Blood & Shadow Slot Demo Preview

Blood & Shadow Slot Review 2024

Blood & Shadow from Nolimit City takes us into the dreary ritualistic world with unimaginable horrors. Shadow Girl and her satanic cathedral lay shrouded in the mist forgotten, or perhaps avoided, by civilisation.

After spending decades studying forbidden arts, Shadow Girl finally finds the ritual for eternal youth, but at what cost? Everything has a price, and Shadow Girl is willing to pay anything.

The depraved, hideous and ghastly ritual unfolds in a slot that may feel eerily familiar to some already. Book of Shadows haunted all of us when it was released in 2020 with a refreshing yet hair-raising take on the classic Book genre, but will Book of Shadow bear a resemblance?

Unsurprisingly, Blood & Shadow looks to be an entirely innovative instalment with no relation to Book of Shadows. This wouldn’t be the first time Nolimit embarked into new territory with a loose follow-up, and we’re excited to see the result.

Roam into the shadows and venture into the dark depths…if you dare.

Blood and Shadow Slot Big Win

Blood & Shadow Slot – The Base Game and Features

Blood and Shadow is a 5-reel slot with a 4-4-4-4-4 configuration and 1024-3125 ways to win. To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 of any symbol to connect from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

The lowest bet in Blood and Shadow is £/€0.20 per spin, and the highest bet option is a whopping £/€280 per spin, though we wouldn’t be surprised if some casinos removed some of the higher options.

Blood & Shadow Paytable

Blood & Shadow – Ritual Bar

Blood & Shadow features a ritual bar, which progresses in a number of ways.

There are 5 levels of progression in total:

  • Level 1: 20
  • Level 2: 30
  • Level 3: 40
  • Level 4: 60
  • Level 5: 80

Landing Scatter Symbols and winning combinations comprised of medium and high-paying symbols advance the ritual bar

  • Medium Paying Symbol – +1 per winning symbol
  • High Paying Symbol – +2 per winning symbol
  • Scatter Symbol – +10 per Scatter Symbol

Each level removes the lowest-paying symbol, while also converting medium symbols to high-paying symbols. The ritual bar resets between spins.

Candle Spins

Reaching a new level of the ritual bar awards +2 Candle Spins until reaching level 4. 6 Free Spins are won when advancing to cursed spins, which is the final level on the bar.

The Ritual Bar will behave in the same way as it does in the Base Game during Candle Spins

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wild Symbols can land only on reels 2-5.

During Candle Spins and Cursed Spins, the Wild Symbol drops to the bottom of the reel to become sticky until it is part of a winning combination.

Blood and Shadow Sticky Wilds


Nolimit City’s infamous xSplit feature comes into play during Cursed Spins.

When this symbol lands, it will either split the entire row vertically or split symbols horizontally. xSplit symbols can act on any symbol, multiplying the symbol size by 2.

xSplit symbols my land on the same row, but not on the same reel.

Baphomet Rite

The Baphomet Rite Symbol isn’t exactly Free Spins, but it can be bought by players within bonus buy jurisdiction.

Buying Baphomet Rite instantly progresses the Ritual bar to level 3, awarding +6 Candle Spins.

3 of the low and medium-paying symbols are placed with 3 high-paying symbols in Baphomet Rite.

Cursed Spins

+6 Free Spins are awarded when entering Cursed Spins.

During Cursed Spins, the Ritual bar is removed and the reel area becomes a 5×5 reel with high-paying symbols only.

Landing a Scatter Symbol in Cursed Spins awards +1 spin, and buying Cursed Spins awards 10 Free Spins.

Blood and Shadow Slot Cursed Spins

Blood & Shadow – Bonus Buy

Blood & Shadow has a number of Bonus Buy Features for players to choose from.

  • Baphomet Rite – 66x cost. 96.18% RTP
  • Cursed Spins – 500x cost. 96.10% RTP
  • Lucky Draw Level 1-5 – 55x cost. 96.01% RTP
  • Lucky Draw Level 3-5. 166x cost. 96.04% RTP

The Pact Is Sealed

The Pact Is Sealed screen is shown to the lucky recipient of Blood & Shadow’s maximum win of 6,666x

When the total win exceeds this amount, the game round will end and the maximum win is awarded

Blood & Shadow – Our Verdict

A sacrificial dark offering like Blood & Shadow has never looked so tempting. By the end of this review, the eyeliner was slathered on thick, and a lamb or two fell victim to ritualistic slaughter. Very immersive indeed.

Completing a taboo ritual for eternal youth is quite immoral given the inevitable calamitous consequences, but we’re rooting for Shadow Girl. We’re not sure what sort of dark omen Nolimit City has let loose on the world with Blood & Shadow, but any fallout is worth it, we say.

Blood & Shadow stands out as a slot that falls outside Nolimit City’s usual remit with a progress bar, but they’re never afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone. The Border was another example of where they branched out with unusual cluster pay action, and they pulled it off well.

The same is true for Blood & Shadow. It may not be the Nolimit City norm, but in this instance, they’ve handled the concept of a progress bar better than many who are more experienced with such features on paper.

Will Blood & Shadow resonate well with those outside of Bonus Buy territory? We’re not sure. It’s a quite capable game even in the Base Game, but the statistics are a little eye-watering, with cursed spins triggering once every 10,030 spins on average.

In comparison, Candle Spins triggers once every 13 spins, but it’s hardly the main event of the game.

In other areas, Blood & Shadow looks quite appealing with 6,666x as a maximum win cap, though it is significantly lower than others in the Nolimit City catalogue.

Overall, Blood & Shadow stands out as a fairly unique and highly appealing slot, but it may require some serious commitment if you’re to witness Cursed Spins, which is where most of the potential is.