Beastwood Slot Review 2022

Join Mr Beastwood as he packs in his sea legs to become the ultimate monster hunter in Quickspin’s latest release, Beastwood!

Like a lone pirate on dry land, Mr Beastwood explores the forests of Beastwood in search of Monsters. The former sea bandit quickly realised there’s money and fame to be had in the monster-hunting business and immediately ditches his crew at sea and changes careers.

Venturing out on his own, Mr Beastwood now spends all his free time slaying dangerous beasts with his deadly golden harpoon. As he gears up for his most challenging mission yet, Mr Beastwood has invited us along for the ride where we will track down monsters using scrolls and capture them in gold chains. You will be surprised just how many beasts are lurking in the shadows and with that comes great rewards!

Beastwood is a 3 reel slot that uses an increasing reels mechanic called Expanding Ways adding extra reels onto the grid with each winning combination that hits.

If this doesn’t give you goosebumps then maybe the symbol win Multipliers, reel Multipliers and Free Spins round will do the trick. If you’re really lucky you may even be able to take advantage of the Bonus Buy option, but if you’re in the UK you will not benefit from this.

Will we join Mr Beastwood and pack up our 9-5 job for a spot of Monster-hunting?

Beastwood Base Game

Beastwood Base Game and Features

Beastwood starts off with 3 reels and 64 ways to win. Thanks to the Expanding Ways mechanic, each time a winning combination lands from left to right the reel set will gain an additional reel on the far right.

Whenever an extra reel continues any exisitng wins, another extra reel is awarded. Once all winning combinations are paid, the reel set will then reset to its original 3 reels.

The minimum bet available here is £/€0.20 per spin and the maximum bet available is £/€100 per spin, with a variety of betting options in between the two. Beastwood has a theoretical RTP of 96.11% and a maximum win capacity of 29,000x.

In terms of symbols, the highest paying regular symbol in Beastwood is Mr Beastwood himself, followed by Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Monsters. Low-paying symbols are standard Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten.

There is also a Wild symbol present which substitutes for all symbols except Scatters. Wild symbols appear on all other reels except the first 3 reels. 

Game Provider Quickspin
Maximum Bet 100
Maximum Win 29,000x
Release Date 13/09/2022
RTP 96.11% (96.38% Bonus Buy)
Mechanics Video Slot
Volatility Low
Reels 3+
Minimum Bet 0.2

In the base game, each time a combination of winning symbols land, they will be locked in place and the reels will expand through the Expanding Ways mechanic, which then activates the following Features.

Symbol Win Multipliers

During the base game, each winning combination is awarded a symbol win Multiplier of x1 to begin with.

If more instances of the winning symbol appear on addditional reels, the symbol win Multiplier will increase. Whenever a new Multiplier is won, it will Multiply the existing symbol win Multiplier.

At the end of the base game spin, the total win amount is determined using the paytable for the winning symbol which is then multiplied by the respective symbol win Multiplier.

Reel Multipliers

During the base game, a Reel Multiplier of x2 will appear above reel 5, and on every 3rd reel after that.

Whenever a winning combination reaches a reel with a Reel Multiplier attached to it, the Multiplier is then applied to that particular win.

Beastwood Expanding Ways

Beastwood Free Spins

Landing 4 or more Scatters in any position on the reels triggers the Free Spins round, awarding 10 Free Spins plus an extra +3 Free Spins for any additional Scatters that may land after the inital 4.

During Free Spins, every reel after the 4th will automatically have a Reel Multiplier of x2. Landing 1 Scatter symbol during the Free Spins round, awards an additional +1 Free Spin.

Beastwood Free Spins

Beastwood Bonus Buy

For those outside the UK, you may benefit from a Bonus Buy option.

Quickspin has granted players access to the Free Spins round for a total of 120x your current bet. The RTP when purchasing Free Spins increases from 96.11% to 96.38%.

Beastwood: Our Verdict

Beastwood is a well-constructed slot with lots of excitement, and big potential.

Offerings from Quickspin aren’t as frequent as those from other providers, but we like to think that Quickspin opt for quality over quantity. Symbol Multipliers and Reel Multipliers gives the Base Game a much-needed excitement boost, and Free Spins does well at exponentially upping the excitement.

In a way, Beastwood reminded us of some of the infinity reel slots with its Expanding Ways mechanic. We’re not entirely sure on how well these kinds of slots perform. In the streaming world, there seems to be a rather low appetite for this kind of game, but as we all know, the average player and the player who watches streams regularly are two different things entirely. Slot providers have even told us about top-performing games which we thought were average.

An educated guess would tell us that Beastwood has something for any type of audience. The build of the game is solid, the characters are interesting and the mechanics within are captivating enough to hold an audience for quite a while.

In terms of potential, Beastwood looks good yet again. 29,000x is the maximum win cap in this one, and while it may be unrealistic to expect such a hit, leave no doubt in your mind that Beastwood is a thoroughly capable game.

Quickspin Slots are like a rare treat – you only get one every few months, but when you do you savour it, and thoroughly enjoy it.