which allows the lightning Numbers and Chain Lightning numbers to make up to ten bet spots in total per game round.

Chain Lightning numbers and Chain Lightning Multipliers will be highlighted as red to users in the user interface

Lightning Roulette XXXtreme Double Strikes

The suspense was already thick in the air, but to bring even more to the table comes the Double Strikes.

Double Strikes can happen and increase multipliers up to 600x – 2000x.

It really is incomprehensible to think that multipliers can go this high. The standard version of Lightning Roulette was more than capable of monsterous pay outs, but they look miniscule in hindsight now that XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is here.

Lightning Roulette XXXtreme Pay Outs

We know what you’re thinking…What’s the trade off?

Well, due to the formidable capabilities of Lightning Roulette XXXtreme, you can kiss goodbye to the standard straight up 35:1 payouts of normal roulette, and even the 30:1 payouts of Lightning Roulette.

The huge potential of Lightning Roulette XXXtreme means that the Straight Up bet payout is now 19-1999:1, so if you land a straight up number with no multipliers then you’ll be getting a bit less than you usually might…but then again you could be getting A LOT more.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Payout

The Theoretical RTP of XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is 97.10% for Straight Up Bets, and 97.30% for All Other Bets.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette – When Does it Release?

Lightning Roulette XXXtreme releases to the masses on 11th May, 2022.

You can play XXXtreme Lightning Roulette at any of the casinos that currently has Evolution Gaming Live Casino Games!


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