All41Studios are stirring up a potion or two with their mystical new instalment Alchemy Fortunes Slot, their first debut into the grid format style of game that also introduces rolling reels and hyperclusters.

Grid format games are a competitive genre, and it’s in a category with some of the best, so Alchemy Fortunes Slot will have to conjure up quite the concoction with this game.

All41Studios are a Microgaming partner that are behind games like Wanted Outlaws Nobleways, Mayan Eagle Nobleways and Electric Avenue.

It’s going to be interesting to see their premiere into the grid slot genre, and these Rolling Reels and Hyperclusters certainly sound intriguing

Alchemy Fortunes Slot Gameplay

A Magical Formula in Alchemy Fortunes Slot

The theme for Alchemy Fortunes Slot is quite minimalistic. Old books and scrolls that could be formulas or spell books are visible in the background, as well as candles, gems and coins that are littered across the floor.

Quite bare in the visual department, but the sound track is a little better with a mystical tone that fits really well in a magical setting.

One noticeable visual aspect is the vial that you’ll see on top or to the left of the screen. This will be fundamental in the gameplay as you stir up a potion of your own to bring in them big wins.

Betting and Symbols

Betting options in Alchemy Fortunes Slot are sizeable, the lowest option is £/€0.20, and at the other end of the scale you have £/€100. There’s a lot of different options in between, so there’s an option for everyone without a doubt.

In terms of symbols, high paying vs low paying are split up between Alchemy vials and Crystals. The highest paying symbol is the red vial, followed by green, purple and blue.

Orange, green, purple and blue crystals account for the low paying symbols, and a Wild symbol is also present which is a blue orb – this will substitute for all symbols.

Alchemy Fortunes Slot Paytable

The Base Game and Features

The Base Game of Alchemy Fortunes Slot will centre around the Hyperclusters feature. Alchemy Fortunes is a cluster pays game, so to connect wins, you’ll need 5 or more matching symbols to connect either horizontally or vertically.

That’s basically what the Hypercluster feature is, and honestly it makes you wonder why All41Studios trademarked it, it’s not exactly new, most cluster games in fact need 5 or more matching symbols.

The confusion only spans further when you look at the Rolling Reels feature, which basically means that winning combinations are removed from the reels and replaced with new random symbols, meaning that multiple consecutive wins can occur per spin.

A nice feature to note, is that 3-6 Wild symbols may randomly be added on any non-winning spin, which may get the ball rolling.

Bewilderment aside as to why they’ve decided to name and trademark it, the Rolling Reels is a good feature to have, and it’ll be integral in filling up that vial we mentioned earlier, which is called the Magic Potion Meter.

Alchemy Fortunes Slot Gameplay


Magic Potion Meter

The Magic Potion Meter will fill up as you connect winning symbols, and features will be unlocked as you reach certain ‘milestones’ on your way to the top of the vial. There are 5 Levels in total.

  • Level 1 – 20 winning Symbols will award the Potion Swap
  • Level 2– 40 winning Symbols will award the Summon Wilds
  • Level 3 – 60 winning Symbols will award the Gem Crush
  • Level 4 – 80 Symbols will award Alchemy of Wilds
  • Level 5 – 100 Symbols will award Fortune Free Spins

Here’s what each of the aforementioned features do…

  • Potion Swap – All potion bottle symbols are swapped with another randomly selected potion bottle
  • Summon Wilds – 3-6 Wilds are added in random positions
  • Gem Crush – All gem symbols currently on screen will be removed and replaced with new random symbols
  • Alchemy of Wilds – When a Wild lands on the reels, the position will be marked, so when this feature activates all marked positions will turn the symbols Wild

That brings us nicely onto the Fortune Free Spins.

Fortune Free Spins

Fortune Free Spins doesn’t drastically change the game, 5 Spins are awarded and all it really does differently is guarantee that 5 Wilds will be added at the start of every spin.

This may not sound like much, but it’ll be quite important in helping to unlock all of the features again, and if you get to 100 once more then you’ll re-trigger the game.

Our Verdict

All41 Studios can be proud that their first entry into the grid slot format was a good one. Alchemy Fortunes Slot is a great looking game, and it can award great wins with its numerous features that you’ll unlock as you hit consecutive wins.

The max win is stated to be 1,100x on a single spin, which can definitely occur if you manage to progressively unlock those features, and manage to get lucky and re-trigger all of the features over and over.

It’s surprisingly not too hard to unlock the features either, it seems that the hit ratio in the game is quite high, but I suppose the only thing really missiing is one big grand finale feature at the end of the vial.

The 5 Free Spins in Alchemy Fortunes Slot are definitely good, and you can re-trigger again if you work your way up, but the Alchemy of Wilds just doesn’t seem as satisfying as seeing a great big gargantoon land on your screen.

Alchemy Fortunes Slot is available to play on selected Online Casinos now.