Tarasque Slot Review

Tarasque from Print Studios ushers in another innovative piece from the revered provider, who regularly hits the mark with players looking for unique gameplay.

Their latest instalment is inspired not by Roman, Greek or Norse mythology, but by French. The Tarasque is a legendary dragon from Provence in southern France, and it was said to be tamed by Saint Martha of the New Testament. This legendary beast was said to have the head of a lion and a turtle-like carapace, plus six feet with claws like a bear. If that wasn’t terrifying enough already, it also had the ability to expel poisonous breath.

Print Studios possess an astounding ability to captivate players straight away with ideas, graphics and gameplay that blow you away, and Tarasque is another to grab your attention.

The game promises a thrilling adventure, beckoning players to face the legendary creature in a quest for glory.

Tarasque Base Game and Features

Tarasque is an 8×8 Video Slot with a Cluster Pays mechanic. Landing 5 or more of the same symbol type adjacent to each other creates a winning combination.

Tarasque can be played for as little as £.€0.10 per spin, up to a maximum of £.€50 per spin, with multiple options in between the two. This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.30% and a max win cap of 20,000x.

The highest-paying symbol here is the Character with the Yellow background, followed by Characters with the Red, Green, and Blue backgrounds. Low-paying symbols fall to Horseshoes, Lemons, Shells, and Clovers. Wilds substitute for all High and Low-paying symbols.

Each winning cluster on the grid will be removed from play, making room for new symbols to drop in from above via a Cascade Feature. This continues until no more winning clusters are present on the grid.

Game Provider Print Studios
Maximum Bet 50
Maximum Win 20,000x
Paylines Cluster Pays
Release Date 22/02/2024
RTP 96.30%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility High
Reels 8x8
Minimum Bet 0.10

Morphing Clusters

During each spin, a random symbol is selected as the special Morphing Symbol. If there is a win between a winning cluster and the morphing symbol, the cluster will transform into a different symbol type adjacent to the cluster, changing the Morphing symbol into a new symbol.

This process continues until there are no further matches between a cluster and the current Morphing symbol. If the morphing cluster is a full grid cluster, it will transform into a random High or Low-paying symbol. During the Unleash stage, if the current morphing symbol does not match the next symbol placed, it will transform into a new symbol type.

Celestial Blessings

During gameplay, any winning cluster in view can be randomly Multiplied by x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, or x20. An Angel animation will float onto the grid and award one of the above Multiplier values.

Progressive Features

There are 4 special Progressive Features available, indicated in the progress bar to the left of the grid. At the beginning of each spin, the 4 Features will be randomly placed in random order on the first 4 levels of the progress bar, with one also available on level 5.

The Progress Bar increases each time a winning cluster, and when it reaches the next level, the feature level will be highlighted. Once all wins are complete, the lowest highlighted feature will activate. The higher a feature level is activated, the more powerful it will be.

  • Wild Spikes – Adds a random number of Wilds to grid positions, between 4 and 24. The higher the level, the more Wilds are added.
  • Blazing Gaze – Removes between 1 and 5 Low-paying symbols. On higher levels. Low-paying symbols will also be removed in subsequent Cascades.
  • Mage’s Morph – Places between 6 and 45 Morphing symbols onto the grid. The higher the level, the more Morphing symbols are added.
  • Bulking Beast – The Tarasque will increase in size until there are no more wins, up to a max size of 4×4. The higher the level, the bigger the size.

The Tarasque – Devour & Unleash Feast Feature

The Tarasque acts as a Wild symbol and is placed at random on the grid when the first Progressive Feature activates. During the Devour stage, all winning symbols from clusters the Tarasque is part of are collected.

When no more wins or Progressive Features occur, the Tarasque will enter the Unleash Stage. The Unleash stage begins with placing all the collected symbols of the lowest value onto the grid.

At the end of all wins, the next collected symbol will be positioned on the grid in the same manner. During this stage, up to a full screen can be placed at any one time.

During the Unleash stage, the Progress Bar will be inactive, and only symbols not yet placed can be collected. At the end of all wins and there are no more collected symbols to be placed, the Devour & Unleash Feature will end.

Tarasque Morphing Symbols Feature

Tarasque: Our Verdict

Tarasque is completely unexpected, remarkable, imaginative and extremely capable. The game’s mechanics are not just innovative, but almost mind-boggling in their complexity and engagement, offering players a fresh and exciting experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

The blend of the mystical Tarasque legend with modern features creates an immersive and thrilling adventure, appealing to those with an affinity for mythology, and offering a fresh new perspective for those tired of the conventional Greek, Roman and Norse status quo.

When testing the game ourselves we found ourselves stunned with how incredibly diverse it felt. The unique Morphin clusters feature adds an unpredictable and exhilarating twist to gameplay, and the Wild Spikes, Blazing Gaze, Mage’s Morpho and Bulking Beast features made Tarasque a complete package. We thought we’d miss a dedicated Free Spins round, considering how proficient Print Studios have been with making them in the past, but Tarasque felt seamless. Inside the game a Celestial Blessings feature exists to enhance gameplay, and in a sense, Tarasque seems like a Celestial Blessing unto itself to players everywhere.

All of these features, along with a stunning 20,000x win cap makes Tarasque a slot that you do not want to miss. We’d implore even those with a preference for traditional slots to give it a try.

Overall, Tarasque is a testament to the creative prowess of Print Studios, offering a gaming experience that is as mind-boggling in its complexity as it is rewarding in its potential.