Shark infested waters and razor-sharp teeth await in a brand-new game by 4theplayer, powered by Relax Gaming. 6 Wild Sharks Slot promises to be volatile and fierce, just like Jaws himself.
4theplayer is a new, exciting and creator who takes pride that their games are made by players, for players. They make games that they themselves would want to play while boasting of the implementation of game mechanics seen nowhere else.

With their mindset on innovation, 6 Wild Sharks promises to be interesting, to say the least.

Into the Deep With 6 Wild Sharks

The visuals are a little sparse and set offshore in a clear blue and seemingly calm ocean. The only indication that something lurks below is the dramatic music, which sounds like something directly from a Jaws movie.

It’s nothing really special in terms of theme, however, 4theplayer have done something interesting in terms of design.

The player has the choice on how they want the game to look, you can either choose small reels, which gives you your typical 6×4 slot where symbols will spin from the top downwards, or you can choose big reels.

In Big reels, the slot will essentially flip on its side to become a 4×6 game, where reels will spin from right to left and paying combinations will pay downwards instead.

Game Play

Neither affect gameplay, pay ways are still the same but it just looks different, but it is interesting to see the design done like this, and big reels will probably give those playing on mobile casino or tablet a more comfortable slot experience.

Betting starts at a low 0.10 per spin, and caps at 50, with a wide range of different options in between to cater for all types of players.

There are 11 paying symbols in total, with the top symbol being a framed symbol of a girl on a surfboard, followed by a Scuba Diver, Octopus, Stingray, Fish and your low paying A, K, Q, J & 10. There is also a Wild, represented by the fearsome shark that substitutes for all symbols except the scatter and will appear only in the Wild Zone (Reels 1, 2 ,4 & 6).

6 Wild Sharks boasts some inventive ways of playing, giving the player a choice between classic, and advanced mode

Game Provider
Maximum Bet 50
Maximum Win 10,368x
Paylines 4,096
Release Date 10/09/2020
RTP 96.50%
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 6
Minimum Bet 0.1

Classic Mode

Classic mode is the typical base game that you’d expect from pretty much every slot of this type. Winning symbols are paid from left to right (or top to bottom in big reel mode) and 3 or more consecutive symbols form a win.

The game works with 4,096 ways to win, so no pay-lines to worry about. 6 Wild Sharks also offers an innovative new feature called advanced mode, with some really unique features at play.

Advanced Mode (NON-UK Only)

Advanced mode is only available for jurisdictions that allow it, with the UK unfortunately not being one of them. For Readers outside of the UK, this is how it works.

Advanced mode utilises what 4theplayer are calling a Wild Choice mechanic. On the left and right, or top and bottom of the reels you see a ‘Danger Wild Zone’, spanning over the first and last two reels. This allows the player to pick up to 6 wilds to be locked at all times.

Yes, you heard right, you can PICK your wilds, obviously, this comes at a price, each one you pick will up your stake, with wilds costing more or less depending on where you place them.

A big risk can mean big rewards, but be wary that this will cost a lot more than your initial set stake. If free spins are won, all locked wilds carry over into the free spins feature.

Wilds can be placed on reels 1 and 2 for frequent wins, and 5 and 6 for bigger wins.

Classic Mode Free Spins

Only 2 scatters are needed to trigger the bonus in 6 Wild Sharks, they’ll be represented by Buoy symbols and will land on reel 3 and 4.

The initial amount of spins awarded will be 15, but the player has the option to trade spins for locked wilds, which can be added by placing them within the Wild Danger Zones.

As you add Wilds, your number of free spins will decrease, down to a minimum of 1 if you have the maximum number of wilds selected.

During Free spins, any Shark Wilds that land on the reels will also become a locked wild for the duration of the bonus.

Advanced Mode Free Spins (NON-UK Only)

The advanced mode works much the same as Classic in terms of gameplay, except wilds can not be added, as those that were active within advanced mode base game will carry into the bonus. 10 spins will be awarded during advanced mode.

6 Wild Sharks Slot Gameplay

Our Verdict

4theplayers prove that they make their games for the players by giving people so much say over how the game plays. Things like wilds that can be added in advanced mode, and even small little things like small and big reels.

Certainly, different players will play the same game differently, with some putting wilds on the first 2 reels for more frequent hits, those that will put them on the last reels for those big hits, and those that’ll mix it up.

Unfortunately for those in the UK, Classic mode isn’t exactly the most exhilarating game you’ll ever play.

That being said, don’t think the game doesn’t have potential, the bonus in classic mode still allows you to add your own wilds, at the expense of spins, and makes for an interesting experience when you tweak the different kinds of combinations.

On top of that, wilds that land naturally within the bonus will also lock and those who are lucky may find themselves escaping the jaws of the shark with some serious money in tow!

6 Wilds Sharks is overall a fun game, and will definitely turn some heads with the bold and innovative features at play. We can’t wait to see what else they can produce in the future.