Royal Potato Slot Review 2021

Royal Potato from Print Studios takes us to a place we’d never think we’d go. The slot world is dominated with Wild West, Pirate, Vikings, Safari and classic fruity themes and we come across them every day. But was a Potato ever on our radar? and a royal one at that? Definitely not, but we’re here and we’re ready to experience the sovereignty of a root vegetable in all of its glory.

Print Studios are a Relax Gaming Partner who established themselves in 2020 and quickly gained traction as a provider to look out for. Book of Destiny may have capatalised on a common ‘book of’ genre, and it may have even used the most common theme of them all. However, what it did do is change up the formula a little bit with simple yet effective solutions that made it feel fresh.

Soon after this, Print Studios surprised us all with their innovative Crystal Golem which made use of their trademarked SuperSpinners Feature. This Feature introduced mechanics whereby wins may be increased if pay line wins pass through a SuperSpinner, and the effects can even be magnified should the win pass through more than one.

Royal Potato welcomes the return of this exciting feature, and we’re excited to see how it materialises in a new instalment beneath the earth and in the presence of royalty.

Royal Potato Base

Royal Potato Concept

At this point you may well be asking yourself ‘why potatoes?’. ‘Why Not?’ could very well be an equally fair argument, but we ourselves were curious about the inspiration for this one too.

Print Studios were kind enough to speak to us about Royal Potato, and we asked the very same question. The world of slots is full of material themes with styles and concepts that encompass gold, treasure, jewels, and other riches…but none quite touch on the costly price of a particular and exclusive potato, the La Bonnotte.

This particular potato is only grown on a tiny plot of land in the Île de Noirmoutier in France, and only a few tons are produced each year. We won’t sit here and pretend that we’re potato experts, but it certainly sounds like a pretty exclusive potato, and exclusive means expensive.

Royal Potato was basically way for Print Studios to delve into the idea of ‘wealth’ like so many other slot providers, but in a way that nobody else has tried before. Its sort of stupid, but in the best sense of the word. It’s light-hearted, it’s funny, and it’s certainly unique.

Royal Potato Theme

Royal Potato certainly grabs your attention from the get go. In the background you’ll see some super exclusive potatoes growing in the ground, but more prominent than that is the potato statues either side of the reel, and the throne between theme.

Prior to writing this review we were but humble consumers of ordinary potatoes, but we sit here now with a monocle and a top hat as aristocratic consumers of the highest quality potatoes instead. Suddenly the monopoly man seems poor, and a Maris Piper Potato seems repugnant. We may well head off to our local shops after this review to scowl at the peasants with their normie potatoes.

Jokes aside, Royal Potato seemingly does the impossible by making something so regular seem so luxurious. The music certainly helps in this regard too, if you manage to get yourself to Free Spins you’ll be treated to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, which is a classical song synonymous with the sort of class that Royal Potato is trying to convey.

Royal Potato: Betting and Symbols

Royal Potato is playable from as little as £/€0.20 per spin or as much as £/€40 per spin. There are plenty of different options in between the two, so there’s certainly something for everyone in this sense.

When it comes to the symbols, the highest paying symbols are the King, Queen, Desirée, Yukon, Russet, and Kennebec. Low paying symbols are the Purple Flower, Orange Flower, Green Flower and Blue Flower. There’s also the all-important Jumbo Symbol, which will be paramount in Free Spins

Game Provider Print Studios
Maximum Bet 40
Maximum Win 30,000x
Paylines 30
Release Date 01/12/2021
RTP 96.29% (97.18% Bonus Buy
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 5
Minimum Bet 0.2

Royal Potato: The Base Game and Features

Royal Potato is a 5 reel slot with 30 fixed pay lines. To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right on adjacent reels along any of these lines, starting from the left-most reel, and only the highest win per line is paid.

Those of you who were a fan of Print Studios’ previous and innovative title Crystal Golem may want to pay attention, because the SuperSpinners Feature makes a return in Royal Potato! Here’s how it works…

Royal Potato Base Game


In between each reel sits SuperSpinners, and there are 14 in total.

If you form a win and your win line travels through one of the SuperSpinners with a number on it, then the win will be multiplied by the number displayed. If the win travels through more than one SuperSpinner, then the win will be multiplied by the first value before that total is multiplied by the next value.

This feature was great in Crystal Golem, and it’s just as good here too. Granted, symbols do not cascade in Royal Potato like they did in Crystal Golem, so SuperSpinners can’t grow and form in light of wins like they did before, but Print Studios has made is just as relevant with the Royal Levy Feature.

Royal Levy Feature

The King and Queen symbols may randomly trigger the Royal Levy feature at any point in the Base Game. Each of the King or Queen symbols in view will spin to reveal a random prize before being multiplied by the sum of all current SuperSpinner multipliers.

This can be pretty huge if you get high prize values together with a lot of SuperSpinners. It’s also quite indicative on the potential of the SuperSpinners Feature. At it’s very core, it works in very much the same way as it did in Crystal Golem, but there are notable changes to the way it may execute through innovative features.

Free Spins

Free Spins is where Royal Potato really shows us what it’s made of. Three or more Scatters trigger Free Spins, and when you get there you’ll meet the Jumbo Symbol for the first time. 3, 4 or 5 Scatter Symbols award 10, 12 and 14 Free Spins respectively.

Free Spins begins with a sticky 2×1 Jumbo Symbol in the center of the reels. This symbol is Wild…Sort of anyway. The Jumbo Wild substitutes for symbols highlighted to the left of the reel, and you’ll definitely want to hit these in order to grow the Jumbo Wild.

If you achieve a win on all currently highlighted symbols, then the Jumbo Symbol will grow. As it grows, it substiutes for more symbols, which means even more potential! At it’s maximum size, the Jumbo symbol will cover the entire play area. SuperSpinners continues to be active during Free Spins too, which really accentuates the potential.

Print Studios were kind enough to give us some stats that sheds some light on the potential of Royal Potato once things get going

  • Stage 1 average win in free spins: 5.53x
  • Stage 2 average win in free spins: 17.76x
  • Stage 3 average win in free spins: 61.95x
  • Stage 4 average win in free spins: 395.19x
  • Stage 5 average win in free spins: 1,008.50x
  • Stage 6 average win in free spins: 10,402.58x
  • Chance to get stage 3 or above in Free spins: 41%

Royal Potato Free Spins

Bonus Buy

Those outside of the UK may utilise a Bonus Buy Feature to jump straight into the action. The cost of this is 93x your bet.

The RTP of Royal Potato is 96.31%, but when you buy the bonus it’s 97.2%

Some more stats! 

  • Chance to get more than 3 scatters in bonus buy: 4.7%

Royal Potato: Our Verdict

In our eyes, few new studios show as much promise as Print Studios, if any. We’re a big fan of how they’ve taken a somewhat silly approach to Royal Potato, it’s things like this that really makes a game stand out, no matter how eccentric the theme may be.

Royal Potato does a lot more than just impress with it’s hilarious theme though, Royal Potato has astounding potential, but beware of the volatility. We’re all very much aware of the shift in the direction to super high volatile slots, and Royal Potato very much feels like one of those slots. Quite a few slots err on the side of high volatility…and sometimes they get a bad wrap for it. You can’t have a slot with super high pay out potential but also consistent pay out potential. When you’re playing highly volatile games you’re signing up for something that could well give you nothing, or absolutely everything.

When we tested Royal Potato ourselves we had a fair few stinkers, but every now and again Royal Potato sprouted from the ground in a glorious manner.

The maximum win potential in Royal Potato is 30,000x, and if you hit it then you may well just be able to afford a couple of La Bonnotte potatoes yourself.

Overall, Royal Potato is an ample showing of Print Studios greatness, and perhaps a foreshadowing of their future prominence in the industry as one of the greats.