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In this Q&A, it was our pleasure to speak to Ihor Lozinskiy, Game Producer at Push Gaming about the new and highly exciting Mad Cars Slot!
Mad Cars’ theme and symbols depict a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a whole new genre for Push Gaming, what was some of the inspiration behind this?


As with most of our games, the theme was led by the game’s primary mechanic, which for Mad Cars is focused on our starting grid of battle vehicles racing to the finish line at the top of the game board, and all the excitement and tension that comes along with this!

This led to us building a post-apocalyptic theme which has proven to be popular across mass media. For Mad Cars the obvious inspiration was, of course, the Mad Max movie series, however, we also drew from some of the creativity seen in Rock N’ Roll Racing a classic Nintendo game, that follows a similar theme.


What new features can we expect from Mad Cars Slot? 


One of the main game mechanics is Race Reels, a new and unique feature that we designed and developed at Push Gaming. Race Reels will see vehicles that are bet multipliers and award instant prizes, move from the bottom of the reels to the top by receiving Boosters from the Booster reel above the game grid.

The booster reel can award multiple different symbols including  Gas symbols, designed for car movement; Multiplier symbols that multiply the instant prize value of a vehicle and;     Multiplier and Gas combo symbol, which does both of these simultaneously.

We also have a Survivor top reel symbol for the Base game specifically. When there are multiple Instant Prize cars on the reels, only one can Finish, or multiple cars at the same time. This means that the other vehicles in the race that didn’t manage to finish will eventually spin off. We have designed this symbol as another chance to save these cars and allow them more opportunities to finish the race and award the player their cash prize.

In order to trigger the bonus game, aka the Mad Bonus, the player needs to get the scatter car to the finish line, upon it finishing, the scatter car will also pay an instant prize of 10x of the player’s bet.


Could you tell us more about this bonus round and what players should expect?


During the Mad Bonus, we focus entirely on the cars and the race. The bonus game is filled with additional features not found in the base game which can be awarded from the top booster reel and an additional random feature that, once triggered, pushes the free spins into overdrive!

The cars themselves work slightly differently in comparison to the base game. You will always have five cars on the reels at any one time, meaning whenever one car finishes and awards its prize it will be replaced by another at the bottom of the reel. Each car finishing also grants the player an additional spin creating a crescendo of fun and potential throughout the bonus round.

Within the Mad Bonus, there are three upgrades for the instant car prizes – payer, collector, and a payer and collector combo. Cars will be upgraded to any one of these if the top reel symbol above a car lands on the corresponding bonus.

  •       Payer – distributes its instant prize value to the other cars
  •       Collector – collects the values from the other cars in the race
  •       Payer/Collector – performs both of these features

The most exciting thing about these special cars is that their effect is persistent, and it continues after each spin when these cars are on the reels.

The top reel in the bonus round is also home to an additional booster that is called Line Up. When this booster symbol aligns with an Instant Prize Car on the reels, all other cars will move up and align to that car’s position.

The Mad Race random feature can trigger after the last spin and gives a possibility to collect all cars that are remaining on the reels, providing a chance for huge wins to be made!


 What do you think players will love most about this new release?


As you can see, the game is feature-packed and there can be so many different outcomes and ways for players to win. In my opinion, the main thing players will love is when there are multiple cars on the reels, and you are spinning to see which one is going to finish, it really is an exciting unique and entertaining experience.

With that being said the enjoyment offered in the Bonus Game is second to none and there are even more features available, Persistent Cars, in particular, are game-changers.



There are four different bonus buy options within Mad Cars – could you tell us more about these?


We have worked hard to create lots of different bonus buy options that integrate multiple features at a variety of different costs for everybody to enjoy.

  •       Mad Bonus – is a regular bonus feature that players can win within the base game.
  •       Payer Bonus – within this bonus the persistent payer car is guaranteed from the very beginning of the feature.
  •       Collector Bonus – similarly the collector bonus has a collector car guaranteed from the first spin of the bonus.

Finally, the mystery mad bonus is something different for both Push Gaming and players. Once bought players will be presented with a wheel containing the three previous outcomes, and one additional the payer/collector with each having its own segment. If players are awarded the payer/collector bonus they are guaranteed to receive a persistent payer & collector combo car, which offers insane amounts of winning potential.

We didn’t want to make this a separate bonus buy option, because it would be quite expensive due to the amount of potential this bonus offers. Upon crunching the numbers it would have carried a charge of more than 3000x to buy alone if I am not mistaken but we are proud of the amount of potential available through this game mechanic and want to leave a possibility for players to receive this special bonus through this bonus buy option.




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