Reapers Slot Review 2024

Reapers is an upcoming slot from Print Studios takes us to a distant galaxy to a planet colonized by Planet Earth years ago where we’ll explore an energy facility overrun with creatures.

Thankfully, our cybernetic looking protagonist has the reapers at his side to help, and he’ll need all the help he can get to disperse of those critters.

Reapers isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. The innovative twists here rewrites what you thought you knew about slot gaming by taking you to a place that disregards conventional gaming rules. The aim here is to deliver an experience unlike any other, and at first glance it certainly looks like they’ve succeeded.

Reapers is set to be dynamic, immersive, other-wordly and rigorously thought out by a studio determined to deliver an immersive story as well as gameplay.

The protaganist has taken on his mission, but will Reapers take off? or is the learning curve just too steep?

From what we’ve seen so far we don’t quite understand it, but we’re excited to figure it out as we try it ourselves.

Reapers Slot Base Game

Check out the Explosive Soundtrack for Reapers!

Reapers Slot – The Base Game and Features

Reapers is an 8×8 cluster pay slot with a layer mechanic, collector mechanics and free spins.

The Base Game of Reapers consists of 15 barriers grouped into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 barriers. The Layer mechanic shows multiple symbol grids stacked in front of each other, and removing a grid exposes the next one

To do this  you’ll need to shut down the barrier. The aim is to shut down all 15 barriers to reach the bonus.

At your disposal is 5 Reapers. These are used to eliminate Critters, collect Energy Cells and shut down Barriers. Each Reaper also has its own ability, which can be unlocked.



Form a cluster win, and a Reaper of the matching type is placed adjacent to the cluster.

All matching symbols and symbol clusters adjacent to the Reaper are transformed into Energy Cells and collected.


To collect charges you’ll need 5 energy cells.

These charges are consumed when shutting down barriers. The total number of charges needed to shut down a barrier increases at each barrier group

  • Group 1 & 2: 1 Charge
  • Group 3: 2 Charges
  • Group 4: 3 Charges
  • Group 5: 6 Charges

Special Abilities

Each Reaper has a special ability that makes it easier to progress. To activate the ability, the reaper needs to collect a Power Core.

The Power Core is collected when adjacent to the Reaper, or when the adjacent to a symbol collected by the Reaper.

The Special abilities exist only in the Base Game, and here’s what they do:

Energizer (Blue Reaper)

Increases each Reaper’s number of collected symbols by 1. Once per symbol grid

Linker (Green Reaper)

Allows itself and other Reapers on the grid to link up and collect matching symbols adjacent to each other.

Transformer (Purple Reaper)

Once the Transformer is done collecting, it will transform all remaining purple symbols into another symbol type.

Expander (Orange Reaper)

Increases its collection area to 4×4 symbols so that all symbols within that area will be considers adjacent

Erupter (Red Reaper)

Chooses a random multiplier that will be applied to all collected wins. The multiplier ranges from 2x to 10x and updates at the beginning of each symbol grid.

Reapers Bonus

The Bonus game in Reapers will begin once all 15 barriers are cleared.

There are 5 levels in the bonus game, each of which consists of 75 symbol grids. All symbols and symbol clusters within, or partly within, the 4×4 are will be collected, and to start the next level enough symbols will need to collect.

Reapers Bonus Game

The lower paying symbols start to eliminate once you get to the higher levels, which results in higher wins. However, more symbols are needed to progress to each additional level, so you’ll want to hope for as many symbols as possible.

Reapers Slot Bonus Round

Reapers – Feature Buy

The Reapers Feature buy is a strange one.

Rather that buy yourself straight into the bonus game you’re buying a number of guaranteed Reaper Symbols.

There’s a chance of racking up a fairly decent win on your way through the barriers, so even if you don’t get to the actual bonus game there’s a decent chance that you’ll get your money back, or even more in some cases.

Reapers Slot – Our Verdict

Reapers is a productive masterpiece from Print Studios in more ways than one, but are gamers ready for it?

We sit here astounded with the thought it must have taken to piece Reapers together, and we appreciate the story, tutorials, graphics, sounds and characters that makes it feel like a video game.

It’s a very confusing game at first, but Print Studios recognises it and accounts for it with in depth information and tutorials at various stages in the game. The interesting dynamic here is nothing short of a firm confirmation of Print Studios ascension to greatness.

We still stand by that no other ‘young’ studio shows so much promise, but if Reapers does not succeed. it would be down to players unwillingness to learn about it. It is complex, and it’s far from conventional.

The reimagining of slots as we know it will sit well with players looking for a new and interesting experience, but it’s yet to be seen if its advancements could be its downfall too.

We tested it ourselves rather thoroughly and it grew on us more and more as we played it. We didn’t always know what was going on, but in a way the not knowing enhanced the experience.

Experiencing something completely new isn’t something you get to do every day in the world of slots. Providers are too happy to slap a Megaways mechanic in their games or use tried and true methods, but few dare to venture out into the galaxy like Print Studios.

In terms of potential, Reapers looks amazingly fruitful with up to 20,000x as a maximum win cap. We’d love to see it, and we’ve a lucky few will.

We love Reapers, and even if it doesn’t turn into a smash hit, you can’t deny Print Studios the deserved kudos for making something different.