Every now and then we stray from the conventional fixed prize slots in favour of a Jackpot Slot that could change our entire lives. It just so happens that 9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT is such a slot with its WOWPOT integration!
9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT has significant potential to enrich the balance on its own, but players with a certain affinity for Jackpots may be more inclined to give this one a try.

9 Blazing Diamonds was a slot that was released earlier this year, so some may be familiar with this one already. The introduction of 9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT takes the formula of this slot, and adds that very attractive WOWPOT aspect to it for win capabilities that are exponentially higher than the original.

In this 9 Blazing Diamonds Slot Review, we’ll be looking at all of the features and statistics of this new game by Microgaming Studio SpinPlay Games to see how it performs!

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT Base

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT Theme

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT is just about as classic as you can get.

It will definitely evoke fond memories of an era of gaming that some would say has gone by with slots now opting for more flashy and extravagant themes.

A classic red background, classic fruity symbols, and an upbeat Jazz tune makes 9 Blazing Diamonds very classical.

The utilisation of a more classic setting will resonate very well with some old school players, but players who prefer a bit more depth may find it a little mundane.

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT: Betting and Symbols

Betting options in 9 Blazing Diamonds should more than cover the needs of most players. There is a low option of £/€0.25 per spin, and a maximum stake of £/€25. With plenty of options in between the two, you can tell that SpinPlay Games had everyone in mind in 9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT.

The highest paying regular symbol in 9 Blazing Diamonds is the Triple 7, followed by the Double 7 and Single 7. But any combination of these symbols will form a win. Bar 5 and Bar symbols follow suit, and these also form a win if in a line together. The Dollar Symbol, Bell and Cherry make up the remaining regular symbols.

There’s also a Wild symbol and a Blazing Diamond Symbol, which acts as one of the special symbols.

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT: The Base Game and Features

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT is a 5 reel slot with 25 pay lines. Forming a win will require you to connect 3 of any regular symbols from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

There are some decent rewards available for connecting full lines of the higher paying symbols, with payouts of 40x available for a line of Wilds.

The real potential however comes from the Blazing Diamond Feature, which you may have seen under other names in games such as Elven Gold and Emerald Gold.

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT Base Game

Blazing Diamond Feature

3 of more Blazing Diamonds present in any position on the reels will pay out an instant cash prize.

Collecting more of these symbols yields higher rewards which can eventually result in massive wins if enough Diamonds are collected

  • 3 Diamonds – 1x
  • 4 Diamonds – 5x
  • 5 Diamonds – 15x
  • 6 Diamonds – 50x
  • 7 Diamonds – 100x
  • 8 Diamonds – 500x
  • 9 Diamonds – 2,500x

These Diamond Symbols may appear on any reel, and as exciting as 2,500x, the fun doesn’t end there. The Blazing Wheel brings even more excitement,

Blazing Wheel

Bonus Symbols for the Blazing Wheel appear on reels 1 and 3, and bonus icons appear randomly on reel 5.

2 Bonus symbols + 1 Bonus icon will trigger the Blazing Wheel, and the Wheel will award either Free Spins or a Progressive Jackpot.

Up to 30 Free Spins may be awarded with a multiplier of 2, 3 or 4, and the multiplier applies to the Free Spins feature.

The higher your bet is, the better your chance of triggering the Blazing Wheel.

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT Free Spins

Progressive Jackpots

9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT has several exciting Progressive Jackpots up for grabs.

  • WOWPOT! – Starts at 2,000,000
  • Major – Starts at 50,000
  • Minor – Starts at 100
  • Mini – Starts at 10

The inclusion of the WOWPOT and other progressive Jackpots really adds to the allure of the game, but as you can imagine,  the chances of triggering it are slim.

9 Blazing Diamonds: Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a slot with straightforward gameplay, formidable potential and a classic theme, then 9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT could be the one for you.

Some may find this slot a little boring though. The classic theme isn’t for everyone, and the rather straightforward nature of this slot might fail to impress when compared to a sea of slots that push the boundaries with new and innovative features.

If you’re playing 9 Blazing Diamonds, then you should really have your eye on the prize, as the WOWPOT feature is the most standout aspect. Stats wise, the RTP is a little low at 93.30%, presumably because most of the RTP is in the Jackpots.

Overall, those looking for a more classic experience need look no further, because 9 Blazing Diamonds has the right retro feel and significant potential to go with it!