Book of Destiny Slot Review 2022

Relax Gaming partner Print Studios are throwing their hats into the ‘Book’ genre ring with Book of Destiny!

At first glance, one might think that Book of Destiny is just more of the same, but with exceedingly good graphics. An Egyptian theme and symbols that follows the lead of slots that came before it seems to indicate that much to be the case, but looks can be deceiving after all.

Book of Destiny tries something very different with the way it handles the bonus round, but looks Perhaps Book of Destiny is named as such because you choose your own destiny? and maybe when you take things into your own hands like this you’re destined to win big?

Everyone has a choice to make in Book of Destiny, and the brave (or greedy) among us can choose to strive for even more.

Let’s head into the Egyptian tombs that we know so well for a familiar yet new adventure in Book of Destiny.

Book of Destiny Gameplay (2)

Book of Destiny Slot Theme

Although Book of Destiny seems to have the same sort of inspiration as trusty old favourites, the difference in quality is very clear. The graphical quality of Book of Destiny far outweighs others like it, and the music really immerses you in the Egyptian setting here.

Two ancient statues sit prominently beside the reels, and the inscriptions on the pillars on the wall and around the pillars tells us that this particular tomb has been long forgotten…until now.

With designs like this, we could only imagine what sort of gorgeous looking slots Print Studios could come up with if they dared to venture away from the safety of Egypt, and perhaps they will in future slots.

Book of Destiny: Betting and Symbols

Book of Destiny has a minimum bet option os £/€0.10 per spin, and a maximum option of £/€100 per spin. With plenty of different options in between the two, there’s definitely something for all different kinds of tomb raiders.

In terms of symbols, Book of Destiny is very familiar. The highest paying symbol is the Explorer, followed by Horus, Thoth and Anubis. Low paying symbols are Ace, King, Queen Jack & 10, and there’s a Wild Book symbol which also acts as a Scatter.

Book of Destiny: The Base Game and Features

Book of Destiny has very traditional Book Style gameplay with its 10 fixed pay lines.

To form a win, you’ll need at least 2 of the higher paying symbols or 3 of the lower paying symbols to connect from left to right along any of the fixed pay lines.

One of the biggest reasons why Book slots became so popular was undoubtedly down to their bonus features, but there’s a lot to be said for the Base Game too. Connecting a whole line of just about any symbol yields a shiny reward for explorers, and this much is especially true if you hit with the explorer symbol.

If you’re a player that cares not about the Base Game because you’re all about the bonus, then ther’s an ideal option for you called Scatter Boost

Scatter Boost

When Scatter Boost is activated, there are more scatters on the reels.

The cost of this is half of your current bet.

Not a bad price to pay for the chance at landing the bonus even quicker. It’s hard to say how we feel about these kinds of features though. On one hand, it’s great to have, but on the other it doesn’t inspire much confidence about the ability of the slot without it activated. It really can feel like a double-edged sword, because part of you feels almost obliged to activate it.

Regardless of what you think of this feature, you can’t deny that Book style slots are seemingly timeless. Of course, there are some who think their time has been and gone, but print Studios looks to counteract this argument with a few minor tweaks that make a big difference when it comes to Free Spins

Book of Destiny: Free Spins

To trigger Free Spins, you’ll need to land at least 3 Book Scatter Symbols where 10 Free Spins are awarded.

In conventional Book slots, a symbol will be randomly chosen for you, but in Book of Destiny you’ll choose yourself. Any of the higher or lower paying symbols may be chosen as the special expanding symbol, so you really can influence the volatility here.

When chosen, Free Spins will begin with your chosen symbol. 2 or more high paying symbols or 3 or more low paying ones will expand to cover their respective reels, and a pay anywhere mechanic kicks in. Book of Destiny can also be retriggered by landing 3 more books, and when this happens you’ll get 10 more spins, and another special symbol.

There seems to be an unspoken rule about Book Slots and Legacy style slots, where 10 Free Spins usually gives you only one symbol regardless of a retrigger, and Legacy gives you 8 Free Spins but with the chance of another symbol. Book of Destiny seems to give you the best of both worlds, and if that wasn’t enough, you could actually start the bonus with up to 3 symbols right off the bat.

Book of Destiny Free Spins

Destiny Gamble

Before Free Spins and after you choose your special symbol, you may gamble for the chance to get a second symbol, and then a third if successful.

Each time you gamble there is a chance that you’ll lose altogether, which forfeits your bonus entirely. Utilising this feature could be a risky play, but it could be one that pays off.

Book of Destiny Gamble

Book of Destiny: Bonus Buy

Here’s another little something that you don’t usually see in this genre of slot, apart from with a couple of notable exceptions like Nolimit City’s Book of Shadows, of course.

The Bonus Buy Feature here is actually pretty reasonably priced when compared to others at 75x your stake. Anything below the 100x mark seems like a bargain, to be honest.

Sadly, this won’t be available to players within the UK, or other jurisdictions that may have banned bonus buys.

Watch Our Big Win on Book of Destiny!

Josh and Scotty got a taste of the potential of Book of Destiny when they tried it on stream. Horus, or ‘fat beaky’ as he was affectionately dubbed certainly pulled his weight in this bonus!

Book of Destiny: Our Verdict

Book of Destiny surprised us in how it went a bit further to make itself stand out from the crowd.

Some of these changes are only minor, but they really do make a big difference. The only thing that really does conform to normality here is the theme. Despite how good the graphics are, we hope Print Studios decide to show more of the same innovative mindset in a setting that hasn’t been done a million times before, but the chosen inspiration for this one does still attract a big crowd after all.

Statistically, Book of Destiny looks incredible too. An RTP of 96.50% puts it well above average, and the maximum win capability of 10,823x would make even the most cowardly among us run head first into the potential pit falls and spike traips of the ancient tombs.

Overall, very little bad can be said about Book of Destiny. However, regardless of how good Book of Destiny is, it does belong to a group of slots where only Book of Dead and Legacy of Dead seem to remain supreme. Many slots have gone further than both of these examples in innovating the genre, but at the end of the day we all seem to return to Rich Wilde and his chissled jawline.

Will Book of Destiny enjoy longevity like the greats do? or will it fade into irrelevance? Only time will tell, but Book of Destiny certainly has all of the right stuff to enjoy ample success and positive feedback from picky gamblers.