AstroBoomers: To the Moon Overview

Blast off into space in what could well become the future of gambling from Funfair Games, AstroBoomers: To the Moon!

The earth is under siege from fiery meteors and the only hope for humanity is to escape to the moon. Your lunar-bound journey won’t be easy though, if anything it may well be the most intense experience you’ve ever had. Ride the storm and risk it all? or press the eject button and live to fly another day?

The choice is yours in a game where the volatility is entirely up to you.

AstroBoomers: To the moon is a real-time, interactive multiplier experience with an emphasis on strategic play. Play on your own alongside a community of players all over the world, or challenge your friends and separate real bravery from false bravado.

AstroBoomers: To The Moon isn’t quite like anything you’ve played before, and strictly speaking it isn’t really a slot either.

AstroBoomers is what is called a Crash style game. This style of play hasn’t been seen before in Casinos that use only fiduciary currency, but Crypto Currency Casinos have dabbled with the idea for a while.

It started off with something called Bustabit, the original crash game. It’s undeniable that AstroBoombers has built upon what Bustabit started many years ago, but this type of gambling is still shrouded in mystery as most don’t use cryptocurrency casinos.

What is AstroBoomers exactly? Let’s blast off with Astroboomers and pray for a meteor free journey as we see what this innovative concept is all about.

AstroBoomers To the Moon Base

AstroBoomers: To the Moon Theme

AstroBoomers: To The Moon has a space theme.

You’ll start on the launch pad with all of the other Astronauts hoping to survive the meteor shower, and in the background, you’ll see your destination, the Moon.

You’ll see a countdown to launch behind the ship, and when it launches you’ll be propelled into the depths of space surrounded by meteors.

A game this different could have only succeeded with dynamic visuals. AstroBoomers: To the Moon has succeeded brilliantly in creating a very spirited and tense design to go with the nail-biting gameplay.

Game Provider
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 2,500x
Paylines 0
Release Date 04/06/2021
RTP 97%
Mechanics Multiplayer
Volatility high
Reels 0
Minimum Bet 0.1

AstroBoomers: To the Moon Betting Options

Before launch, you’ll have the chance to select your bets for the upcoming game round.

You can place up to 3 bets per round, and you can also choose an auto-eject option.

The minimum bet is £/€0.10, and the maximum bet is £/€100, and the auto option displays a list of multipliers. Auto-eject can be set for each bet individually, this causes the game to cash out for you if the ship reaches far enough into orbit to reach your chosen auto-eject figure.

Clicking the eject button manually cancels any auto-eject.

AstroBoomers: To the Moon really caters for both low rollers and high rollers.

AstroBoomers Betting Options

AstroBoomers: To the Moon Gameplay

The gameplay for AstroBoomers: To the Moon is simple yet deceivingly entertaining. Select your bets, wait for take-off and let the fun begin.

This is where the adrenaline rush really starts.

As the ship launches, the multiplier will start to climb. The volatility of the game is now in your hands, and your potential winnings are too in a sense.

If the multiplier reaches a figure that you’re happy with, you eject from the ship and safely bank your winnings. Hold on too long, and it might come back to bite you.

Eventually, the ship will collide with a meteor, and if you haven’t ejected before this happens then you’ll perish along with your bet and any potential winnings.

The minimum multiplier is 1.01x, and the maximum multiplier is 2500x.

Holding on until 2500x sounds like the most anxiety-inducing thing imaginable. If you do hold on, it’s quite frankly astonishing that the ship was even able to take off due to the weight of your balls of steel. If you are that brave, then the ship will auto-eject at 2500x and pay you your well-deserved winnings.

AstroBoomers: To the Moon will display the last three results from previous flights at the top left of the screen, so you can see how far the ship got before it crashed.

AstroBoomers is a very unsettling experience. With traditional slot games, your fate is decided for you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

In AstroBoomers you’ll be locked in an intense battle with both yourself and the asteroids. ‘Do I let go, or do I hold on?’ will be the question running through the minds of everyone playing Astroboomers.

AstroBoomers really makes you conscious of the highs and lows of gambling. There will be times where you’ll wish you held on, and times where you wish you’d let go.

There will be times where you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of superiority over your fellow astronauts when you dared to go the distance or let go just in time and envy when those around you made a better decision.

AstroBoomers To the Moon Gameplay

Watch Our AstroBoomers To the Moon Challenge Here!

AstroBoomers: To the Moon! Game Verdict

We’ve not quite seen anything like AstroBoomers before in the fiduciary Casino world.

It really is the first of its kind to hit non-crpyo Casinos, and the tense feeling that you’ll get from playing it really is unparalleled. The element of choice really brings a whole new level of suspense, but that same level of choice may have you kicking yourself if you meet a fiery demise instead.

This game is so simple, yet it’s so innovative in the way that it challenges the idea of traditional gambling with a multiplayer aspect that involves both choice and chance.

Could AstroBoomers pave the way for the future of iGaming? Very possibly.

Overall, AstroBoomers offers a shockingly diverse difference that results in shockingly entertaining gameplay.

AstroBoomers To the Moon Crash