Print Studios

Print Studios are a new and exciting developer founded by Carl Wiggman, Filip Wargéus and Tomas Calmfors in 2020.

The vision behind Print Studios is to build a fanbase for casino enthusiasts in search of deeper gameplay, and it’s safe to say that they’ve made some noise since their inception. Few new providers stand out as much as Print Studios have in their short history, and all eyes are on them now for what looks to be a promising future.

Carl, Filip and their valued team are a group of industry professionals with different backgrounds, perspectives and talents. Each member of the team brings their own expertise, and together they’ve created an efficient and imaginative group of individuals who are dedicated in their quest to create some inventive, quality titles.

Print Studios are calculated in their endaevours right down to their very name. The name ‘Print’ comes from general enthusiasts jardon whereby high paying slot machines might pay big, or ‘print’, to be precise. Print Studios are admittedly hardcore players themselves, and with each and every release they aim to deliver an experience where printing feels near and fun.

Without further ado, let’s check out the impressive Print Studios’ history and some of their titles so far.

Print Studios may have been incepted in 2020, but it didn’t take them long to form mutually beneficial partnerships with the likes of Relax Gaming, who welcomed Print Studios into their Silver Bullet Programme in 2021.

Their agreement with Print Studios was mutually beneficial for both parties of course, but for Print Studios it was a chance to get noticed.

Relax Gamings Silver Bullet Programme integrates Print Studios slots into the Relax Platform, which provides distribution for innovative small studios, giving them time to work on what they do best, creating slots.

This agreement also gives Print Studios the platform they need to get their slots out into a competitive marketplace. By partnering with Relax Gaming, Print Studios are able to bring their titles to operators who hosts Relax Gaming titles.

Make no mistake though, this Silver Bullet partnership with Relax Gaming was by no means a ‘silver spoon’ for Print Studios.

Print Studios has been showcasing innovative brilliance and hard work since the very beginning, and their partnership with Relax Gaming is further proof if it was needed of their appeal to not only players, but to other providers and operators too.

Print Studios has certainly worked hard so far, but where they’re going is more important than where they’ve been.

Bringing something ‘fresh’ to the scene is as much an ambition today as it was when Print Studios began, so with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of their great titles so far.

Book of Destiny

Book of Destiny

was Print Studios’ first foray into the world of slots. Book of Destiny began life as a LeoVegas exclusive, and it followed in the footsteps of popular ‘Book of’ slots that came before it.

It was easy to think that Book of Destiny would be just another run of the mill book slot with its classic Egyptian theme, but the differences between Book of Destiny and the rest soon became apparent.

Scatter Boost, Destiny Gambles, Bonus Buys and a ‘pick your own symbol’ feature really gave Book of Destiny the boost it needed to stand out from a crowded genre, and we must say, the graphics in this one are pretty incredible too.

Crystal Golem

Crystal Golem

was the first from Print Studios to really showcase their ability.

Despite being only their second slot, Crystal Golem brought something completely new, SuperSpinners™.

SuperSpinners exponentially improved the potential of both the Base Game and Free Spins with multipliers that would amplify the wins of lines that passed through them.

Impressive and innovative features, solid graphics and attention to detail made Crystal Golem a statement piece from a provider challenging the idea of the conventional slot

Crystal Golem Free Spins

Royal Potato

Royal Potato

showed us even more of Print Studios’ innovative mindset, and their light-hearted side too.

Royal Potato is a slot about a potato so insanely expensive that there’s actually a waiting list to get them. At 500 euros per kilogram they’re practically royalty. We don’t envision getting out hands on some Le Bonnotte Potatoes any time soon, but we were thrilled to get our hands on the slot.

Royal Potato and its SuperSpinners and Royal Levy feature really blew everyone’s minds when it came out, and it still does now.

Royal Potato Free Spins

Out of the Ice

At the time of writing, Out of the Ice is the latest and perhaps the greatest in the Print Studios portfolio.

Print Studios gave us a clever way to enter the bonus round by getting out of the ice on the right side of the reels, and Merfolk Multipliers together with the freezing respin feature gave Out of the Ice unreal potential.

Out of the Ice hasn’t been out for long, and already its getting the right kind of attention for a provider looking to bolster their foothold in this competitive market.

Believe us when we say Print Studios are a studio to look out for.

It’s almost unbelievable to conceive how new they are when you see what sort of content they’re creating, and if it’s that good now then what does the future have in store?

Print Studios should be proud of what they’ve created so far, and we look forward to witnessing their ascension to greatness as they continue on their quest for innovation.



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