Volatile Vikings Slot Overview

The story of Vikings, their raids and the Norse Gods that they revered have been told countless times through many slots. The popularity of Vikings never seems to die down, and considering their history you can see why. Volatile Vikings from Relax Gaming looks to throw its own spin on the Norsemen in a pay anywhere Grid Slot that strangely enough reminds you of Sweet Bonanza.

First glances give little indication on what to expect in Volatile Vikings, but as the name suggests, you can safely assume to see your fair share of Nordic inspiration, and a lot of volatility.

In this Volatile Vikings Slot Review, we set sail on a Viking Longboat to see just how Volatile Volatile Vikings is.

Volatile Vikings Slot Base

Volatile Vikings Slot Theme

The visuals for Volatile Vikings are pretty gorgeous. It’s slots like Volatile Vikings that really showcases Relax Gaming’s talents in the artistic department with detailed visuals that really makes you feel immersed in the theme they’re trying to portray.

In the background, you’ll see a Viking Longship that has broke ground in an unforgiving icy landscape and you’ll hear ominous battle music to up the dramaticism a bit. What could these Vikings be doing here in these uninhabitable lands?

The visuals of Volatile Vikings becomes even more impressive during Free Spins where the background is aflame, which creates an even more compelling and pronounced visual experience.

Volatile Vikings: Betting and Symbols

Relax Gaming always cater to the masses with their extensive selection of betting options, and Volatile Vikings is no different.

Volatile Vikings can be played from £/€0.10 per spin as a minimum, and £/€50 per spin as a maximum. Plenty of options sit between the two, so there is ample choice for all kinds of players here.

When it comes to the symbols, the Minotaur looking symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game. Following on from this comes the Gold, Green, Purple and Blue Viking God totems. The Red, Yellow, Purple and Blue Viking runestones act as the lowest paying symbols.

There are also Multiplier Symbols, which is where you might see the resemblance between Volatile Vikings and Sweet Bonanza. More on that below.

Volatile Vikings: The Base Game and Features

Volatile Vikings is a 6 reel slot with a ‘pay anywhere’ mechanic.

To form a win, you’ll need 8+ of any type of regular symbol, anywhere on the board. The more symbols you have the better, 12+ of the highest paying symbols in the game pay 50x, 25x, 15x, 12x and 10x respectively, and the Multiplier Reveal has the potential to exponentially increase the size of your wins.

Volatile Vikings Base Game

Multiplier Reveal

Each spin begins with 2 Multiplier Reveal symbols on reels 3 and 4.

Each of the symbols has both a multiplier and a counter indicating the number of cascades needed to activate it. The counter for these symbols decreases by 1 for each winning cascade in the same spin, and once the counter reaches 0 it will unlock.

Once unlocked, the multiplier destroys up to 8 symbols adjacent to its position to make room for new symbols to drop in, and at the end of the spin, the win will be calculated and multiplied by the total multiplier unlocked.

If both Multipliers are revealed. then they’ll add together for a total multiplier. Multiplier totals that may appear are x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x7, x10, x20, x50 & x100.

The x50 and x100 multipliers bring so much excitement, but you’ll need to clear the counters first. This is something you didn’t see in Sweet Bonanza, if the multiplier landed with a win, then you were awarded the multiplier. The advantage here is that these are guaranteed on every spin, and they can appear in the Base Game. Pros and Cons.

Volatile Vikings: Free Spins

Landing 3 Bonus Symbols in the Base Game triggers 6 Free Spins, and any additional Bonus Symbols awards +1 Spins.

During Free Spins, the multiplier reveal works the same as it does in the Base Game, but it’s persistent for the remainder of Free Spins. Getting them Multipliers early is absolutely crucial for big wins. Without them, you can expect somewhat of a meagre bonus, unfortunately.

Free Spins Symbols may land on any spin, giving you +1 spins for every Scatter landed.

Volatile Vikings has very significant potential, but you’ll need to be lucky with big multipliers or a lot of smaller ones if you’re to see it for yourself.

Volatile Vikings Free Spins

Volatile Vikings: Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK may buy their way into the Bonus at the cost of 100x your stake.

The RTP for the Bonus Buy is 97%, and utilising this feature guarantees at least 3 Scatters.

Volatile Vikings Bonus Buy

Volatile Vikings: Our Verdict

We expect that opinions will be very divided on this one, especially among those who revere the likes of Sweet Bonanza.

Volatile Vikings is an incredible showing from Relax Gaming in many aspects, but it has pros and cons if you’re making comparisons to other slots. On one hand, you can expect 2 multipliers on every single spin, but the con is that they’re locked behind a counter that requires cascades to unlock them. Some may find this a frustrating aspect, and some may think it’s fair considering how they definitely show up.

The name of this slot certainly rings true, Volatile Vikings is very volatile. Through testing this one, we’ve had bonuses that paid extremely well, and others that just failed to find the multipliers needed to make the magic happen.

Volatile Vikings is extremely capable of wins of up to 20,000x possible, which far exceeds the likes of games that it could be closely compared to, and the RTP doesn’t look bad either at 96.23%.

Overall, we think that Volatile Vikings is a cracking game with lots of potential, but beware of the volatility, and think closely about the pros that come with locked Multipliers before you write it off.