It doesn’t matter if you’re happy, sad, confused or indifferent, Microgaming’s Emoticoins Slot can stir up a range of emotions. Basically, what the design guys and gals at Microgaming HQ have done is to take our love of little yellow faces and turn them into one of the neatest new online slot machines around.
Of course, without knowing the basics of this video spinner, you’ll never be able to enjoy a rollercoaster ride of emotions with the Emoticoins slot game. So, to help you put a face to symbol, we’ve compiled a quick Emoticoins slot guide for your reading pleasure.

Breaking Down the Basics of Emoticoins Slots

As you’d expect, Emoticoins is all about quirky looking faces and, thanks to a fairly lean layout, these guys are the stars of the show. Now, we know that the adjective “lean” might not sound particularly appealing in the context of modern online slot games

. However, it’s actually a clever move in this instance because the interface actually feels light and, in many respects, like a mobile casino chat page.

Now, we’re not saying Emoticoins slots look exactly like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. But, the lack of extraneous detail does give it that feel. Indeed, when you add the emoticons into the mix, the overall look certainly fits well with the modern tech vibe you’ll know and love.

Game Provider Games Global
Maximum Bet 300
Maximum Win 750x
Paylines 30
Release Date 10/08/2017
RTP 96.50%
Mechanics Video Slots
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.3

Emoticoins Slot Game Play

Prizes, Payouts and More: Emoticoins’ Added Value

To spin the collection of faces, LOL speech bubbles and card symbols, you’ll need to adjust just one variable: the “bet” amount. Once you’ve set the bet to a level you’re comfortable with, the five reels and 30 fixed paylines will kick into action with a simple click of the spin button.

Of course, if you’re slightly lazy or just want to race through more spins per minute, Emoticoins has an auto play feature that allows you to roll through 10, 25, 50 or 100 bets without interruption.

Like any self-respecting slot, Emoticoins prizes are unlocked when you match three or more symbols. For small stakes spinners betting 0.30 units per round, three winking emoticons will net you 0.30 credits while a 30 credit prize can be yours for hitting five LOL symbols.

At the top end of the betting spectrum (300 units per spin), the same combination of symbols are worth 300 credits and 30,000 units respectively.

Why is Emoticoins Such a Hot Slot?

As impressive as the standard Emoticoins payout table looks at all stakes, the game really comes alive when you unlock its special features. The first Emoticoins bonus round that will make you smile is the LOL free spins. Three or more will not bank you an instant cash prize, but 10 free spins with sticky wilds.

If that’s not enough, “wild blasts” can pop up at random intervals and make it rain. With the power to appear in as many as five positions, the wilds will work in unison to create wins worth as much as 92,000 credits.

Regardless of your experience, skill level or the stakes you play for, the Emoticoins jackpot will make you smile more than the little yellow faces on the screen.