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Domestic and international markets are Storm Gaming’s specialty, and it definitely shows through their extensive land based experience and successful transition to the online iGaming sector. In this review, we’ll talk about Storm Gaming, their innovations, top slots and growth.

Storm Gaming are a UK based company who create award nominated games, platforms and system solutions for domestic and international markets.

Storm Gaming has been active in both the UK and European market for over 10 years, and with this extensive experience came a lot of partnerships.

In this Storm Gaming Review, we’ll be exploring some the titles bestowed upon us by the provider.

Best Storm Gaming Slots

Storm Gaming started off offering land based gaming before taking their talents online with Video Slots for the Online Casino Industry.

This naturally means that their games are a lot more modern than they used to be, and their extensive experience has now manifested into captivating titles with new mechanics.

Storm Gaming regularly utilise Big Time Gaming’s Megaways mechanic, as well as unique and original ideas.

Megaways Mob (96.40% RTP)

Megaways Mob from storm gaming was impressive in both gameplay and the potential it had.

The East End London theme gave the game a lot of personality, and the max £250,000 potential win would turn even the most law abiding citizens into mobsters

Megaways Mob was a Megaways game in the most classical sense, with cascading reels and progressive multiplier Free Spins, which appealed to a majority of players still in love with this classical Megaways formula.

Monsters of Rock Megaways (96.29% RTP)

Monsters of Rock Megaways appealed to the rocker within all of us with a grandiose and neon lit concert that had you headbanging and rocking when the big wins rolled in.

Monsters of Rock was a milestone in Storm Gaming’s transition from Land Based operations to the iGaming sector, and it showed just how capable they are in making such a transition.

Monsters of Rock was also classical in the sense that it followed the same formula as the purest version of Megaways, with cascading reels and progressive multipliers within the Free Spins.

Storm Gaming – Availability and Market Size

As mentioned, Storm Gaming started off long ago in the land based sector, and despite their vast portfolio of games, not all of them have made it to the iGaming sector.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Storm Gaming are relatively small given their small-ish portfolio of Online Slots, but in truth their real portfolio is substantial.

Storm Gaming seem to be focusing on new horizons with new and fresh ideas, so hopefully we’ll see more from them going forward.

You’ll find Storm Gaming instalments at some of your favourite casinos, like Video Slots and Playzee Casino

Storm Gaming – Creativity

Storm Gaming seem to have a particular affinity at the moment for Megaways games, but really who doesn’t?

At the moment, these seem to follow the tried and true structure of the purest version of Megaways games with cascading reels and incremental multipliers. It would be good to see some more innovation from them in this department, even if it meant that it wasn’t a Megaways Slot.

Props have to be given to Storm Gaming for what they’ve done with their branded portfolio of games though. Branded games aren’t always the most popular, but they’re instantly recognisable by their popular theme and Storm Gaming have done a few of the legendary forms of media justice here.


Storm Gaming instalments are very useable, with simple to understand and high quality user interfaces. Some providers do it better than others, and Storm Gaming certainly isn’t the best out there, as it does have what you could call a more classic or dated aesthetic, but it’s still pretty simple to understand which is the main thing

Storm Gaming, What Else?

Extensive experience and an ever growing portfolio mean that Storm Gaming are a provider you shouldn’t underestimate. Some more innovative content wouldn’t go a miss, but given their know-how we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see even more exciting things from the provider very soon. Storm Gaming may not be on the same level as other favourites, but they’re driven attitude can only bode well for future content.



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