Piggy Riches 2 Megaways Slot Review 2024

Filthy rich piggies, Lady and Gentleman Pig return to the reels for a third time, flashing their wealth for all to see in Red Tiger’s latest release, Piggy Riches 2 Megaways!

Piggy Riches Megaways stood out as a popular option at a time when Megaways were coming off the conveyor belt thick and fast, but what made it so distinguishable? Perhaps it was the pigs that were quite distinguished themselves, or maybe it was Red Tiger’s Jackpot integration that made people as greedy as pigs for a chance at huge hits. 

Red Tiger is hoping for more success in their upcoming sequel, and Piggy Riches 2 Megaways looks to have evolved fairly significantly in terms of features.

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways - Base Game

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways – Base Game

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways Base Game and Features

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways is a 6-reel Video Slot, playable from £.€0.10 per spin, up to a max bet size of £.€4 per spin. The max bet is considerably lower than the average slot. If you’re looking for a slot with a higher range of betting options, why not check out our Slots Review Page for alternative games?

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways has 5 High and Low-paying symbols throughout, with the highest-paying producing wins of up to 20x your bet for a full 6-line winning combination. Low-paying symbols are standard A, K, Q, J, and 10.

Wins occur when 3-6 matching symbols (or 2-6 high-paying symbols) land from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel. Like the original, Piggy Riches 2 makes use of the Megaways mechanic, offering a maximum of 117,649 ways to win.

When a win forms, all winning symbols (except Gentlemen Pig Wilds) are removed from play, causing new symbols to drop in from above via a Cascade Feature. This continues until no more wins are present on the reels.

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways has a theoretical RTP of 95.71% and a High Volatility rating. From what we can see, Red Tiger has not included alternative RTP levels, apart from a 96.00% RTP when utilizing the Feature Buy. In addition, Piggy Riches 2 Megaways has a max win cap of 20,000x your bet.

Game Provider Red Tiger
Maximum Bet 4
Maximum Win 20,000x
Paylines Up to 117,649
Release Date 20/06/2024
RTP 95.71%
Mechanics Megaways
Volatility High
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.10

Gentlemen Pig Wilds

During a game round, fully stacked Gentlemen Pig Wilds can land at random on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, yet they cannot land together on reels 2 and 3.

Once in view, Gentlemen Pig Wilds will reveal a Multiplier between x2 and x7 that is applied to all wins they are a part of. Furthermore, Gentlemen Pig Wilds do not get removed during the Cascade feature.

Feature Buy

  • Hold & Respin Bonus (3 Scatters) – 75x your bet.
  • Hold & Respin Bonus with 1 Extra Row (4 Scatters) – 150x your bet.
  • Hold & Respin Bonus with 2 Extra Rows (5 Scatters) – 350x your bet.
  • Hold & Respin Bonus with 3 Extra Rows (6 Scatters) – 900x your bet.
Piggy Riches 2 Megaways - Gentleman Pig Wild

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways – Gentleman Pig Wild

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways has one Hold & Spin Bonus available, triggered when 3, 4, 5, or 6 Scatters land in the base game, awarding 3 Respins. The bonus starts with a number of positions on each reel equal to the number of Scatters that triggered the round.

Before the Bonus begins, a wheel feature activates, awarding between 2 and 15 Cash symbols and 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Saves, each with a value of 2x your current bet. All Cash symbols awarded from the Wheel are placed in random positions on the grid and locked for the duration of Respins. The number of awarded Saves are displayed above the grid. 

During the Hold & Respin Bonus, only Cash symbols, Special symbols, and Blanks can land on grid positions. Cash symbols generate a random Cash Prize, representing a Bet Multiplier of 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x. When a Cash symbol hits, it will lock into its current position on the grid, resetting the Respins Meter to 3. Special symbols will also reset the Respins Meter.

 If the Respins Meter reaches 0 and there are remaining Saves, one will be used to place a Cash symbol on the grid and reactivate Respins. If all positions on the grid are filled, any remaining Saves will add their value to the total win of the Hold & Respin Bonus.

Up to 7 Special symbols may land during this round, similar to High-paying symbols in the base game. Special symbols act differently in the Hold & Respin Bonus and do not pay as in the base game. 

  • Piggy Bank – Holds a random Cash value, representing a Bet Multiplier of x1, x2, x3, x5, or x10. When in view, the Piggy Bank breaks open to reveal its value which is applied to all adjacent positions (Horizontally, Vertically, and Diagonally). Piggy Bank symbols do not lock on the grid.
  • Purse – Collects all Cash symbols on the grid, adding their total value to the Purse and removing the symbols. Each Purse will continue collecting all symbols on the grid until at least 5 Cash symbols are collected. Purse symbols lock into their position for the duration of Respins.
  • Key – Adds +1 row on top of the grid, up to a maximum of 7 rows. Key symbols cannot land once all rows are unlocked, however, they do not remain on the grid. 
  • Money Bag – Holds a random Cash value, represented by a Bet Multiplier of 30x, 50x, 75x, or 100x. When Money Bags hit, they lock for the duration of the Hold & Respin Bonus.
  • Gentleman Pig – Holds a Bet multiplier starting from 5x. Each Gentleman Pig that hits increases the values of Cash and Money Bag symbols in view. It will also increase the value of Purse symbols multiplied by the number of symbols collected within it. Following this, the Gentleman Pig’s value increases from 5x to 10x, 15x, 25x, 50x, and 100x for future spins until it resets at the end of the bonus round.
  • Lady Pig – Awards a Multiplier starting at x1. Each Lady Pig collects the value of all Cash, Purse, and Money Bag symbols present on the grid, leaving behind a Present with their combined value, multiplied by the value of the Lady Pig. Following this, the value of the Lady Pig increases by +x1 for each Lady Pig in view, resetting at the end of the bonus round. The Presents left behind lock onto the grid for the remainder of the Hold & Respin Bonus. 
  • Credit Cards – Increase the current value of all Gentlemen and Lady Pigs currently in view. Gentlemen Pigs are increased to the next available value, while Lady Pigs increase by +x1. If a Gentleman Pig reaches its max value, the Credit Card symbol will only increase Lady Pigs. Credit Card symbols do not lock onto the grid. 

The Hold & Respin Bonus ends when no more Cash or Special symbols land in view, no Respins remain and all Saves are used, or when all grid positions are filled.

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways - Hold & Respin Bonus

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways – Hold & Respin Bonus

Pros and Cons of Piggy Riches 2 Megaways


  • Max win cap of 20,000x your bet.
  • Use of the Megaways mechanic, with up to 117,649 ways to win.
  • Hold & Respin Bonus with 7 unique Special symbols in play.
  • Use of Multipliers, up to a maximum of x100. 


  • Like the original, Piggy Riches 2 Megaways is challenging to bonus.
  • Gentlemen Pigs are very hit-and-miss, with difficulties achieving more than 1 in a single spin.
  • RTP of 95.71%.

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When we first loaded up Piggy Riches 2 Megaways, we wondered if we had accidentally stumbled across the original. First impressions of Piggy Riches 2 Megaways had us feeling slightly cheated out of a sequel we had high hopes for, but quickly changed our opinion during the nitty gritty of gameplay.

Red Tiger has kept Piggy Riches 2 Megaways cosmetically in tune with the original, yet they’ve made numerous positive changes to gameplay, as well as a promising boost in max win capabilities. 

Sadly, there’s nothing new to report in the base game. Gentlemen Pig Wilds are still going strong, with the potential to hit 4 of these in any one spin in the base game, each occupying a Multiplier value between x2 and x7.

Besides the max win cap of 20,000x your bet, the only real changes come from the Free Spins round, or rather a Hold & Respin Bonus now, but seeing it in action requires a significant amount of patience. 

The original Piggy Riches had quite a reputation for being extremely brutal to bonus, and we’re sorry to say this is another thing that hasn’t changed. The grind may have been worth it in the original, but can the same be said about a Hold & Respin Bonus? In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.