Best Megaways Slots September, 2023

You’ve seen the complete list of Megaways slots in the UK, now let’s have a look at the best Megaways slots there are. Note that the list is updated on a monthly basis!

Megaways Slot Ways To Win RTP
Primal Megaways 46,656 96.76%
Raging Rhino Megaways 117,649 96.18%
Fishin Frenzy Megaways 15,625 96.12%
Eye of Horus Megaways 15,625 95.02%
Diamond Mine Megaways 117,649 96.43%
Mystery Reels Megaways 117,649 96.18%
Bonanza Megaways 117,649 96%
Genie Jackpot Megaways 15,625 95.75%
Return of Kong Megaways 117,649 96.03%
Rainbow Riches Megaways 117,649 95.90%
Buffalo Rising Megaways 117,649 96.50%

What are Megaways Slots?

Megaways slots are a type of online slots invented by Australia-based Big Time Gaming in 2016. They are defined by a feature that modifies reels to produce a varying number of symbols and reels.

Each spin players make at a Megaways slot produces 2-7 symbols per reel. It’s rare for all seven symbols to appear in one spin. But when they do, you have the potential to win 117,649 ways. Essentially, Megaways give you unlimited ways to win money in every spin thanks to the number of symbols and cascading reels mechanics.

The latest Megaways slots keep pushing the boundaries of how many ways to win a slot machine can provide. This is a massive trend in the casino world that is now dominated by the software providers. A case in point is the Laser Fruity Slot by Red Tiger Gaming, with 60,466,276 ways to win.

Often, players choose to play Megaways slots because there is a big chance to win on every spin, making them low variance games often with a great experience to the player.

We’re still talking about the base game here, while the Megaways bonus feature is often hard to get but pays with even more multipliers and more number of reels.

Interesting, right? Keep on reading to find out more about the bonus features, online casinos that offer Megaways games, game developers that create these fantastic slots and the full list of Megaways slots 2023.

what are Megaways slots

Best Casinos to Play Megaways Slots

Megaways Casino
Video Slots Casino
Mr Vegas Casino
Play Sunny Casino
Betfred Casino
The Pools Casino
Mr Q Casino
LeoVegas Casino
Grosvenor Casino
Bet Victor Casino

How Do Megaways Slots Work?

Megaways Slots have several bonus features that make them unique. But the unifying element is a reel modifier that changes winning symbols after every spin. Of course, together with the number of symbols. That said, Megaways slots aren’t overly complicated.

Here’s a simple process explaining how a Megaways slot work:

  1. You select a Megaways slot and place your bet.
  2. You hit play and let the reels spin.
  3. A reel modifier determines how many symbols form the round.
  4. Symbols appear on the reels.
  5. A pattern of winning symbols from left to right means you win the spin.

Like regular video slots, Megaways slots also come with free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers. As a result, not all symbols on the reels lead to winning real money. Some icons help you win free spins. Others qualify you for a bonus feature round where you can win an even bigger number of prizes. The free spins bonus round tend to pay out extremely well.

The key takeaway about Megaways slots is that your goal should be to find winning symbols forming on reels 1-7. It doesn’t matter where a symbol appears. The idea is to have a symbol on reel one, two, three, and onwards.

Of course, how much you win varies from one games RTP to another. It also depends on which winning symbols you trigger. Poker card symbols, for example, pay the least amount of money with most slots. Choose the most popular Megaways slots to begin with and try to get from the base game to the bonus round for maximum winning combinations. Now, let’s talk more about how to win on Megaways slots.

How to Win On Megaways Slots

All the Megaways slots give you thousands of ways to win. They also have generous payouts – some Megaways slots let you win up to 50,000x your stake in a huge number of ways. Unfortunately, this generosity comes at a price that players should be aware off.

How you win on Megaways slots is therefore also slightly different to a more standard slot. With Megaways, the symbols need to land from left to right on the reels to create a winning combination.

And, neither the size of the symbol or placement on the reel does matter. The number of symbols per reel simply need to connect to create. That is why you can win in so many number of ways in slots Megaways.

Before we give you a few tips on how to increase your winnings in Megaways slots, check out the graph to see exactly how the winning combinations work:

Megaways Slots winning example

Choose High RTP Megaways Slots

Megaways slots aren’t all created equal. Oh, No! That’s right. Some online slots are better than others. Choose Megaways slots with high payout rates. Preferably with an RTP of 95% and above. This way, you’ll have a higher chance of winning than someone who picks a low-paying Megaways slot.

For more info on the topic, check out some of the best RTP slots or the list below with best RTP Megaways slots:

  1. White Rabbit Megaways – 97.77% RTP
  2. Primal Megaways – 96.76% RTP
  3. Diamond Mine Megaways – 96.43% RTP
  4. Buffalo Rising Megaways – 96.5% RTP
  5. Raging Rhino Megaways – 96.18% RTP
  6. 1 Million Megaways – 96.2% RTP
  7. Rainbow Riches Megaways – 95.9% RTP

Pick a Feature-loaded Game

Most Megaways slots offer a fantastic game experience with many ways to win cascading reels and plenty of features. In-game bonus features make your gambling experience even more exciting. In one spin, you could earn ten free spins that allow you to chase a bonus win. On the other hand, you could receive a 50x multiplier that magnifies your profits to unimaginable lengths.

How do you find feature-loaded Megaways slots? Read our Megaways slots reviews! Discover how different games work. Select high-paying, top-rated Megaways Pokies with plenty of free spins, multipliers, and fun challenges.

These can be found at any of the best Megaways casinos that we recommend.

Maximize your Bets

Maximizing your bets mean wagering a relatively decent amount of money with each spin. Sure, this strategy can get expensive quickly.

The primary benefit of maximizing your bets is to increase your potential profits. It ensures you earn as much as possible when you form a winning combination and obviously helps to fulfil potential wagering requirements. With that being said, always play responsibly and with funds you can afford to lose.

Be Smart With Bonus Funds

If you play with a new online casino and get a deposit bonus to use, make sure to make the most out of the bonus funds given to you. Don’t play slots where the bonus funds are not valid. And always choose low volatile and high RTP slots. That way, you get the most out of the bonus funds by optimising your chances to beat wagering requirements at the online casino.

How to Calculate your Ways to Wins at Megaways Slots

Most players don’t know this, but you can calculate your potential ways to wins from a Megaways slot. Why does it matter? It helps keeps your hope alive, knowing all the possibilities of winning from a spin. If you’re a fan of gambling mathematics, this one’s for you!

Some Megaways slots do the calculations for you so that you don’t have to worry about math in a gambling session. If you like math, though, here’s the formula.

You multiply the symbols on each reel.

For example, both reels one and two have seven symbols each. You can win up to 49 ways, but you only need one paying symbol on each reel.

For a game with seven six and seven symbols on each reel, here’s how to calculate the maximum ways to win:

Multiplier Win
7×7 49
49×7 343
343×7 2401
2401×7 16807
16807×7 117649

Of course, it’s not always possible that each reel has seven winning symbols. Sometimes a reel will have 2, 3, or 4 symbols. The best Megaways slots will always show you the maximum ways to win on your screen. But if they don’t, now you know the formula. Buffalo rising Megaways or Eye of Horus Megaways are great examples. And most Megaways slots by Big Time Gaming do the calculations for you.

Noteℹ️: Many Megaways also share information about the value of each winning symbol. Let’s say melons pay 10x your stake, and you wager £20. Then melons appear on all six reels. The slot will make the calculations and show you how much you will win.

Megaways Slot RTP

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning is to play high RTP Megaways slots. We also said you should target Megaways slots with rates between 95% and 99%.

Why is important? It shows the percentage of wagered money a game is supposed to pay back to players over time. A 97% online slot will pay back 97% of wagered money. Online casinos will keep the remaining 3% as profits.

Naturally, you should avoid video slots that give casinos a considerable advantage. Instead, you want slots with a very high return to player rates. Examples of top-RTP Megaways slots are:

  1. White Rabbit Megaways – 97.77% RTP
  2. Primal Megaways – 96.76% RTP
  3. Diamond Mine Megaways – 96.43% RTP
  4. Bonanza Megaways – 96% RTP

As we also mentioned, RTP alone doesn’t tell you everything you should know about a game. A slot could have 96% RTP. But it could be so volatile that most people who play it lose. Another slot machine could have zero features, making it boring to play. So let’s talk a bit about the bonus features, something that is definitely interesting for everyone who wants to play Megaways slots.

Bonus Games And Unique Features

Big Time Gaming really introduced a slot type with Megaways that can be improved over and over again. There is simply so much room for imagination when creating new Megaways slots.

Players will find so many faced paced and action packed Megaways slots with features that cannot be applied on normal slots. Here are all the special bonus games and modifiers that you’ll find in Megaways:

All Action Megaways

All Actions Megaways is another creation by Big Time Gaming. Just as it sounds, there is no dull time on All action slots. Instead, every spin takes you to the bonus game of the Megaways slot. Meaning that there is no base game.

The all action slots are not for everyone however, as the minimum bet is £10.

You’ll find this feature at popular Megaways slots such as Buffalo rising or Diamond Mine.

Cascading Reels

The Cascading reels feature was initially introduced with a slot that we all enjoy: Bonanza Megaways. You’ll find the feature across most of the Megaways games now however due to it’s popularity. The mechanics are great for the players as the winning combinations are recalculated, and enhance our odds of hitting a win.

Unlimited Wins Megaways

An unlimited wins feature is sort of hitting the Megaways jackpot. Just as the name says, you get the chance to unlimited win multipliers but in a free spins bonus game. You start with 1x and work your way up with each and every winning.

Mystery Symbol

Blueprint Gaming were the first software provider to introduce mystery symbols with Diamond Mine Megaways. A feature that we really enjoy as it gives players the opportunity to win big in the base game, or massive in the bonus free spins. You’ll mainly find this feature with Blueprint gaming slots.

Bonus Buy

If you haven’t heard about Bonus buy slots, you should definitely read more about this feature in our bonus buy slots guide. The principal is easy, you buy your way straight in to the bonus round for a set amount of money. A feature that is not available in the UK unfortunately.

Wild Multipliers

Wild multipliers is a crazy feature that also some slot providers have introduced to their slots, mainly Blueprint Gaming. A wild multiplier can give you up to 6x win on each reel!

New Megaways Slots That You Should Try

Before we get all neardy and talk about the number of providers that creates the Megaways slot games, we’d like to introduce to you 5 new Megaways slots that we believe will be extremely hot during 2023.

Here they are:

  • Madame Destiny Megaways
  • Maze Escape Megaways
  • Candyways Bonanza Megaways
  • Big Cat King Megaways
  • Ali Baba’s Luck Megaways

Megaways TM – A Big Time Gaming Trademark

Megaways slots are the creation of Australia-based Big Time Gaming as mentioned. They are a trademarked product, but competing game developers can acquire a license to design their own Megaways slots. For this reason, several more software providers also create Megaways slots. We’ll share their stories shortly.

Although established in 2011, Big Time Gaming (BTG) launched the first Megaways slot in 2016: Bonanza. It was an immediate success. Within a few months, Big Time Gaming released White Rabbit, which is to this days on of their absolutely best releases.

While Megaways are famous for their reel modifiers, there’s more to like about these games. First, they feature high-quality graphics. Then they support pretty much all UK mobile casinos, both android and iOS devices.

In other words, The Big Time Gaming success with Megaways aren’t poor-quality slots with unique bonus features. They are fantastic games that would spark interest even though they didn’t have modifiers, multipliers or cascading reels.

Take White Rabbit as an example. Inspired by Alice in the Wonderland, this game follows a cheeky bunny that steals carrots from a local farmer. Your goal is to help the rabbit escape or the farmer to catch the bunny.

It’s a thrilling game with lots of free spins and multipliers. You get rewarded frequently. But we must admit the presence of reel modifiers makes it even more exciting.

More Software Developers with Megaways Slots

As stated, Big Time Gaming offers licenses to other game developers that want to create their own versions of Megaways slots. Players will notice the difference in terms of multipliers, bonus rounds and even reel layout depending on the online slot provider. So far, these are the companies with permits to create Megaways:

Red Tiger Gaming

red tiger Megaways

Founded in 2014, Red Tiger Gaming is a fast-growing software provider based in the Isle of Man. They are a medium-sized company with roughly 100 games – slots and card games.

A couple of years ago, Red Tiger partnered with BTG to create Megaways games. Megaways online slots they’ve produced ever since include:

  • Dragon Fire Megaways
  • Piggy Riches Megaways
  • Mystery Reels Megaways
  • Dragons Luck Megaways
  • Gonzo’s Quest Megaways
  • Paddy Power Megaways
  • Dragons Fire Megaways

Blueprint Gaming Megaways

blueprint Megaways

Blueprint Gaming was one of the first software providers to license Megaways online slots back in 2018. Since then, it has released a number of our favourite Megaways slot machines.

Like Red Tiger Gaming, Blueprint is a well-known brand. Their games are available in over 50 online casinos worldwide. But that’s not the best part. Players simply love Blueprint because they created top-level slots.

Some of Megaways releases by include:

  • Irish Riches Megaways
  • Genie Jackpots Megaways
  • Primal Megaways
  • Vikings Unleashed Megaways
  • Fishin Frenzy Megaways

WMS Gaming Megaways

wms Megaways

Launched in 1943 as Williams Interactive by a pinball making company, WMS switched to creating slots after pinball tables lost popularity in the ‘90s. These days, the company creates online slots and card games.

It’s pretty famous with British online casinos and its players. With the addition of Megaways slots, WMS Gaming is proving it deserves to be around for many years. It doesn’t have many Megaways games, the most popular in Great Britain are, however:

  • Montezuma Megaways
  • Raging Rhino Megaways

Merkur Gaming Megaways

mercur Megaways

Merkur Gaming, Blueprint, WMS, and Novomatic are all owned by the same German company: Gauselman Group. When the parent brand partnered with BTG a couple of years ago, it acquired licenses for all of its brands.

Naturally, this means Merkur Gaming has every right to create Megaways slots as Blueprint Gaming or WMS. Some of our favourite Magaways releases are:

  • Magic Mirror Deluxe Megaways
  • Dragon’s Treasures Megaways

iSoftBet Megaways

isoftbet Megaways

iSoftBet launched in 2010 as a software provider for video slots. Today, iSoftBet is one of the top 10 most well-known slot developers in the industry. Among those, we find a bunch of great Megaways.

Unlike many developers, iSoftBet is known for adding bells and whistles to its Megaways games. Dragon Match, for example, comes with cascading reels that form winning symbols continuously 2-5 times.

  • Western Gold Megaways
  • Majestic Megaways
  • Aztec Gold Megaways
  • Dragon Match Megaways

Barcrest Megaways

barcrest megaways

Barcrest is not only of the oldest software providers in the world. It’s also a proud owner of one of the most famous Megaways slots: Rainbow Riches Megaways. The game follows an Irish Leprechaun in search of gold. Help him find prizes, and he will reward you with coins, free spins, bonus funds, and many ways to win real money.

Because Scientific Games now own Barcrest, some of its slots are promoted under the umbrella of its parent company. But there are still plenty of online casinos that offer games originally designed by Barcrest.

  • Beetlejuice Megaways
  • Rainbow Riches Megaways

Pragmatic Play Megaways

pragmatic play megaways

Pragmatic Play is one of the latest software providers to license a video slot into a Megaways game. It partnered with BTG April 2019 to create Great Rhino Megaways and promised to develop similar games. And they have delivered a few great names ever since:

  • Curse of the Werewolf Megaways
  • The Dog House Megaways
  • Starz Megaways
  • Great Rhino Megaways



reelplay megaways


ReelPlay is an Australian software provider founded in 2014. They’ve been working as a subcontractor for slots owned by NextGen and Relax Gaming. Recently, they also licensed one of their original games, Hypernova, to become a Megaways slot.

  • Odin Infitiy Reels Megaways
  • Big Bucks Bandits Megaways
  • Hypernova Megaways
  • Atlantis Megaways

Why We Love the Megaways Features

Here at UK’s biggest casino streaming community Fruity Slots, we can’t emphasize just how much we like to play Megaways slots. You’ve probably watched us use a number of free spins and casino bonuses with Megaways slots. If so, you’ve also seen our big slot wins with Megaways.

But that’s just the beginning. We love these games for numerous reasons…

why we love Megaways slots

1. Lots of Winning Possibilities

Reel modifiers turn a seemingly regular video slot into a game with endless winning opportunities. The average Megaways slot offers so many ways to win that it’s not even a match.

Video slots offer 10 to 243 ways to win. In contrast, Megaways slots provide an average of 117 649 ways to win. Every spin is exciting and the number of symbols is higher, just as the amount of bonus features. Next time you want to use your deposit bonus at the live casino or Book of Dead slot, think twice! It will never be able to offer the win multiplier of Megaways!

2. Plenty of Prizes

Megaways slots provide a chance to win with every spin. Along the way, you can hit jackpots, free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers. These features frequently appear now that Megaways offer thousands of ways to win.

What’s more, some in-game features are pretty generous. Vikings Unleashed, for example, has cascading reels that form winning symbols continuously to magnify your profits. On the flip side, Bonanza offers unlimited multipliers with free spins. That’s what we call a bonus!

3. Element of Surprise

One of the best features of Megaways is they modify symbols randomly. You can’t know what symbols will appear until you hit play. This adds an element of surprise to these slot games, making them more exciting than regular slots. You won’t find win the same number of win multipliers or mystery symbols with any other slot.

That’s what we get with slots 117 649 ways to win!

4. Shows you How Much you’ll Win

Another incredible feature in Megaways is the small screen that appears to show you all the ways you can win. What’s more, it calculates how much money you can win if you trigger a specific winning symbol. Basically showing players potential max win.

It gives pleasure to know how you can win and how much to expect while you play a slot machine. So what’s next? Find yourself a UK online casino to play at!

Fruity Scotty