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Initial preview for the upcoming slot based on the current information provided to us. No demo is available yet so a full review will be completed once we have played the game.

Little Big Horn Slot Review Coming Soon

Little Big Horn is an upcoming slot from Nolimit City, due to be released on the 11th October 2022.

We don’t currently have enough information on this new slot to conduct a full, thorough, and fair review, but keep checking back to find out more about this new game!

What Do We Know About Little Big Horn So Far?

Here’s what we know so far about Little Big Horn!

xMount® – Scalp Wild

Scalp Wild can only land on the 5 symbol-high reel.
When landing the Scalp Wild, all American soldiers will be turned into Wild
symbols. The Scalp Wild will then nudge and expand over the entire reel. For
each nudge, the American soldiers’ heads would be scalped, giving +1 multiplier
to the now-turned Wild symbols.

Totem Wild

Totem Scatters can only land on reels 2,3, and 4 in the base game and Scalp
Freespins. During Spirit Call Freespins, Totem Scatters only land on reels 3,4
and 5.
Landing one or two Totem Scatters in base game will convert them to
expanding Wild(s).
Any Totem Scatter that lands in Freespins will become an expanding Wild and
award +1 spin.
Landing 3 Totem Scatters in the base game will trigger Scalp Freespins.

No Mercy Scatter – Spirit Call Respin

May the spirits give you strength. No Mercy Scatter can land only on the 5th
reel. Spirit Call Respin is triggered in base game when it lands in full on that reel.
No Mercy Scatter moves to the first reel and a respin begins. It will then reveal
one of the below Wild Chieftains:

Sitting Bull: Turns his symbols into expanding Wilds

Crazy Horse: Turns his symbols into normal Wilds. For each Crazy Horse
symbol landing on the reels, +1 multiplier is added to all of his symbols.

Two Moon: Turns his symbols into normal wilds.
The No Mercy Scatter symbol is counted as 1 symbol size.

Scalp Freespins

3 Totem Scatters will trigger 8 Scalp Freespins.
Scalp Wilds (xMount®) will increase the sticky win multiplier by 1 for each
scalped symbol, applicable for remaining spins.
Landing a Totem Scatter will convert itself to an expanding Wild and award
+1 spin.
Landing another No Mercy Scatter activates Spirit Call Freespins and awards
+2 spins.

Spirit Call Freespins

3 Totem Scatters and a No Mercy Scatter will trigger 10 Spirit Call Freespins.
In addition to the Scalp Freespin features, No Mercy Scatter will stick on the first
reel. For every spin, it will transform into one of the Wild Chieftains – Sitting Bull,
Crazy Horse and Two Moon.

Scalp xBet®

Charge! At a cost of an extra 50%, the player is guaranteed a Totem Scatter on
the second reel, increasing the change to trigger Freespins substantially.

Firewater Party

Victory is yours. The max payout of the game is 25,676 x the base bet.

Nolimit Bonus – Bonus Buy

Buy your way straight into one of the different bonus features, ranging from 77x
to 490x the base bet.

Why Do We Care About New Releases?

A better question to ask is why wouldn’t we? Some of the most renowned slots started off as mere concepts, and some may have even come from providers that aren’t that big when compared to industry giants.

Every new slot has the potential to be the next big thing. We’re passionate about innovative new concepts, their weird and wonderful themes, and their heart-stopping potential. Whether it’s a Megaways Slot, a Jackpot slot, a sequel, or a brand-new idea, we’re passionate about both old favourites and potential new ones.

What does Preview or Teaser Mean?

We care about being open and honest with readers about the current state of the game and our opinions so far, which is why we’ve devised 3 review statuses. Teaser Reviews is a very early insight into a new slot. At this stage, we won’t know much about the slot features or game statistics.

We may only know about the existence of this upcoming slot! We enjoy speculating about what the new slot might entail based on the name or who made it, but really slot teasers are there to get you excited about a brand-new game from some of your favourite providers.

Previews are slightly different. At this stage, we have a little bit more information about a new slot. At this stage we may be able to share screenshots and game features, giving readers a more thorough idea of what to expect.

The final stage is a Slot Review. We’ll only conduct a slot review once we’ve played and tested the game ourselves.

In a slot review, you’ll get an unbiased and honest opinion on the game, as well as extensive information about potential, game features and plenty of screenshots! As everybody knows, every slot has potential, and what might be considered great by some is considered bad by others.

Even our own opinion may change over time based on our experience with the slot on stream, and you could even change our opinion yourselves if you send us in some big wins.

What Do You Look for in a Slot?

Fruity Slots carefully considers each aspect of a slot before we give it a score.Originality, Fun Factor, Creativity, Longevity, Volatility, Playability and Capability are all considered. You can find a full review policy here!

Are You Paid by Providers?

Absolutely not! We never get paid by providers to write a positive review for a slot.

Each and every review is independent of bias or influence from anyone. We’ll always give you a completely honest opinion on every single slot we review. Whether you’re a regular visitor or a new member of the Fruity Slots community, we always have your best interest in mind

Where can I Play New Slots?

Where you can play New Slots generally depends on the slot provider. If you’re aware of the provider and you’re signed up to a Casino where their other games are hosted then there’s a good chance that they’ll host their newest slots too!Some Casinos are better than others in providing a broad game selection for their customers, so finding out where the newest and most exciting slots are can be a task in itself. Check our ‘Where to play’ section within the review to see where you can play the newest slots!

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